A Practice to Unfold Human Potential

October 7, 2016
Communications Team

When attempting to make positive changes in our lives, we often approach transformation in a fragmented manner. For example, the care of our physical wellness may be focused on the gym or our physician, while our mental and emotional wellness is buoyed by family and friends or psychotherapy, and spiritual concerns may be addressed by organized religion or a spiritual practice. Yet there is a growing awareness that paying attention to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self in concert with one another may create exponential shifts in our lives.

Integral Transformative Practice, founded by George Leonard and Michael Murphy, is one such integrative approach, and is described by ITP International as a program for realizing the potential of the whole being—body, mind, heart and soul.

“It is integral in that the various aspects of the self are seen as separate windows to an underlying wholeness. It is transformative in that it aims at significant positive change, the manifestation of unrealized potentialities. And it is a practice in that it involves long-term, positive activities which, above and beyond any specific external rewards, are of value in and of themselves.”

IONS conducted a year-long research project examining associations between the Integral Practice program and measures of health and well-being, and published Engagement in a Community-Based Integral Practice Program Enhances Well-being in the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies in 2014. The results indicate that over the course of the year overall health, psychological well-being, and quality of life improved for  participants in this study.

Experience the Evolution!

ITP International is now introducing ITPx, a program designed to provide tools primed for the exploration of latent—and potentially extraordinary—capacities. In October, IONS’ scientists Dean Radin and Julia Mossbridge will join ITP founder Michael Murphy and others in presenting, The Science and Practice of the Extraordinary.  This 3-day conference combines scientific research along with theory and practices to help participants set the stage for the “flowering of our own latent extraordinary capacities.” Held at IONS’ beautiful EarthRise campus, attendees will explore research that supports the reality of extraordinary capacities, the sense of awe and wonder, perception, the generative power of evolutionary love, and unseen forces of grace.  Basic elements of ITPx will be presented for use as part of a pilot program introduced at the conference. Registration is now open!

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