A Chaotic Life: The Memoirs of Stanley Krippner, Pioneering Humanistic Psychologist

March 7, 2024
IONS Communications Team

IONS Fellow Stanley Krippner’s memoir,  A Chaotic Life: The Memoirs of Stanley Krippner, Pioneering Humanistic Psychologist, is a riveting masterpiece chronicling the extraordinary journey of a visionary whose life work has been dedicated to weaving cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary perspectives through international travel, scholarly research, and social activism.

This personal narrative captures the essence of Krippner’s unparalleled contributions to the fields of humanistic psychology, transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, psychedelic research, and anthropology. This 3-volume set spotlights his profound influence as a professor and mentor to numerous luminaries in consciousness studies, including Alberto Villoldo, Charles Grob, Daniel Brown, Angel Morgan, Dean Radin, Susan Gordon, Jim Hickman, Zelda Suplee, and Christopher Ryan. We learn of his profound encounters with Rolling Thunder, Maria Sabina, Frank Lloyd Wright, Daniel Ellsberg, Leslie Combs, and Martin Luther King, Jr., his personal connections with stars of Broadway and Hollywood, and his profound friendships with Mickey Hart and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.

Readers will be mesmerized by the depth of insights and breadth of experiences that have garnered accolades from the American Psychological Association, the Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, the Parapsychological Association, the International association for the Study of Dreams, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and the National Association for Gifted Children, as well as on the short list of both the world’s most eminent transpersonal psychologists and the world’s most eminent creativity writers and researchers, cementing a legacy that both transcends and enhances conventional psychological boundaries.

Embark on an enlightening exploration of Stanley’s collaborations and friendships with esteemed colleagues such as Alan Watts, Abraham Maslow, Rollo May, Montague Ullman, J.B. Rhine, Carl Rogers, Nina Graboi, Eileen Garrett, Laura Huxley, Timothy Leary, Albert Hofmann, Ram Dass, Lola May, Stan Grof, and Jean Houston, whose groundbreaking work together has paved new paths of understanding the human psyche and fostering its development. 

A Chaotic Life is more than a memoir; it is an invitation to witness the interaction of science, art, and spirituality through the eyes of someone who has lived at the forefront of consciousness studies. His extraordinary journey is a testament to the power of curiosity, resilience, and the enduring quest for knowledge. This compelling narrative not only celebrates the achievements of a remarkable individual but also inspires readers to consider the vast paradoxes and promises of the human condition.

Now available for Preorder (Print Release March 29, 2024) University Professors Press. You can also hear Stanley discuss his work on the Psychology Work Podcast.

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