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2019 Conference Videos

Creating Our Future, Now

Videos from the IONS 18th International Conference

In July 2019 nearly 900 people journeyed with us to co-create a future where inner wisdom and science work together to address some of the most pressing issues in our world today. There were mind-expanding presentations by world-renowned speakers discussing astrophysics, molecular biology, indigenous wisdom, mind-body healing, consciousness and technology, extraordinary human capacities, and more!

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We’re pleased to share videos of three presentations from the General Session to give you a sense of the experience. Full access to all the General Session videos are available to IONS Supporting Members.

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We’re pleased to share videos of the General Session presentations with IONS Members. If you are already an IONS Member, look for the password to access the complete set of videos in an email sent from IONS in August 2019 with the subject line “IONS Conference 2019: Follow Up Survey, Videos, and Deep Gratitude!” or contact our Development Department. Once you have the password, please click the link below to watch all the videos at your leisure.

Professional DVD and Flash Drive Recordings

Recordings are valuable for those who attended the conference and are also an excellent way for those who could not attend to benefit from the conference presentations. Professional video recordings of the General Sessions and audio recordings of the Breakout Sessions are available for purchase through Conference Recording Services (CRS).

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