Applying Precognition for a Positive Life

November 14, 2018
Rusty Shores, EarthRise Team

Many of us have had an intuition of a future event that turned out to be true, but far fewer have taken the time to practice, cultivate, and apply that skill to benefit their life. The Applied Precognition Project (APP) has a mission to do just that.

The APP was founded by Marty Rosenblatt four years ago, but he’s been involved with other remote viewing projects such as Physics Intuition Application going back to 1998. Utilizing a scientifically-based precognitive remote viewing technique called Associate Remote Viewing (ARV), the APP helps people hone their skills and expand their consciousness. To Marty, the ultimate goal is more for spiritual intentions, but the practice has the added benefit of potentially increasing one’s physical wealth since it includes opportunities to predict stock market and sporting events.

The practice involves the remote viewer working with different categorical groups posting their specific predictions and actual outcomes on a shared web platform. ARV is a user-friendly protocol that simplifies the process by focussing on an either/or binary predictive outcome. For example, a specific stock is either predicted to go up or down. Each outcome is assigned an associated target image. Both images are intentionally very different making the judging easier to evaluate. After a process of getting into the optimal consciousness state and then intuitively drawing and using words to describe the predicted target, the remote viewer shifts to the “analyst” or “judge” role to determine which target is likely closest. Some viewers prefer an independent judge, but it’s always the viewer’s choice. Since the predictions are posted to a group of peers, the remote viewer is able to receive further validation of their evaluation which helps build their analysis skills. After the actual event outcome determines the correct target image, the image provides additional feedback on accuracy of the prediction thus honing one’s practice and sharing it with the community. Most significantly, there is “great personal growth…in observing the differences in yourself as you act in an intuitive versus an intellectual fashion” allowing one to, as Marty puts it, “expand consciousness by looking inward via the submerged consciousness.”

In October, the Applied Precognition Project brought this training to the IONS EarthRise Campus in a four-day workshop that included IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin and IONS Fellow Julia Mossbridge, titled “Spirituality and Wealth: Consciousness is FUNdamental.” In the workshop, Marty expanded on the connection between spirituality and the bigger meaning of the word “wealth.” According to Marty, “to do precognition, you must enter the spiritual world. Precognition is not intellectual. The info about the future comes from the deepest parts of one’s self that are very roughly outside of space/time…[and] focusing on future positive events adds energy for physical manifestation.” Wealth is a manifestation of life’s inherent abundance. And that is also “FUN!”

What does the future of the Applied Precognition Project look like (pun intended)? “Education about the wonderful capabilities of consciousness that we have barely tapped,” says Marty enthusiastically. “This education is for as many people as possible and to educate our society in a way that these capabilities will be integrated into daily life. Part of this includes our current formation of a financial fund with our associated non-profit APPI.” Now that is a prediction worth betting on!

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