Frequent Questions about IONS Telecourses

If you have a question that isn't answered here or on our other FAQ pages, please let us know through our .

Are you going to offer any more telecourses?

We are working on a new Conscious Aging telecourse. It has not been scheduled yet, but we're looking at the fall of 2014. When details have been set we will post information in the Education section of this website.


What do I do if I'm having trouble calling in to a live class?

In order to participate in the live calls for telecourses, you need to have registered for the course and to have been given your call-in number and personal PIN.

If you are calling in and you are having trouble connecting, you can try one of the alternate numbers below:
(510) 281-1109
(619) 309-1058
(310) 409-2027

Your unique PIN number will work with any of these numbers listed above. If you've tried all three numbers above, and your PIN doesn't work with any of them, contact the host of your call to ask for another PIN.


Can I access recordings of the calls?

Yes, audio recordings of the live classes are available to all registered course members. We post these as quickly as we can - usually within 48 hours after the live calls.


How long will the class recordings and course materials be available?

The audio recordings and course resource page will be available to registered course members for one year.


Will you have transcripts?

We do not currently offer transcripts.


How do I connect to the calls?

There are a few options for connecting. The most popular is to call in from your home phone or cell phone. Long distance rates will apply depending on your phone plan. (Our call-in numbers have area codes in California.) Another option is to use voice-over IP, such as Skype or Google Voice (discussed below in the Skype section) - but please note that MagicJack is not compatible with our conference line.


Can I use Skype to dial in to the classes?

Yes, you can use Skype credit or subscription ( to dial in to our conference system. You’ll need to use the Skype keypad to enter your PIN and to indicate that you want to ask a question. Another comparable provider is Google Voice ( ) or Google Talk (call from gmail). Google Voice offers free calls within the U.S. and low international rates. -NOTE: If you plan to use either of these services, please be sure you have set it up and practiced using it before attempting to join a teleclass call.


Is there any charge for long distance?

Please note that dialing MaestroConference (our conference service) is a regular toll call; you will be charged according to your existing long-distance calling plan. Our call-in numbers have area codes in California. Alternatives include calling cards, discount long-distance carriers such as OneSuite, Skype or Google Voice.


Can I listen over the internet?

Some of the live telecourses are available over the internet as well as by phone. The course description will include this information. For the courses where you can listen to a web simulcast over the internet, the link is made available to registered course members prior to each class. The web simulcast allows you to listen, but not to talk. If you want to participate in the small group discussions that are part of most of our audio courses, you will need to call in for those. Registered course members can also listen to an audio recording of each class online.


Can I participate from another country outside the US?

Absolutely, and many people do. Of course it is a bit more challenging to do the live calls because of the time difference and long-distance charges to reach a California phone number. However, you are welcome to download the recordings later or you can try Skype, Google Voice or a discount carrier to cut costs. You can also listen over the internet using our web simulcast (see item above for more on this option). You will also be able to download all course materials and participate in online class discussions.


How do I know if I am income-sensitive?

The income-sensitive rates were created to help make things more affordable for seniors, students, the unemployed, and people on fixed incomes. We leave it to each individual to assess his or her situation and decide whether this fits and is appropriate.


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