Conscious Aging Program

A unique opportunity for spiritual, emotional, and psychological growth in support of the last third of life.

Discover a Deeper Internal Gold

The process of aging brings with it many gifts not present in earlier decades. We have opportunities to share what is profoundly meaningful to us, to harvest deep wisdom nurtured over time, and to gather in celebration of the many phases of our journey.

However, aging can also introduce a new set of challenges. We may feel anxiety about physical decline and a potential loss of independence, or apprehension about possible isolation and loneliness. Many struggle when facing the realities of death and dying.

IONS developed Conscious Aging to address these challenges and celebrate the opportunities of later life. Based on insights gained from our decade-long study of transformation and field-tested across a broad range of practitioners and settings, our program supports seniors who yearn to engage in dialogue about these issues. Through Conscious Aging, we serve those who seek meaning making, connection, and community to fortify them in later years.

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Experience the Workshop Online

Conscious Aging Woman in YellowFor those who do not have a certified facilitator in their vicinity, we bring the IONS Conscious Aging workshop to you! Using modern technology to create a safe space and supportive community online, you can experience this powerful workshop from the comfort of your own home.


Become a Facilitator

Conscious Aging Facilitator TrainingConscious Aging Facilitators play a unique role in helping elders explore the bounty and challenges of their later years. Our self-paced online training program provides facilitators with all the resources necessary to set up and lead this eight-session workshop.


Find a Facilitator Near You

Across the globe, IONS-certified facilitators offer the Conscious Aging workshop in their own communities. We invite you to connect with one of them to deepen your fulfillment, expand your sense of purpose, and create opportunities for continued growth in later life.

Facilitator Directory

IONS does not endorse or recommend individual facilitators. All information in this directory, including qualifications of facilitators, is provided by the program graduates and has not been verified by IONS.

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