Below are submissions from our community during our Summer 2015 I Am IONS campaign.


Joan Carra

First Subcriber

I received an invitation to subscribe to the very first issue of Noetic Science when it first began 30 years ago.  I was an avid reader.  Little did I know that I would become a professional psychic and medium; recommended by books, magazines and newspapers.  It is so exciting to see quantum physicists research what intuitives do so naturally.  We have an inborn sixth sense, which for too long has been ignored by society.  I thank Edgar Mitchell for his courage to acknowledge the invisible realms of our existence. 


I am Ann McAslan

a Primary Health Nurse from Blenheim, New Zealand.  I am thrilled to be a part of the awakening that is happening everywhere on our planet.  It seems to me that more and more people are outgrowing the allopathic model of medicine and are searching for something more... For me, IONS is the organisation that is spearheading that search, whilst giving it credence and scientific heft.

Chara Armon, Ph.D.

Reconnecting Scholarship and Spirituality

I follow the work of IONS because I support the work of reconnecting our intellectual lives and spiritual explorations, rather than following the early modern tradition of keeping them separate.  As a teacher and scholar of religion and ecology, I believe that our repair of the Earth requires allowing spiritual values to guide us; our early modern efforts at a purely intellectual approach to life on Earth have caused terrible ecological and human rights disasters.  IONS is leading us by providing solid research that helps us discover new language and pathways for re-linking the intellectual life  and our practical decisions with spiritual perspectives and moral values.

Christina Ross

i am IONS too!

I am Christina Ross. I am a biophysicist and Polarity Practitioner. I am a research fellow at the Wake Forest School of Medicine's Institute for Regenerative Medicine. I study the effect of electromagnetism (light) on inflammation and adult stem cell differentiation. I trust that one day physics will replace chemistry as medicine. I believe the cells in our body respond to our thoughts by manifesting either health or disease. I support IONS because when people work in groups their power increases exponentially. I am IONS.

Douglas Bonar

Inititating the Uninitiated

I have been a member of IONS for many years and the community facilitator for SCIONS (Suncoast Community IONS) in the Tampa Bay area for approximately five years.  Not only do I practice the noetic experience myself, but as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (for 30 years) working in the field of family violence, I teach the experience to my clients.  I use the IONS Transformation Model as a template for personal and collective growth.  My clients (mostly men) are court ordered into my private practice for 26 weeks of domestic violence group counseling.  I employ the standard power and control model used by every certified program in the state.  Additionally, I supplement the experience with a unique model (Roots and Wings: The Way of Wholeness) based on the new sciences which I wrote to better address the relationship between power and control.  The men in the group learn about surrender, and practice mindfulness and breathing exercises to manage their emotions.  They learn about themselves as energetic beings entangled with each other (in terms of nonviolence in the home and community), the living Earth, and the intelligence of the universe as each may know and name it.  I'll share the mantra of the Roots and Wings model which I employ as an introduction to the noetic experience.  "Health Whole Holy Home."  I'm so blessed to know of IONS and the great transformative work ahead of us all.  I see the changes in the men and they graduate from the group voicing gratitude for the experience.  Each group ends with "Namaste."  I've had many wonderful experiences in the community years later seeing my ex-clients in public.  They always smile and greet me with Namaste.  I know this is the path to global mind change and I give thanks for this opportunity to share.  

Elaine Grohman

A Glimpse from Afar

I first learned of the IONS nearly twenty years ago when I began studying to become an Energy Healer. Through my research I learned of IONS and the transformational experience of Dr. Edgar Mitchell as he returned to our beautiful planet from space.

Many years later I had the great opportunity to interview Marilyn Schlitz. PhD., on my radio show “Going Beyond Medicine.” Her deep insights and open, easy communication style touched me deeply as we spoke of the needs of humanity and the work of IONS.

Later still, I shared the stage on two occasions with Adam McLeod (known as Dreamhealer) mentee of Dr. Mitchell, who assisted Adam, and therefore all healers, in understanding the physics of energy healing. So although I have yet to personally go to the campus of IONS, I learn from afar of the great work being done there as they explore the beauty of our Human Interconnectedness.

Thank you for all that you are doing at IONS to advance our understanding of ourselves.

Rev. JL Harter, PhD

We're All in This Together

What is "this" that we are all a part of?  Is it a Cosmic Oneness, Consciousness or something else all-together?  I am IONS because I am an explorer of consciousness, a student of life and lover of humanity.  I want answers to the questions that just don't fit the traditional paradigms and IONS brings so much information to light.  No one discipline can take on all of life's questions and curiosities but IONS serves as an important bridge between disciplines and gives focus and support to those things it studies and explores. 

I have a thirst for knowledge, an unending curiosity and a strong desire to learn and share as I go.  Awareness is what we can bring to this world, to humanity through the many beautiful voices within it.  Through the work of IONS we can come to understand much.  I'm grateful to support and be part of this community.

I wish much success to the endeavors of all who participate and support IONS.

Thank you IONS.

Dr. Harter

Annette Schrab Clark

Look to Nature and the Creatures Know: Noetics

I've come into my own via nature exploration.  I realized there is an interconnection within all life forms we simply need to put words toward good human applications. 

