Worldview Explorations Travel Opportunities

Worldview Explorations

Worldview Explorations Travel Opportunities

A New Way to Experience the World

Come explore Cuba, Bali, Turkey, and Brazil with us!

Continuing Education Credits Available!


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Join us on four amazing journeys that use the ideas and approaches of the Worldview Explorations™ program of the Institute of Noetic Sciences to frame travelers’ encounters with different cultures. Each trip includes tools and practices that deepen awareness of our own worldviews and encourage understanding and appreciation of the worldviews of people in the countries we visit. The thrill of encountering a new culture becomes an opportunity for deep and lasting transformative experience.

These extraordinary travel opportunities are being offered through a partnership of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and Cross Cultural Journeys, a travel planning company with twenty-two years of experience in over twenty-five countries. Trip leaders have deep experience in both the country being visited and IONS’ Worldview Explorations transformative learning program. Each trip will be limited to the first twenty-five people who sign up.


BRAZIL, September 19-26, 2015
Exploring Other Realities

Brazilian religions and spirituality are the result of the blending of Catholicism with the religious traditions of African slaves and indigenous peoples. We begin our journey in the northeastern region of Brazil in the country's most African city, where we will meet with members of various Afro-Brazilian communities and observe their practices and rituals. We continue on to the capital city of Brasilia to meet the leaders of spiritual centers that promote research in science, technology, mysticism, and education. In Rio we will visit a spiritual hospital complex where diseases and ailments are treated through spiritual practices. Throughout the journey we explore the worldviews developed by Brazil's unique blending of religious and spiritual beliefs and practices. Learn more »



TURKEY, September 12 – 24, 2014
Weaving History and Mysticism

CUBA, May 14 – 21, 2014
Cuba: The People, Music and Art


BALI, June 16 – 27, 2014
The Balinese Way of Living:
Harmony, Community and Spirit

Katia PetersenDr. Katia Petersen is IONS Executive Director of Education. She was a core member of the IONS Worldviews research team and she will be a leader on most of these trips.


Cross Cultural Journeys

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Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits available for Nurses, Social Workers, Counselors, and MFCC.
Please call (707) 938-7687 for details.


Worldview Explorations™

Here is a little more information about how these special trips use the ideas and approaches of the IONS Worldview Explorations program as a way of framing our exploration of the culture of the country being visited.

Our Worldview Explorations related goals for these journeys include:

1. To enable participants to better understand their own worldviews, where those worldviews came from, and to consciously choose among the worldviews they have that are in alignment with their personal values.

2. To provide tools that will help people on the trip better understand and appreciate the worldviews of the people in the country being visited.

3. To facilitate opportunities to contemplate the emotions, inner-knowing and perceptions travelers experience when they encounter the contradictions and mysteries of another culture.

Practices we use include:

1. Examining and reflecting on the assumptions and hidden beliefs the travelers hold about the country they are visiting in terms of their values, family orientation, religion, culture, work ethics, the arts, and more.

Through dialogue and discussion, participants will share these cultural worldviews with others on the trip, exploring their experiences through inquiry questions such as: What surprised us? What engaged us? What inspired us? What challenged us?

2. At the conclusion of the trip, participants will evaluate whether or not the assumptions and beliefs they held mirrored those of the people they met on the trip.

3. A body practice and reflection question will be used to create a space for deep listening and being fully present to others encountered during the trip. 

4. Mindfulness exercises will help us become more aware of how our own judgments and expectations can act as a barrier to learning and discovery of a new culture.

5. Deep breathing and body awareness exercises will help us increase our inner listening and inner knowing and to get in touch with competing ideas. These exercises increase participants' ability to hold competing and sometimes conflicting worldviews, and we'll explore ways participants can more effectively navigate through a different culture and hold multiple perspectives.

6. Keeping a journal of reflections and responses to cultural differences and worldview perspectives.

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