Transformative Education

Transformative Education

Welcome!  We invite you to take part in IONS' transformative education programs. Develop new practices and life skills, expand your knowledge base, and focus more intently on the development of your evolving self in an interconnected world. You will benefit from IONS' 40 years of investigative research into consciousness.

Continuing Education Units

Many of our courses include the option to take them for Continuing Education Units. Learn more »

Leadership Training Programs

These programs offer training for educators and group facilitators in leading consciousness-based educational programs.

  • Conscious Aging Facilitator Training Program

    The Conscious Aging Facilitator Training Program provides facilitators with all the resources they need to market, set up and conduct an 8-session Conscious Aging workshop series in their local community.

  • Mindful Motherhood

    Developed by Cassandra Vieten, PhD, this course provides introductory mindfulness training for pregnant women and new mothers. Professional registration is available for people who would like to facilitate MM Groups or integrate components of MM into their work. (also available for individuals)

  • Worldview Explorations

    Worldview Explorations is a research-based experiential program for middle-school, high-school, and college students. The lessons include self-reflective practices and project-based group activities that can be integrated into existing classroom subject areas. This program is designed for use by classroom teachers and experienced leaders of extra-curricular groups of young people.

Self-Study Courses for Individuals

Self-study courses are available to you whenever you want them. Take them at your own pace, and revisit them as often as you wish. Many include the option for CE Credits.

  • Consciousness & Healing

    Explore the role of consciousness and healing through a series of one-hour, self-paced programs led by visionary leaders in the field of health care.

  • Mindful Motherhood

    Developed by Cassandra Vieten, PhD, this course provides introductory mindfulness training for pregnant women and new mothers. The eight self-paced sessions include video, audio, guided practices, readings and more!

  • The Noetic Science behind "The Lost Symbol"

    Responding to the surge of interest in noetic science research inspired by Dan Brown's book, "The Lost Symbol," IONS created a special 15-part teleseminar series exploring the noetic sciences mentioned in the book. Available as an audio download with written transcripts and discussion questions.

  • "What the Bleep Do We Know?" Study Guide

    Download a PDF of this free study guide, based on the hit movie.


Workshops and Travel

Join us in person for one of our transformative Conscious Living Workshops at the beautiful EarthRise Retreat and Education Center just north of San Francisco, or for one of our IONS co-sponsored events in other locations, or for a life-transforming journey to another part of the globe.

  • Conscious Living Workshops

    Immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of EarthRise Retreat Center, where we offer intensive experiential retreats that will take you deeply into the connections of body, mind, spirit, and ecology. Refresh, renew, and connect with others as you engage in a rich array of programs.

  • IONS Co-Sponsored Workshops

    These in-person educational opportunities may be happening in any part of the United States or around the world. Check out the list to find out if there's something coming up near you, or somewhere you want to visit!

  • Worldview Explorations Global Travel

    Join IONS and our partners, Cross-Cultural Journeys, for a life-changing journey to Cuba, Bali, Turkey, or Brazil. These amazing trips use the ideas and approaches of IONS' Worldview Explorations program to frame travelers' encounters with different cultures.