Achievements in 2015!

May 10, 2016
Communications Team

Those familiar with IONS know what we do:

  • Conduct and advance rigorous science to investigate the farther reaches of our human potential;
  • Take what we learn to develop training, tools and technologies that people can apply in the real world;
  • And create learning opportunities for people to directly experience a new way of being at our campus and in our worldwide community.

Through direct experience, science, education, and community, we support individual and collective transformation to advance a new narrative for society and for humanity. And we’d love to tell you how we are moving toward these goals!

Our 2015 Annual Report highlights some of our key milestones in the past year. Take a moment to dive into its pages to learn more about:

  • Our research team—the largest mutidisciplinary team of expert scientists dedicated to studying frontier topics in consciousness
  • Our Transformative Education programs and offerings that are impacting the world
  • Our new Innovation Lab that is postively leveraging technology for both research and transcendence
  • Our accomplishments at EarthRise Transformative Learning Center, including updates to the master plan for the campus
  • Our NextGen initiative, directed at engaging young people in noetic sciences
  • And much, much more!

As a special treat, we’ve included an 11 x 17 printable poster with an inspirational quote from our founder, Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell.

Of course, none of these achievements would be possible without the support of the many individuals and organizations who care deeply about consciousness research in the support of global transformation. Please help us continue this mission!



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