World Unity Week

June 19-26, 2021 (PDT)

There is a place, a beautiful, interactive world where we are actively growing a new story for humanity and a more sustainable, peaceful, just, and united earth. It’s called ONE World, co-created for World UNITY Week. In the midst of our changing and challenging times, we have an unprecedented opportunity to unite as a global community in purposeful and creative action. World UNITY Week is a celebration of this transformative potential, and you are invited.

Join IONS Board Chairman Claudia Welss for 8 days of live conversation, music and creative inspiration in this ground-breaking intertwined online and physical world gathering. Embrace ancient wisdom, take conscious action and connect with a multi-cultural, intergenerational community embracing a new story for humanity. Register to receive updates about when Claudia will be speaking and her topic.

World Unity Week
June 19-26, 2021


World UNITY Week is seeding new ground and culture in a collective, virtual garden of experiences, at the intersection of science, spirituality, and technology. It is free to all who attend. What seeds of change are you ready to plant and nurture? What are the intentions you will bring to this convergence of visionaries and hearts?

With reverence, love and purpose, we welcome all to be active co-creators in this exploration of what it means to truly grow and nurture a garden that can sustain us all. Let’s do something together to transform our world.

Thousands of conversations. Hundreds of featured presenters. 8 Days. ONE World.




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