Annual Report – 2018

April 24, 2019
Tracy Brandmeyer, Communications Team

Each year, IONS has the opportunity to take an overarching look back on the accomplishments of the past year and proudly share those with our community. It is our hope that the 2018 Annual Report supports you in seeing the difference you are making in the world through your relationship with IONS.

When our founder, astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, embarked on his Apollo 14 mission on January 31, 1971, we imagine that a deep clarity of purpose was driving all involved — from the astronauts in the space capsule to each Apollo team member at Cape Canaveral and Mission Control. The word “mission” itself holds a clear, profound significance; these pursuits were not only tests of propulsion physics, but enormous, multi-year undertakings infused with a higher purpose for all humankind.

For Apollo 14, the mission was to conduct the first set of science experiments on the Moon. That one of the astronauts responsible for the successful execution of the mission would experience a profound epiphany about the interconnectedness of life on that same journey, inspiring the scientific study of inner space back here on Earth, is why IONS exists.

A similar galvanizing sense of “mission” permeated IONS this past year, as we rigorously explored the depths of our organization’s true purpose. Our commitment, on the board and staff alike, was driven by both a sense of urgency and a deep trust that we would get it right. The needs of today’s world require nothing less than 100% clarity, focus, and dedication to the effort from our organization.

Through persistence with our own noetic explorations, a clear purpose ultimately emerged for IONS: to reveal the true nature of reality, illuminating our understanding of how noetic experiences and practices extend human capacities, enhance well-being, and enable individuals and societies to transform. This powerful articulation of IONS’ purpose was then merged with our strategic focus on Science and Experience to produce a compelling mission supported by five pillars.

Pillar I – IONS Discovery Lab: Conducting the largest study ever done on the effects of transformative practices and experiences on wellbeing, self-transcendence, and the development of extended human capacities.
Pillar II – IONSx: Taking our “moonshot” — using an application-driven, multidisciplinary research program to reliably and robustly demonstrate the influence of human intention on a physical system.
Pillar III – Infuse Noetics into Daily Life: Developing and delivering experiential programs that provide tools and practices to access inner wisdom and experience interconnectedness.
Pillar IV – Uplift Culture: Driving communications and partnerships that amplify our work, enabling noetics to permeate and uplift culture around the world.
Pillar V – Strong Foundation: Stewarding noetic sciences, safeguarding the field for future generations, and walking our talk through a sustainable, integrity-driven model.

We could not undertake our mission without our dedicated IONS family – we thank you all for your partnership as we embark on implementing Pillar I (conducting the largest study ever done on the effects of transformative practices and experiences on wellbeing, self-transcendence, and the development of extended human capacities).

It is with great pleasure we share with you our 2018 Annual Report. Please know that everything in it is a representation of the difference your partnership is making through IONS’ impact in the world.

Thank you!

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