2016: A Year in Review

December 26, 2016
Communications Team

We at IONS are thrilled to have had one of our most successful years ever in furthering the fields of noetic research and education. It is thanks to our many donors, partners and friends that we can proudly reflect on the past year, and be excited for what the coming year holds.

We are also grateful to our founder, Edgar Mitchell, who passed away this year. His visionary leadership in the field of consciousness studies has led the way for great progress, and we look forward to continuing his legacy long into the future.

Here are the Top 10 Highlights of a year filled with innovation and inspiration:

  1. Read more about IONS’ Founder Edgar Mitchell’s life—a true pioneer in space exploration and consciousness studies.
  2. Our third Hackation (hosted by IONS Innovation Lab along with Consciousness Hacking) saw young IT professionals spending the weekend at Earthrise developing an app to measure psi abilities worldwide.
  3. IONS Education team produced an ebook, 7 Tools To Help Your Child Deal With Conflict, that was featured as part of United Nation’s Universal Children’s Day.
  4. Arnaud Delorme, Leena Michel, Alan Pierce, and Dean Radin of the Research team were awarded the Nascent Prize for their paper on the single photon, double-slit experiments  published in the Quantum Biosystems journal.
  5. NextGen hosted a Conscious for the Next Generation webinar series that featured experts from the field explaining to aspiring young scholars and scientists their work in consciousness and how they got to be where they are today.
  6. IONS President Cassi Vieten, and colleague Shelley Scammell, published their book Spiritual and Religious Competencies in Clinical Practice which provides guidance for mental health professionals on incorporating understanding and sensitivity to religious and spiritual beliefs into their practice, for successful client treatment.
  7. IONS scientist and neurobiologist Garret Yount’s research involves a series of experiments that explore the healing efficacy of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and it’s influence on gene expression. One such study by Dr. Yount found that PTSD symptoms declined significantly  in a group of veterans using EFT.
  8. IONS Scientist Julia Mossbridge’s book Transcendent Mind: ReThinking the Science of Consciousness was published. It provides a new framework for thinking of the origins and nature of consciousness.
  9. IONS Scientist Helane Wahbeh conducted a study on the accessibility of Internet Mindfulness Meditation Interventions and their ability to increase meditation practice for the general public. Initial research shows that participants increased their practice and were more satisfied when using the intervention.
  10. In collaboration with California Institute of Integral Studies, IONS scientists are helping to train upcoming consciousness researchers involved in the CIIS Integral and Transpersonal Psychology PhD program

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