Frequently Asked Questions about the IONS Discovery Lab

What is the cost for participating in IONS Discovery Lab (IDL)?

There is no extra cost for having your group participate in the Core Measures and receiving your report (beyond regular room rental, lodging and meals that you would normally incur for any workshop at EarthRise).

Are there additional measures I can purchase?

In addition to the Core Measures, the IDL team offers extra measures to help you understand how effective your modality is and/or how it works. The Additional Measures we currently offer and their associated costs are:

  • EEG (64 channel) – $200 per person/per time point*
  • EEG (4 Channel) – $80 per person/per time point
  • EKG (Heart Rate + Variability) – $75 per person/per time point
  • GSR (Skin Conductance) – $70 per person/per time point
  • Respiration – $50 per person/per time point
  • Temperature – $50 per person/per time point
  • Eye Tracking & Pupil Dilation – $120 per person/per time point
  • Voice Analysis – $60 / Person
  • Salivary Alpha Amylase – $120 per person/per time point
  • Questionnaire (Simple Scoring: <40 items) – $200 per Questionnaire/per time point**
  • Questionnaire (Complex Scoring: >40 items) – $350 per Questionnaire/per time point**

Prices include data collection, analysis, and report.

* Time points are usually before and after the workshop, but some measures can also be done during the workshop. Prices listed are for each person for each time point. For example, if you wanted EKG for 10 people before and after your workshop it would be $75 X 10 people X 2 time points = $1500.

** Numerous are available. Please let us know what you would like evaluated.

Will IONS find attendees for my workshop at the IONS EarthRise Campus?

​IONS will post your workshop on our online calendar but will not actively find you attendees. You can use your normal marketing tools to fill your workshop.

Will the IDL activities interfere with my in-person workshop activities?

Allowing ample time in your schedule for IDL is critical. Our team will collaborate with your team to make sure participants have enough time before your workshop begins and after your workshop concludes to take the Measures. Data collection will take 20-30 minutes; the lab can accommodate up to 9 people at once, using a phased in approach with 3 people to begin, then 3 minutes later another 3, and so on. Our staff will protect your event start time by not starting the Measures on any participant within 20 minutes of your program start time. Having your team’s cooperation will ensure that your attendees have enough time to go to IDL before and after your workshop. The more attendees who complete the measures, the more powerful your results will be.

Does my group have to participate in IDL to hold a workshop at EarthRise?

No, having your group participate in IDL is optional. However, any one who visits the IONS EarthRise Campus will be offered the opportunity to participant in the core measures on an individual basis.

What will the report I receive contain?

The data report will include your group’s data that is presented in variety of ways to capture a snapshot of: who participated, how your event may or may not have impacted the Core Measures and also Additional Measures if you include those in your packages. It will have averaged values of the measures for before and after your workshop. It will also include statistical analysis of any change in those scores.

How can I use the results from the report?

The report results may be used in your marketing materials to show that there are scientific results to support the outcomes of your workshop, according to our data-use agreement. The information can also support you in improving your future workshops.

What are my responsibilities as a leader?

You will be asked to invite your participants to participate in IDL and provide them with a flyer. You will also provide the participants the consent form that they can read ahead of time, supporting a smooth flow when they arrive.

Will I have to pay for my room rental at the IONS EarthRise Campus?

Yes, you will pay for your room rental needs as you would for any other workshop space.

Is there a charge for room and board at the IONS EarthRise Campus?

​Yes, lodging and meals are separate at the retreat center and are paid as you normally would for any other retreat center. The rates are competitive and the meals consistently receive rave reviews.

How do I move forward with participating with IDL in-person?

IDL staff will review your inquiry form and contact you to discuss the details of your group and the measures you would like include. You will then reserve your time at our campus if you have not done so already. You will review and sign a data-use agreement that details how the report data can and cannot be used. Our staff will then work with you on the logistics of your group and support you in getting maximum participation from your attendees.

How do I move forward with participating with IDL online?

IDL staff will review your inquiry form and contact you to discuss the details of your group and provide you with a link to the measures. You will then distribute the link to your participants to complete before and after your workshop. We will provide with a template email if you would like. Please note that only the online questionnaires and tasks are available for the online version.

Participate in the IONS Discovery Lab

The IONS Discovery Lab measurement core is available to workshop leaders at our EarthRise campus in northern California or online from anywhere in the world. Let IONS measure the efficacy of your modality and the impact you are having with your participants.

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