This is why I am Ions. I came to realize a resonance between nature-human, and human-human.  I finally admitted tendencies toward feeling the pain of others as an empath.  It seemed to become more pronounced after my nature immersion.

How my belief came to be via nature:

I've always been a sensitive person but beyond 50 years now I find pain of others to the point that I can no longer ignore empath channels.

I am back to my rural roots for some time now.  Immersion in nature for a full summer of photography took me as though to open routes for those portals.

Black holes seemed to pour a pooling path through the eyes of animals.  I became as a student to the mentoring pupils' of nature's  creatures. Tamer of the wild seemed to calm my own human nature.

My first experience of this awakening:

Pitching a tent one midday in a farrow field, I looked up to catch a fawn watching me rather than the other way around.

As a curious child, it had ventured through tall grass beyond a thicker border of tree cover.  Those eyes of mutual recognition opened me to feel the resonance of further collective consciousness.

I am a budding independent photographer, artist, and writer/poet/philosopher.  While I cross many genres, this sentience seems to keep seeking me.

For, silent voices seem to call me out to journey  nature trails time and again.   Heels, soles, knees, toes, and noses are as white tail deer souls now show up in a field next to my house. These certainly seem to hold a knowing of my own need for interconnection.

Winged ones fly toward my window when I stay inside too long.  I've come to feel red tail hawks are my totem guider. I find that turkeys truly hold signs as they drop feathers directly in my path as I walk.

Tiger swallowtail butterflies are those wings as a wake up call and nearly knock me over as I walk at times with my head down with my own low spirits.

I watch continue to watch IONS as the science of Noetics catches up to put the intangibles to study and words.

Sueli Meirelles



I was born sensitive. My mission is to help people find their inner wisdom.For that reason I'm transpersonal psychologist and researching phenomena of higher states of consciousness. I am Ions because it is the best institution building a bridiyng science and spirituality and I believe we can work together for the evolution  of all humanity.

Click the image below to play the video.

Mariel Masque


During my teens, I had a poster of NASA Astronaut, Edgar D. Mitchell, pinned to my bedroom wall in Valencia, Venezuela. In it, he walked on the moon. I woke every day thinking of his journey. Following his footsteps as an explorer, I joined the environmental movement in Venezuela and worked with many to pass strict environmental laws to protect the wedge of Amazon Rain Forest in my country. Without knowing, I was attuned to the vision of a sustainable future shared by Dr. Mitchell and The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). I moved to the US to study planning and design. You can imagine my joy when I walked into my first IONS conference in Tucson in 2009 and had the opportunity to shake hands, listen to Dr. Edgar Mitchell's keynote address, and attend his workshop. That conference offered a global community of leading scientists, healers, gurus, and visionaries interested in the evolution of consciousness and in the intersection of science and spirituality. I sat during lunch with people from Africa, Latin America, Japan, Germany all synchronized in this vision of a sustainable planet. I was no longer alone. I had arrived at my global village. Since then, I have been a proud member of IONS. 

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M Sharon Frickey

Traveler in the Quantum Soup.

When I was 8 years old I read a story about “Dame Twist” who rubbed some faerie salve in her eye and was able to see another world underneath the visible world.   That worldviewonly ripened and matured into the experience of being a traveler, a microcosmic bubble in the quantum soup—where thoughtswith intent and release may manifest material objects, seed our future,   connect us with like-minded beings.  I believe in a continuum of energy that moves from light to dark, it’s a choice for all who live and experience that wave (or particle) to keep moving toward the light.  

Barbara Ann Caruso, RN, Ph.D.

A Gift from The Universe that Resolves Grief

As a RN I saw many people pass and their loved ones were so grieved and as an Empath, I felt their pain.  At age 65, I recently discovered that I had medium and psychic skills.  I now am using that gift from the Universe to help people connect to the other side and resolve their grief through speaking to their deceased child, friend or loved one.  My old patients who died have even visited  to thank me for holding their hand when they passed so they were not alone at the time of death in the middle of the night in an ICU.  It is so powerful this gift and I feel so privileged that the Universe has expanded my consciousness and provided me with this skill that makes it so obvious that we are all entangled throughout this life and the next.   As a new Grandmother this year as well for the first time, I see my genetics will live on throughout eternity entangled in this gift of life we are given. I wrote a book entitled Lessons Learned From The Other Side: Grief Resolution


Leeky Behrman

I Am A Survivor

I am a survivor of child abuse.  I survived open-heart surgery that saved my life in college.  I survived the attack on World Trade (2WTC, 61st fl).  I survived my sister's suicide.  I know that there is something within me, my consciousness and subconsciousness that not only helps me survive, but to keep living, fully and completely.  To keep experiencing the fullness of life and stay connected to nature and humanity.  There are powerful forces that are alive and active in my life that are beyond my understanding of physics and spirituality but somehow feel connected.  I love reading the IONs books and exploring this subject, which may be the last true frontier.  Thank you.

