Virtual Conference Exceeds Expectations

June 20, 2024
IONS Communications Team

WOW! What an experience! Thank you to everyone who participated in our 50th anniversary conference, BEYOND: Global Mind Change in Action. The lineup of speakers was exceptional. The conference featured profoundly engaging panel discussions, interactive breakout sessions, and unique opportunities to connect with the IONS community. Throughout the four-day event, attendees experienced several awe-inspiring moments, with the guiding presence of our founder and past leaders palpable. We are delighted to report that feedback is overwhelmingly positive and filled with enthusiasm for the future of IONS.

Esteemed Lineup

Leading researchers, scholars, and visionaries came together to delve into the latest research and profound mysteries of human consciousness, and its implications for personal and global transformation. Featured presenters included long-time IONS supporters Deepak Chopra, Pachamama’s Lynne Twist, Charles Eisenstein, Bruce Damer, Suzanne Giesemann, Shamini Jain, and many more. Reaching beyond IONS’ usual community, it also included Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb and Harvard physicist Anita Goel, Integral Philosopher Ken Wilber, Neurotheology’s Andrew Newberg, Space X’s Inspiration 4 Mission Pilot Dr. Sian Proctor, with new IONS President Thomas Brophy and Board Chair and Interim CEO Claudia Welss contributing throughout. Joining them were several IONS Board members, including Azim Khamisa, Mark Gober and Stacey Lawson. 

IONS scientists Dean Radin, Helané Wahbeh, Arnaud Delorme, Garret Yount, and Cédric Cannard each presented their latest research. The team was proud to announce the finalists for the 2024 Linda G. O’Bryant Noetic Sciences Research Prize

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Some of the highest-rated presentations at the conference included “The Overview Effect” moderated by IONS CEO Claudia Welss and featuring Drs. Sian Proctor, Frank White, Cassandra Vieten, and Michael Sapiro; the panel titled “Does Physics Need a Revolution to Understand Life, Living Systems & Consciousness?” chaired by Dr. Anita Goel, with roundtable participants Drs. Hal Puthoff, Dean Radin, and Thomas Brophy; and the keynote “Where Do We Go From Here?” with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. The IONS science team peer-reviewed Spotlight Speakers, who also showcased their work. Each day began with an experiential activity, such as qigong and meditation. We got our bodies moving and gave our eyes a break from screens. We united as a community, centered ourselves through focused breathing, and shared positive intentions for the planet.

Interactive Platform

Despite initial hesitations about a virtual event and some minor technical challenges, Airmeet proved to be an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. It provided several engaging ways to connect with fellow attendees. There was speed networking, where you’re randomly paired with someone for a 5-minute conversation. It was a fun and simple way to make new connections and speak with people you wouldn’t otherwise know. The platform enabled direct messaging and requests for one-on-one meetings. The Fluid Space was designed to provide a flexible, realistic environment for attendees to move around, mingle, and engage with each other. The Discussion Tables allowed attendees to gather on a specific topic of interest. Passionate conversations and many synchronistic meetings occurred throughout the conference.

Exciting Exhibitors

Over 30 organizations and individuals showcased their services in the Exhibitor Hall. They included mission-driven organizations and nonprofits, spiritual and healing arts practitioners, groundbreaking scientific initiatives, a university, a ministry, a veterinarian who talks to animals, and much more.

The exhibitor list includes: Pachamama Alliance | California Institute for Human Science – CIHS | Scientific Medical Network | CourAgeUs | GlideWing | Mindshift Institute | Soulivity | Parapsychological Association | Synaptic Institute | HeartMath Institute | Cosmointel | Doc Sibson Consulting | MAP Coaching Institute | Conner Kees | Janel Mulligan | Enterogetics | IntuitionLab | Aviva Integrative Health | RoshiWave | Yvonne Brock | Snehi’s Healing Hands | The Breema Center | Deep Spring Center | Khora ConsultingE3 Exceptional Experiencer Empowerment Initiative | Sage Animal Communication | Awakening Spiritual Intelligence | The Gateways | Integral Transformative Practice International (ITPI)  | Human Vitality and Resilience Center  | SHE Living Ministry.

