Worldview Explorations™

Cultivate your students’ critical thinking and social and emotional Learning skills.

An Experiential Social and Emotional-based Learning Program

Facilitator Training & Student Program for Middle School and High School Students

The Worldview Explorations program is designed to help youth examine, understand and appreciate the fundamental role that worldviews play in shaping our perceptions and behaviors.

Developed from more than four decades of research into human behavior by the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), the 22-module Worldview Explorations program provides students with a safe, supportive environment in which to explore their own and others’ perspectives through self-reflection, conversations, experiential practices and collaborative group projects.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

By incorporating best practices from the field of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), the Worldview Explorations student curriculum can be easily integrated into existing classroom subject areas as a complementary learning module.

As you engage with learners on this journey, we invite you to let this resource be your guide to modeling and embodying the processes and tools presented in Worldview Explorations.

Guide your students on an experiential journey into the ways our worldviews influence our perceptions and behaviors.

Receive instant online access to the Worldview Explorations self-study facilitator training—including 22 experiential student program modules and a rich resource library of supporting materials to assist you in promoting worldview literacy.

For $99 you will receive:

Facilitator Training
Instant access to the online self-study training to prepare you to facilitate the 22 modules of this program

5 Student Workbooks
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Bonus Activities
Extended activities to customize WE for Language Arts, Science, Arts, and Social Sciences

$99 — Purchase the Facilitator Training & Student Program

How Does the Student Program Work?

We begin with the premise that worldview literacy — the capacity to critically examine your own and others’ worldviews to gain a deeper understanding of our attitudes and behaviors — can be taught and learned, just like any type of literacy. We also designed this course to reflect and accommodate a diversity of learning styles and different types of intelligence among students.

One way to understand our responses to different worldviews is to learn about what triggers us, what inspires us, and how we can develop ways to regulate our negative emotions and enhance positive ones. In this course, students are encouraged to explore these questions from a place of curiosity, compassion, and awe.

Recent research increasingly indicates that conversation and social interaction play essential roles in learning, and this course emphasizes the role that conversation plays in the creation of meaning, exploration of possibilities, coordination of actions, and the stimulation of self-reflection.

Each lesson in Worldview Explorations student program has a consistent structure made up of 7 components:

  1. Check-In
  2. Fieldwork Review
  3. Main Activity
  4. Personal Reflection and Journaling
  5. Free-write Topic
  6. Fieldwork Assignment
  7. Check Out

This structure serves as a reinforcing pattern for learners to feel comfortable with the rhythm of the classes and to ground their learning in the body.

Students participating in this program will build their capacity to understand different points of view, make more informed, compassionate choices, communicate clearly, and contribute effectively as global citizens.

Modules Included in this Facilitator Training

The Self-study Worldview Explorations Facilitator Training Consists of 5 Modules

WE Module 1: Overview of the Program
The Student Curriculum
WE Module 2: Discover Yourself WE Module 3: Inspire Others WE Module 4: Engage the World

WE Module 5: Resource Library

Access content in the "Overview of the Program" module for FREE!

Chapters include:

  • Introduction to the Worldview Explorations Curriculum
  • How to Facilitate Worldview Explorations
  • Components of Each Lesson
  • and More!

Practical Tools Students Can Apply Throughout Life

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Worldview Explorations focuses on teaching practical tools that students can apply throughout their life, including:

  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Comfort with unfamiliarity
  • Appreciation of diverse perspectives
  • Agility in the face of rapidly changing circumstances
  • Self-awareness
  • Capacities for inter-cultural communication
  • Ability to hold multiple points of view simultaneously
  • Capacity for discernment that relies equally on intellect and intuition
  • Conflict resolution
  • Social emotional intelligence

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What Is a Worldview?
How Does It Shape Our Experiences?

teacher, student, world map

A worldview is a lens through which we see the world and our place in it. Operating mostly outside our awareness, a worldview functions as a sort of automatic filter that shapes our perceptions and influences our goals, desires, motivations, values, relationships, and behaviors.

Worldviews are influenced by many factors, such as family, politics, religion, and community, among others, and can be both individually held and culturally shared.

Why Does It Matter?

IONS research suggests that becoming proficient at worldview literacy — the capacity to critically examine and integrate your own and others’ worldviews — may be the single most important step a person can take to reach their highest potential.

As today’s students grapple with unprecedented changes in lifestyle and technology, unpredictable challenges to global sustainability, and an ever-expanding array of choices to connect within and across cultures, it is more critical than ever that they learn to navigate new perspectives calmly, quickly, and compassionately.

Worldview Explorations provides an opportunity for students to hone their skills at sharing authentically, listening with an open mind and heart, and building more meaningful relationships with their peers, teachers, and the outside world.

Cultivate Your Students’ Critical Thinking and Social and Emotional Learning Skills

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