Dee Cuenod

It's All About Consciousness

The experiences and noetic understanding of Edgar Mitchell, the research of IONS scientists and philosophers, and the words of such noetic scientists as Amit Goswami, Bruce Lipton, and Dean Radin, as well as the women involved with Living deeply, have furthered my long-time conviction that consciousness is the “ground of being.” They’ve helped it resonate in my heart as truth. We, everything, are ONE in consciousness. The spirituality behind consciousness as a science must be discovered and understood throughout academia and Western humanity generally. Only then will we understand ourselves and our life on Earth. And only then will we resolve our problems and improve our world conditions. IONS serves as a perfect example to academia of what is possible, holistic, and effective. There is no good reason for consciousness not to be studied as a science. Having spent much of my professional career as Associate Director of Planning at UCLA, coordinating academic planning, I want to see basic changes in academia, and I see IONS as the prototype for what I want to see.

I am an independent philosopher and writer, author of Wake Up! Our old beliefs don’t work anymore! (2013) and Awakening, A Journey of Enlightenment (2015). Like IONS, my writing focuses on consciousness and also on noetic intuition as our best way of learning. It encourages a Shift in consciousness from materialism to spirituality by going within. It claims “change beliefs, change the world.”

Andree L. Cuenod (Dee)  See my web site: OurJourneytoAwakening.com, where I post brief weekly articles.

Tim Power

A Clear Path

During a particularly difficult divorce, one I would say was similar to a lobotomy of sorts I lost all hope and bearing.  I gave up, having run out of money for lawyers,  let alone relocating to where my kids had been spirited off to, little did I know I was about to be spirited away also.

I had just finished several books one series of Celestine Prophecy, I found in the credits a mention of thanks for Noetics, at this crux of indecision  I in my blanked out brain , I and a quiet urging just to follow the kids, and things will have to work out.  I looked in the paper for available rentals, made one phone call and ended up in that place 3 blocks from the kids school.  I was to say the least dizzy with relief. The next day I looked up Noetics on line, and of course found a community group in this new town. The environment and sharing of the strength and importance of belief was instrumental, we all believed our own thoughts, my take was the strength of belief period. I became a reborn mind set, I created a system of possibilities based on inner knowing/intuition and advice and research from People like Edgar Mitchell, Norbu Chen, Peter Russell, Rupert Sheldrake and of course Marilyn Schlitz, Dean Radin, Russel Targ and the crew on IONS,  Elaine Swain our group leader and I became good  friends.  My immersion into Ekart Tolle turned  a twenty minute drive to a meeting into a 3 minute unnoticed miracle, the song Arms wide Open had just started and was still playing as I was only a few streets away from the meeting.

I applied this power of belief to healing, time adjustment, a better career, success in family court, and even weather.  With mind blowing results, and was eager to impart this practical magic to my kids and they became part of this at times very strongly, yet to this day barely believe the things we did. But they do know.

I believe gifts like this are available to everyone, and should be taught as an end to much suffering. When someone learns their path is clear their vision  becomes clearer and strife dissipates., 

r. Cindy Atha-Weldon

Conscious Aging MidSynapse

I’m Cindy Atha-Weldon, and I joined IONs years ago while obtaining a doctorate in Cognitive Neuroscience.  When presenting my research (MidSynapse) at various consciousness conferences, I am delighted to interact with other members and staff from IONs. After traveling in over fifty countries, I am encouraged by IONs global vision. As a director for a North Texas noetic group, I plan to adapt the Conscious Aging training for our community.

Damion Paul Hart

Day Me I On

Living between days and nights and listening to the infighting of tribes and different worldviews, I understood what I had always known, yet found it materialized before and behind me; around me. Completely enveloping me.

Feeling there were two ways - one of growth, and one of decay - I tended towards the growth. Though, both became swirled together in infinite patterns that continue to delight and confound me  in their unity of harmonies.

I do not know if that is a proper NOETIC story. Some times people have told me - when I tell them what I actually feel - Day Me I Ons - they say it is not so; I have to recognize they have a different perspective, point of view, or are in a different place than I, looking at all that is.

Belinda Atay

An Open Channel 

From whenever my memory began I have always FELT that I have always been. That though I do not remember how/why/what I was before, I have always known that I have always been.  There is no religious connection with this.  There is no philosophical connection with this.  There is only this connection of feeling. Feeling of foreverness. Feeling of unity. Feeling of inter-connectedness. Feeling of constant being. 

It is in honor of the acknowledgment of this feeling that I was led to IONS.  To the discovery of noetic science. To the thrill of this community of people dedicated to the study of consciousness and beyond.

The other reason for my interest in IONS is because of three prime 'communication channeling ' experiences in my life.  When I was 12 I didn't want to board a train with my older sister after a Christmas holiday with family in Houston. We were destined for Oklahoma where my mother would pick us up. I was insistent that something tragic was going to happen and thought that by not boarding the train, the tragedy could be avoided. Nevertheless, adults in charge boarded my sister and me on the train.  When we arrived in Oklahoma my mother greeted us. Then she went to get the car so that she could collect us with our luggage. However, she never made it back. She passed out in the car and died from a brain clot.