Learn more about all of the exhibitors here.


We asked participants, “How satisfied are you with the overall IONS 2024 Conference experience?” On a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (outstanding) the average of all the responses so far is 9.27.

Our dedicated team at IONS is so grateful for this amazing result. We worked hard behind the scenes to produce a conference we’re all proud of. We’re analyzing metrics, discussing what we have learned, and strategizing improvements for future events. 

Check out just some of the heartwarming feedback shared by conference attendees:

“The Conference was a HUGE hit!!!!!!

“The virtual format made it easy for me to attend. Because of the expense of travel, lodging and meals, I would not have participated if the conference had been in-person.”

“I am beyond grateful for everything about the conference. The work that went into making this “first of its kind” IONS event take place must have been huge but was also evident. It ran beautifully. A huge thank you to all of the leadership and staff who envisioned and then managed to pull off this amazing conference. I hope they are all resting now. Many of the luminaries in this space were on hand, a great tribute to IONS. But I have to lift up the vision and leadership of Claudia Welss as one of the highlights. She never ceases to amaze and inspire, with her insights, passion and engagement. We are so fortunate for her deep commitment to the mission of IONS.” 

“I enjoyed the quality of the presenters and hearing the first hand details of the research they’re engaged in. In my opinion, the topics covered at IONS capture the true spirit of science: exploring what lies just beyond our conventional social experience, for the betterment of mankind.”

“This conference gave me so much great information, company and hope for the future.”

“We absolutely need this sort of global online events to raise the awareness of the rapidly emerging and inevitable new paradigm of the convergence of physics and metaphysics. We need to know that there are organisations like IONS with top experts in their fields working on making this convergence happen, bringing this narrative out of the shadows into the spotlight with the scientific data, research and evidence. And of course, it was tremendous to learn what IONS scientists are working on.”

The NEW ‘Virtual’ IONS has been ReBorn. Kudos to All of YOU”

“Thank you for this wonderful event. My age would have prevented me from attending if I had to travel!!!”

“It was a delight to be exposed to such a wonderful set of open minded, talented, and rigorously curious explorers. It was all very well executed.”

More Rave Reviews

“The amazing leadership and staff of IONS wove such a beautiful tapestry of joy and caring throughout the conference. Everyone gracious no matter any technical challenges. These comments come with a virtual hug for each of you!”

“Thank you for providing a virtual conference through AirMeet. Although I didn’t have time to enjoy the exhibits and networking opportunities, I was impressed with all the features that were available. It’s a wonderfully accessible and affordable alternative to an in-person conference, although I’m sure that is fabulous!”

“While every IONS Conference had many wonderful people speaking, no conference had this lineup! Wow! The magic of virtual presence is both surprisingly effective and empowering in the sense that IONS could include people who would otherwise be difficult to corral. Some, like Rupert Sheldrake, did so even though he was traveling and not able to be actually present. Highlights were many. To mention a few, I think Ken Wilber’s breakout session was incredible. Deepak Chopra’s talk was “other-worldly”, and as Claudia observed, moved one to want to sit in silence and try to absorb his thoughts. The session on The Art and Science of the Global Consciousness Project was also excellent. But a nice selection of topics and presenters. And there are some I have not seen yet but will get to in the next few days. A nice benefit. Thank you so much for bringing us all together for this important conference.”

Video Archive

If you couldn’t make it to this year’s conference and feel like you missed out, it’s not too late! The recordings are now available to all in the Video Archive. Explore 45+ hours of presentations by world-renowned speakers on the science of consciousness, UAPs, extraordinary human capacities, mind-body healing, and more.

Until Next Time

We are deeply grateful to everyone who attended, whether live or via the replays. Your feedback is being carefully considered as we eagerly plan the next event: IONS Circle Members are invited to the next in-person event, Board and Circle Weekend, this October in Los Gatos, CA. IONS’ scientific research and programs are only possible with the generous support of our members and donors. 

We appreciate the commitment to the energy of a Global Mind Change in Action and hope that you feel the momentum of positive transformation for our planet, its people, and all beings. Thank you for being a part of the IONS community.

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