Accessing “the Noetic” with the Quadrinity Check-In

July 16, 2021
Experience & Engagement Team

In this blog series, we are highlighting IONS staff members’ noetic experiences and practices. These are direct experiences that each person has had with noetic information and energy — from beyond space and time. The various ways that we individually connect with this type of information make up our unique Noetic Signature™.

This blog features Dominic Olivo, Senior Program Coordinator in the Experience Department at IONS, and his reflection on his participation in The Hoffman Process. The Hoffman Process is a week-long program which is “a series of experiences and activities that allow you to regain access to the different parts of yourself – parts you may normally keep suppressed or which you may close off from yourself.” This workshop recently took place on IONS EarthRise Campus and Dominic shares his experience with the Quadrinity Check-In in this blog.

The Hoffman Process

Through this process, participants become aware of their patterns of thought and behaviors on a spiritual, logical, emotional, and physical level. This allows some people to make impactful, positive behavioral adjustments in their daily lives.

Dominic felt he came away from the workshop with many positive outcomes, including tools for accessing information and energy not limited by space and time. One of those was the Quadrinity Check-In.

The Quadrinity Check-In

The Hoffman Process utilizes the Quadrinity Model, a tool for helping participants become aware of and understand four aspects of their being:

  1. Emotional self
  2. Intellect
  3. Physical body
  4. Spiritual self

Together, these four aspects guide and inform everyday decisions, reactions, behaviors, and attitudes about one’s self, others, or the world at large.

According to the Hoffman Institute, the Quadrinity Check-In is a daily visualization experience which provides intuitive information and clarity on what each of these four aspects needs on a given day. This practice grants participants the ability to tune into these four aspects of self and utilize that intuitive information to become more present, centered, and aware.

A recorded audio file or live, guided visualization, provided by the Hoffman Institute, leads participants through the deeply noetic Quadrinity practice. It is practiced, usually in the morning, in a quiet place where it is possible to feel comfortable connecting to one’s intuitive self.

Dominic’s Quadrinity Practice

Dominic has been practicing the Quadrinity Check-In daily since completing The Hoffman Process and, from his perspective, he describes that the experience allows him to:

“Take time to listen and communicate with these four aspects of myself (spiritual, body, emotional, and intellectual). This allows me to gather information on what each of these four aspects need from me each day, so that I can live a more aware, spacious life. The Quadrinity Check-In also allows me to simply be aware of these four aspects of myself, in a non-judgmental, patient, and compassionate way. It supports me in being more present with myself, others, and the world-at-large, I have a stronger ability to access noetic information and energy from within (such as being aware of my intuitions) and from beyond (being open to receiving information from beyond space and time).”

After finishing his daily Quadrinity visualization, Dominic writes down what each aspect of himself needs to be fully present and collaborative that day.

Experience the Quadrinity Check-In for Yourself

If you are interested in trying out the Quadrinity visualization experience, Dominic recommends listening to the recordings on the Hoffman Process Website which they offer to anyone. He explains: “It really helps with mindfulness and emotional intelligence, with the ability to communicate how we’re feeling with not only loved ones and coworkers, but also with ourselves. I feel that it is really important for mental health and clarity.”

After the Quadrinity Check-in, it is helpful to integrate the experience in writing. One option is to write down a brief description and overview of your spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual selves as they are in this exact moment.

If the Hoffman Process Quadrinity Live Check-ins sound interesting to you, follow Dominic’s suggestion to tune in through Instagram each morning for several days.

Dominic OlivoDominic Olivo is the Senior Program Coordinator, Experience and Engagement, at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Enamored with noetic philosophy, universal awareness, and the interconnections that glue us, Dominic joined the IONS team in 2018.

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