Years later when my husband's brother was very ill and in hospital I was at a sports salon working out. When on the floor I received a direct thought letting me know that my brother-in-law was dying that night.  When my husband came home from work, I told him about this 'contact'. Instead of waiting until Sunday to travel to Ankara from Istanbul to visit his brother, we left immediately that Friday evening.  A few hours after arriving at the hospital, my brother-in-law passed on.

Finally, a few years ago I was at a yoga center with a group practicing kundalini yoga.  I was on the floor meditating.  I heard within me a voice stating "I am dying."  This shocked and disturbed me drastically. I told the yoga teacher I could not continue with the class and went home.  That evening my elder sister called to inform me that our father was dying and I should come immediately.  I flew to the States and was able to at my father's side constantly the last three days of his life. 

These three very clear and distinct channeling experiences have profoundly affected my understanding of communication through consciousness. 

I continue to explore, discover, and be awed by the infinite reality of life and the universe.  I am fortunate and grateful to be a member of the IONS community. 

Dwain Nelson

The Right To Thrive

I am Dwain Nelson, a Leadership and Spiritual Mentor. Ever since I was about the age 11, I believed in humans coming together to explore the power of the mind and supporting each other's work in the world! Matching IONS, I had become  dedicated in supporting individuals and the collective transformation through consciousness research, transformative learning, and the engagement of  local communities in the realization of our human potential. We are very limitless beings with the greatest assets given to us from what we know as God.  These are the Mind and the Heart, and with them we are given the response-ability to thrive. All we have to do as wonderful beings is make the choice to live and be open to all good!

Jean Millay

finding resonance

I am Jean Millay, a teacher and one who has studied biofeedback and neurofeedback since 1972.  I believe that the break in our society, economics, government and education can be healed beginning with education.  First, children need to learn through self-discovery science that they are connected in energy to the consciousness of life of the whole biosphere.  This can be demonstrated easily by having them hold hands in a circle, while two of them touch only a small device that measures resistance and conductance of the skin of their hands.  When all are connected, the instrument turns on a light or a sound.  Through brainwave feedback, students can learn to focus attention, manage stress, and establish phase coherence.  With this knowledge, the student finds the power of his/her own mind to become creative, discover insights, and learn about telepathy, remote viewing and other powers of the mind, that IONS teachers have taught us.  The students should not be locked into the false judgements that only the intellect is the measure of intelligence.  Even the intellect is improved by the practice of neurofeedback, and the direct knowledge of individual spirit cannot be shaken by hardcore materialists.

Diana Cawood

I Am Always IONS

When I found IONS I felt I had come home.  I attended the very first IONS conference in California as one of only two Canadians.  Ever since, I’ve been held in that greater universe from which IONS’ dedication to consciousness, inter-connectedness, science and spirituality has coursed through and enriched all aspects of my life.  I became a kinder parent and partner.  I learned to breathe into episodes of destruction and delight on my personal journey.  And I’ve been supported to work on the frontiers in coaching and consulting in the work world:  to hold the space for others to step through their fears and experience the joys of being more whole and real at work.  Knowing IONS was there gave me courage and capacity.  In the mid-90’s I founded the Vancouver IONS Community, joined the Stewardship Council and later had a stint on the IONS board.  Always the best part was the exuberance of creating something meaningful together.  We shipped 100,000 school books to Africa and launched an IONS Conference in Vancouver (one of my dreams to bring my IONS ‘family’ to Vancouver!).  IONS can ignite and fuel transformative living.  I’ve learned we sustain that better when we stay connected.  I am always being ‘IONS’ in all my day to day.  And I am so grateful for all who have been IONS and continue to be IONS. 

Mustafa Karnas

To see the things behind the walls

I am IONS because of ? can explain or find answers for unknowns in the way of knowledge of Noetic mind. I am an author and thinker. I use the experimental thinking way and use methods of Noetic mind to reach the real answers. By using this way, i have written many large books about Noetic mind. My books title is Noetic mind, written in Turkish language.  Just with the power of thoughts man can reach many annswer. Power of mind can change the reality. Reality is just what comes from mind. 

Isha Dayal

Conscious Living

I am Isha Dayal, an economic researcher based in New Delhi. My strong belief in conscious living is why I support IONS. Not only does consciousness make you accountable for your everyday actions but has an equally relevant impact on inter-personal relations and conduct in society. To be able to provide a scientifically supportive explanation to this fascinating characteristic of human nature would be nothing less than a breakthrough. 

Margaret Jimenez

A Plain Little Turtle

Gratitude energizes me and for years IONS has been a wonderful source of gratitude.  IONS supports my optimism and inspires my essence.

I appreciate the sharing that IONS makes possible.  I still feed on the One Minute Shifts.  

I am uploading a Half Minute Shift that I made years ago but never shared. 

I am an expanding human being who relates to Mack, Dr. Suess' plain little turtle.

www.forturtlesnamedmack.org is a website I built using Front Page.  I seldom share it because it has a few flaws that I haven't figured out how to fix.

A quote from The Talmud sums up IONS for me: "Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, 'grow, grow.'"

Click the image below to play the video.

Gidi Croes

The Potential of Conciousness ?

