An Interview with IONS Community Group Facilitator Yasmine Anne Fernandez

February 21, 2020
Dominic Olivo, Experience & Engagement Team

The IONS Experience Department was fortunate to share a few moments with Yasmine Anne Fernandez, of the Yucca Valley IONS Community Group, harvesting her interests, recommendations, and knowledge about forming an IONS Community Group.

Video Interview Table of Contents

00:08 – Welcome

00:20 – Information about the Yucca Valley IONS Community Group

00:33 – What inspired Yasmine Anne to form an IONS Community Group

02:10 – What Anne finds works best for the first meeting

03:33 – What noetic topics work best for her group

06:02 – Anne’s tips for starting a Group

07:42 – A look at Yasmine Anne’s YouTube Channel

10:45 – What IONS means to Yasmine Anne

Yasmine Anne facilitates the group which meets in-person in Yucca Valley, California, on the third Sunday of every month. In the area? Please Contact Anne to RSVP.

Wisdom Talks with Yasmine Anne is available to watch on YouTube!

Want to join with others in your area for noetic discussions? Check out our full listing of local IONS Community Groups!

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