IONS Blog Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting posts for consideration on the IONS Blog. Please take a moment to review the guidelines below.

Blogs Fall Into the Following Categories

Noetic Discovery

  • The effects of transformative practices and experiences on well-being, creativity, intuition, and extraordinary human capacities
  • How We Are Interconnected
    • Blogs in this area explore the role of consciousness in the physical world
  • Accessing information not limited by space and time
    • Blogs focusing on the characteristics that allow us to access information and energy from beyond time and space

Infusing Noetics into Daily Life

  • Topics that focus on cutting-edge, application-driven research related to noetics
  • Things that demonstrates the influence of intention on a physical system
  • Blogs that focus on re-enchanting the world by bringing practices for accessing inner wisdom into healthcare, business, education, and daily life for professionals, youth, adults, and elders

Shaping the Emerging Culture

  • Communications and partnerships that make our work relevant and applicable, and elevate modern culture
  • Conversations about how consciousness can influence culture

Sustainable, Sufficient, Solid Resources

  • Conversations about how people organize themselves to bring forth the new future – themselves and/or their organizations
  • Stories about how financial resources are being used to support noetics in ways that transform our world for good

Within Each Category, We Focus on Four Types of Blogs

Mind Blowers

  • Interesting facts and “did you know?” articles
  • Something that could help shift perspectives
  • Historical Anecdote
  • Story from the history of a major paradigm shift, noetic experiences that lead to an invention or breakthrough etc., and how it pertains to our world now

Noetic Practices

  • Exercises and practices that help people weave Noetics into daily life

Current Events

  • News items, book reviews (or what you are reading and why), movies, holidays, and noetic events that can be talked about through the lens of our work


  • Science projects, publication, presentation, meetings, grant or award etc., that our researchers and fellows are involved in that make good news for our constituents.


  • Length for Written Blog Posts
    • Anywhere from 500-1,000 words (but please use whatever length you need to make your fascinating point!)
    • For longer posts there is an option of doing a blog series — two or more blogs about the same subject that build on one another
  • Visually Appealing — we often promote our blogs with social media, which benefits from imagery
    • You may submit your own pictures or videos for consideration (we ask that they are pictures you have taken to ensure you have the copyright), or we will find something appropriate
  • Always give credit to your sources
  • Vlogs (video blogs) are also welcome

Promoting Events

  • We do not currently post blogs for non-IONS events
    • Special circumstances exist but must be vetted by the IONS Communications Team
  • However, a relevant and informational blog may also include information about an upcoming event

Tips On How to Write a Better Blog Post

  • Include a specific takeaway or key thought
  • Ask questions and get people thinking
  • Write content that people can relate to on a:
    • Physical level — give them something to do when they’re finished reading
    • Emotional level — a strong opinion
    • Cognitive level — something to learn that is proven to some degree
  • Include an eye catching and intriguing title
  • Evoke surprise or curiosity
  • Make your reader smile

Submitting Your Blog

  • Please email your submission to the IONS Communications Team
  • Submitted blogs will be reviewed and, if accepted for publication, edited by the Communications Team prior to posting

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