A couple of years  ago I scraped my left underleg and disovered two light wounds. They were cared for properly. But later they nevertheless turned out to be infected. When I looked at my wounds I was aware that they were situated at the exact same place as my son (56) had on his left leg. Three years earlier he had been overrun by a truck and was severely wounded. He was held in coma during 9 weeks and we  did not know whether he would survive. But he did. In the mean time he was operated on many times. After many month in hospital with severe infections he since then lives with a wheelchair and can walk some with crutches. But, the two little wounds on his left underleg would not close even after three years. My own small wounds got infected severely and brought me into hospital during a week. During those days I  was thinking: this is a queer coincidence, having two little wounds at the exact same place as my son. What does it mean and what can I do? I decided I only can do my best to heal myself. So I did. Weeks later when I visited my son it turned out that during the time I was healing , for the first time in three years his two wounds had closed. And they healed.

During my long life I have had more ununderstandable  experiences.  But this one I find the most remarkable. I did not counsciously heal him. He was only in my mind.

IONS, which I have been supported for many years: please go on with your most valuable work. So we may understand how wonderful potential we human beings have. I hope that you will study all these  personal stories and that they may help your research.

Gidi Croes

Emer. Prof. Elemer Elad Rosinger


Being - not by my choice, but by sheer inevitability - quite old by now, I have been around the world, among others, in dozens of universities on five continents, as well as participating in a number of the most sane groups and organizations dealing with, shall we say, transcendental  issues, that is, those which modern science has until recently rejected out of hand as being nonsense ...

This is how some years earlier, I joined IONS.

Now, it seems that with "I Am IONS", we may have a new, yet more active and universal opening ...

Looking very much forward to the developments ...

By the way, the fact that Dr. John Hagelin has also joined "I Am IONS", has for me been a most impressive signal to do the same, as I have known him for more than three decades ...

I happen to be more of a mathematician, than a physicist. And certainly, compared with Dr. Hagelin, I am at best an ... eager amateur ... in physics ...

However, I do nevertheless have a good general understanding, and have even published papers regarding quanta, relativity, and so on.

As for consciousness, well, the two, shall we say, mantras which have for long been up front in my mind are, in historical order :

"I AM THAT I AM", Exodus 3:14

"Atman is Brahman", Shankara (788-820 AD)

And most certainly, I do fully agree that the root of all that is, is in a unified consciousness ...

Kriste Brushaber

Always More to Learn, Experience and Create

I am Kriste Brushaber, holistic movement and life guide.  As a child, I wondered what I was doing here, knowing everything transpiring/manifesting around me was not the totality of reality.  My journey led me to IONS and other progressive scientists, philosophers and spiritualists.  I now have tangible language and theory to share with others, and have found a vast and diverse community of Quantum Pioneers dedicated to the expansion of positive potential through themselves and their vocations.  I am grateful that IONS is breathing Life back into scientific endeavor, as this process is eternal.

Stephen Kennedy

Music and the Mind

Hi - I have explored electronic music for decades and have my own brand - Sam Utah and an internet radio station called Inner Journey on Live365.  I am a former educator and I.T. professional with a profound interest in consciousness and transcendence. In my Google blog (under Sam Utah) I have explored many of the themes IONS presents and over the years I have returned again and again to IONS as the best organization with the best people exploring the frontiers of human consciousness.  IONS is the leading edge in rational studies regarding consciousness, quantum realities and human potential. Real scientists with great credentials continue their work with IONS as an envelop for innovative thinking and exploring who and what we are as human beings.  IONS is simply the best resource for finding information about current develops in Noetic Sciences.

Tom Bunzel

If DNA is Software, Who Wrote the Code?

I’m Tom Bunzel, a former tech writer, now Science and Tech Editor, Collective Evolution

f we look deeply into the “nature” of software we see immanent intelligence--significance and meaning “encoded” symbolically -- code that actively performs tasks. I remember when six computer disks at a law firm taught me word processing. I was awestruck by the reality that intelligence was encoded in silicon.

A TED video by geneticist Juan Enriquez (http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/80) shifted my focus for life when I saw that our DNA works as software.

Didn’t it require intentional intelligence to create the disks that taught me word processing?

This was my epiphany and has become the focus for my own inquiry. Perhaps we don’t need to look for “intelligent life” on other worlds... Clearly, to the extent that it is “instructed” by DNA, life itself is intelligent – and it was so before humans even existed.

What DNA as software clearly points us to, if we take it in deeply, is that mind (or intelligence) is certainly a nonmaterial reality.

This realization clearly takes us into a realm of Science which must take consciousness seriously. It must open us to what our ancestors knew and understood – that any science devoid of the sacred is ultimately incomplete.

Blake Paysse

Magic, Synchronicity, and Sacredness

I am IONS because I believe that this organization is one of the very few out there who are bringing the power, sacredness, and usefulness of spirituality, shamanism, energy healing, and other mystical systems into mainstream recognition and application. I believe they are one of the few great hopes for the world to actually shift and transform into a society that works for all -  and that is why I serve them, volunteer for them, and weave good magic within my community group on their behalf. I look forward to the future that we noetic people co-create! 

Kevin Bradley

Atheist Chaplain

I once planned to a minister in a very conservative Christian denomination. I rejected that version of God when my dad died from cancer when I was in college. I backed into a computer career, eventually specializing in technical writing and training. Along the way I reconnected with spirituality but with a much broader understanding, no longer in conflict with science. I then went to seminary and earned a Master of Divinity degree with a focus on interfaith counseling. Today I am a spiritual counselor and hospice chaplain. My work includes the evolution of consciousness and is based on physical (scientific) and metaphysical (spiritual) oneness. My hope is that when everyone understands that we are all connected, there will be no more war. Come visit us at www.wahkanmind.com.


Volunteer since 1972  in the experimental city named AUROVILLE

I remember noticing with joy the  beginning  of IONS by astronaut Edgar Mitchell as a result of his so moving inner experience in space when watching the Earthrise from afar. I inwardly sent my love and encouragements to him for success in this spiritual-cum-scientific mission of his, which  I felt  was so similar to the inspiration and goals of  Auroville  itself, founded in 1968 as a collective Project of Humankind, blessed unanimously  by UNESCO and located near Pondicherry (now Puducherry), South India, where it has since then been  growing, both in consciousness and physical manifestation, as a living laboratory of evolution for the individual and collective life of human beings on Earth , a  first place open to the participation of anyone interested in discovering and setting the example of a higher and truer life  possible anywhere else as well.

In my own heart and mind, the inner connection with IONS has always remained alive and joyful, as over the years I watched  IONS too grow more and more into its full stature and role for our very much needed further evolution as a species, first of all towards a lasting Peace among all our countries, their very diversity enriching our new-found Unity. Living as a permanent volunteer here, I cannot contribute anything financially, but I'm sure this simple, heartfelt testimony on my part in honor of IONS, its founder and the growing number of other great people involved in it, will nevertheless in itself be acknowledged as a valuable enough contribution.

Ana Clara de Oliveira Sampaio

Reiki and Transitioning

My name is Ana, and I am a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner at the Master level. All my life, I was able to "feel, see and hear" things around me that I couldn't explain to anyone. Dreams were vivid. Often,  while fully awake, I would be having some kind of experience involving people, places and situations, and suddenly find myself in a completely different environment, which I knew was my 'reality', with people looking at me as if I were hallucinating. Over the years, this became less of an occurrence, although my dreams still take me to fascinating places.

In 2011, when life wasn't great on this plane of existence, I discovered Reiki, or I should say, Reiki discovered me, and everything changed. I have come to know Reiki as a  very real consciousness that not only exists,  but also communicates with anyone who is open to it. It possesses a marvelous intelligence and power, and above all,  compassion, benevolence and love like nothing I have ever known before. I work with it on a daily basis and have had several fantastic experiences that involved visions, sounds, understandings at levels previously unknown to me, and most of all, deep and powerful healings, both for clients and for myself. Perhaps the greatest of these experiences was the one involving a young brain cancer patient. He was only 21 and had previous positive experiences with Reiki, and so his mom contacted me to come by on a weekly basis to give him Reiki sessions. For six weeks, I would sit by his bedside and treat him with Reiki. It helped alleviate the pain and gave him and his family some solace and comfort, even when we all knew he was dying, irrevocably. He talked very little, going into a deep state of peace during our sessions. It wasn't sleep, because through the connection established by the  Reiki energy, I knew he was 'traveling', and I went with him.  His spirit, personality and dreams were shared with me then, and sometimes, he had interactions and even entire conversations, albeit wordlessly, with something or someone on 'The Other Side'.  These were not shared with me as they were meant to be private, my job consisted in holding that space safely for him, within the Reiki energy field.

When the end came, my last session with him was at the hospice. My first time ever in such a place, under such circumstances. I did not know what to expect, except utter pain and despair within the family, losing their youngest son and brother so tragically. Nothing, however, had prepared me for the light and peace present in the room. It emanated from my young friend, and yet at the same time surrounded him as well. I felt strong, yet incredibly loving, protective and soothing presences in the room, the light a translucent, soft and very bright white, like the gentlest of mists swirling around us all. As I sat by the bed and raised my hands to beam Reiki, his head turned toward them, and an almost imperceptible, sweet smile appeared on his face, even though I was told he was heavily sedated and unconscious. The family left the room, except for his mother. I asked her to take my seat and stood back, beaming Reiki to them both. I will never forget what happened next. As she sat there, looking lovingly  at her son, with an indescribable sadness that broke my heart,  a white, bright stream of light emerged from her chest, extending itself toward her son's chest. The same was happening with him, as well. His physical body had actually turned to her! With utter astonishment,  wondering if my freely streaming tears were creating some kind of optical illusion, I witnessed the streams of light connect and form a bridge of pure, brilliant white light, from one heart to another. I don't know how long I just stood there, my hands raised, feeling the Reiki energy stream from them and surround us in a protective circle, while allowing me to physically SEE love, in its purest form.

He died two days later. It was peaceful, he was surrounded by his family. His parents asked me to say a few words at the funeral. I felt there was no way I could say no, even if I felt inadequate for knowing him for such a short time, when everyone else there knew him all of his life. My turn came right after the Pastor had spoken. The sun was setting, and as I stood by the grave, looking at family and childhood friends, I shared my six week journey with this remarkable young man, so dear to all of them and now to me. Mostly, I told them about how much I had learned from him, and how blessed and honored I felt for having been 'chosen' by him and his family to help him make his transition, and how Reiki had held it all together, and conducted the transition, and that I myself had been just the channel for this amazing energy .  I described what I had felt had been his personality and thoughts. After that, just about everyone else had their turn, and I was blown away by their accounts, which so closely matched my own. These were people who had known him all his life! Some came to me afterward and said how well I had described him…

I take no credit for any of this. To me, this is yet another remarkable proof of the power of Reiki, and of Universal consciousness, of how we are all connected, and of how much, or how little we really know about it.  And why we need IONS, and all the amazing people who are part of it, so this community can grow and stories like the ones we see here have a safe space for being told and shared. This world is so much more, human beings are so much more than what we physically see, hear and feel, what we have been taught over time. My sincerest thank you and gratitude for providing this space and opportunity, IONS!

Georgios Karabelas


I am Georgios Karabelas, a Cognitive-Developmental Psychologist with formal and informal background and training in Chemistry,  Anthropology, and Philosophy. My main research and teaching interests include but not limited to Consciousness research, Emotional and Personality Development, Cosmology and Quantum Physics, Cognitive Neuroscience,  Spirituality and Psychotherapy, Anthropological Theory,  Research Methodology and Philosophy of Science. Joining the IONS in the 90's was a seminal experience for me. No other organization at the time had the proper values and approach, the vision, and that curiosity and higher purpose needed in doing research on Consciousness.  I am IONS because IONS was, is, and always be the Frontier in Consciousness Research and also the vital catalyst for that much needed transformation and realization in all aspects , levels and processes, in science, in research and in our lives!  Taking Consciousness as the fundamental and Causal 'Force', I do share most of the goals and values of the IONS mission and philosophy towards exploration and application of Knowledge at all relevant levels.  Other areas and topics of interest and research in Human Development include Neurobiological processes of Concept formation and Creativity, Bioethics, Political theory, Unconscious Mind and Fantasy, Mythology,  Experimental Theology, Intentionality, Intersubjectivity, Authenticity, the Human condition and what Health and 'Madness' are all about.  I am interested in both the theoretical and meta-theoretical levels of Knowledge,  the limits and potential of Human Nature and Consciousness, and then putting everything in practice towards that metamorphosis that would lead to Divine actualization.

"? ??????????? ???? ?? ?????? ???????" -Socrates

Sharon Shores-Allen

Lifelong Learner-Spiritual Seeker

I am a Religious Science Practitioner and I have been on a journey since about age 15 reading and studying great thinkers.  Many years ago I subscribed to Noetic Science Magazine and have always loved the articles/research etc.  I continue the journey of being a lifelong learner and spiritual seeker and am now again an IONS Member!    I am passionate to support IONS and love the continuing research on Consciousness Studies!  

Sister Rosemarie

Noetic Exploration

The Noetic image of our blue, jewel planet in the heavens and Edgar Mitchel's vision while in space embody the strata of consciousness and research that has drawn me to Ions.  My own spiritual journey of 50 years as a Nun/Hermitess/Missionary to Africa join paths of scientific research that complement and validate my vocation and  the words of Thomas Merton:  "Beyond the scope of sight or sound we dwell upon the air; seeking the world's  gain in an unthinkable experience; waiting upon the first far drums of Christ the Conqueror, planted like sentinels upon the world's frontier."

In the Vedic tradition everyone in this world has four types of bodies: Sthoola Shareera - the Physical Body; Sookshma Shareera - the Subtle Body; Athi Sookshma Shareera - the Higher Subtle Body; and Para Sookshma Shareera - the Omnipresent Super Subtle Body. 

I Am Ions in the research to learn more about the Mystery that we are and out of which we live.

Click the image below to play the video.

Annette Schrab Clark

Coping via creativity & experiencing sentience 

I've always been "sensitive" and conflicted as 1 of 2 identical twins within a family of 10 kids all raised Catholic by Mom's contractual agreement due to Dad being Lutheran. 

Of course, "Is Dad's going to Hell?" came up in mine & each of my siblings minds as I've found out later in life.  With busy parents & being an "unknown" among a crowd I coped with no attention via creativity.

I converted to Lutheranism when married, but felt conflicted due to being told as such that I could not pray to Mary.  (Who doesn't want to pray and look to a mother figure?)   Within that, I've had experiences somewhat "ethereal" re: Mary and other things that can be corroborated. 

I survived an inept psych who dumped pills in me for "bipolar" and landed me into a ward hallucinating of hell for 4-5 days years ago. However, recently I had an incredibly vivid dream of Heaven (thank God, I needed that to "heal"  from years of PTSD due to that "hell" descent).

I've coped difficulty throughout life  via creativity and in this experienced sentience within deer and other beings via photography.  I seem to be more insightful since spending a full summer 2013 photo'ing fireflies, star trails, and sunrises alone in natural nature. 

This led me to pick up poetry again,  writing about the divine mysteries of life within science,  self studied quantum entanglement, and am a believer in peace via vibration & thought process.   

I write poetry, philosophy, advocacy, ecopsychology papers & other writing. I take in all types of arts.  I'm a self-professed "creationist" rather than "Christian." I self-study theology, mythology, and anything science

I believe peace is possible within mind shift of vibration of the world. However, I try to hold it within myself first.  That can be a tall order to fill as a sensitive with empath tendencies.

It's wonderful to be online with you all.

matt blake

Journey to IONS thru Art & Ancient Knowledge

Thru my Artwork, I have developed a Mechanism, that hopefully can be used as a Keystone to a better reality. It is based upon how the Mandelbrot Set functions, the laws of nature and sacred Geometry, and it is blended with the modern concepts of Advertising, Marketing, Actuarial analysis - and it is a Participatory survey. It is my contention that the Design and Functionality of this Mechanism I have designed is like an ‘Antikythera Mechanism’ that functions more in tune with the way Consciousness behaves. I am looking to share this with thse IONS participants.

Click the image below to play the video.

Jennifer Zerba

Healing Humanity From Behind the Shears

For 25 years I have been helping clients look and more importantly feel beautiful. The work the IONS has done really taught me that Cosmetologists are not the "enemy of spirituality" but we are Touching conduits in the entanglement of consciousness. Beauty and those involved in the industry have been viewed as shallow and ego based.

It is because of the incredible work that Dr. Radin and many other intentional pioneers  have done to prove the power of our intention that convinced me to write my book "Healing Humanity From Behind the Shears" which bridges spirituality and Cosmetology through the power of intentional love. This book contains incredible illustrations as seen by one who actually sees auras and their entanglement with All.

I intend on changing how the beauty industry is looked upon and more importantly marketed by teaching value based self realization  with cosmetologists and companies that represent them. I also take every opportunity to think, speak and act in love to everyone I come into contact with.

I LOVE public speaking and am pursuing becoming a professional speaker spreading conscious communication and mindful leadership whether it is in the beauty industry, companies or our ascending world.  Be Well, Be Love, and Take Care of Each Other! Namaste, Jen

H B Gelatt  (Harry)

Positive Uncertainty 

I am H B Gelatt (Harry); I have been a member of IONS forever. During my entire career I have been reading, writing and speaking about creative decision making and promoting a more open and inclusive worldview. The standard, model process of decision making has been revised many times during my career, including my own revision, from a totally rational process to one not so rational.

My themes have been Positive Uncertainty (being comfortable and positive about the future’s uncertainty) and The Process of Illumination (looking at the way we see things). I believe our collective worldview (a person’s beliefs and overall perspective about the world and universe) is one of the most significant factors in determining our future. I believe IONS is also promoting a more open and inclusive worldview.      My major message has been:

The minute you make up your mind that the way you see things makes a difference, it will make a difference in the

John Robinson

Aging as a Spiritual Pilgrimage

All my life I have been waiting to come of age. Now 69, deep in the mysticism of growing old, I feel the transformations of age dissolving my identity, time and story, changing me from a high energy professional into a consciousness filling with new and creative  divine energies. As a psychologist, interfaith minister, author and mystic, I am steadily understanding how this new stage of the human life cycle is changing the world as well. I describe these insights in several recent books on aging (see www.johnrobinson.org). I  am beginning to understand the transpersonal effects of  an elder's evolving consciousness and love what these processes are doing to me and my older friends. As we experience the tasks, gifts and meaning of age, our lives renew in ways we could never have predicted or imagined. This is a new time and we are new beings. Pregnant with divinity, we offer the world our gifts of conscious being  and thrill at the possibilities of humankind growing into real maturity.

Terry Glassey

A New Way of Truth

I Host an IONS group in central California, how did I get here?

After a traumatic childhood,30 plus years of recovery work,I cam to have a understanding of who and what I was. A Spirit in a humans body, my

spirit needed recognition! I had embraced religion in the recovery process and as I healed and became more of the whole me I realized that it was   

also holding me back,,I realized the man made control tool that it is,,,and that christ consciousness existed way before christ,,so again I

was liberated from another dogmatic form of control. Now I was free to learn of Source,the creator as my origin. I studied on my own for several years then came to the time when I needed

others of like mind, a community. Every where I looked I found metaphysical mixed with christianity,that does not work for me,,if I am purged of a way of thinking and living and That benefits me ,,,to reintegrate the old form of being  and thinking  with my new found truth does not work for me. To me it is like relabeling alcoholism so that I can go back to sit in the bar every night and feel ok,,,,does not work!! So new life, new thought, new mind, needs a new space to grown. An encounter with a stranger who invited me to the current IONS meeting,,the group was small mainly watch videos of past conferences.Here I new I could learn and grow. I attended for the summer and then the group was losing its leader and no one was interested, so I said why not I did not want to see this group fade away, I had searched my community there was no other group like this,,,so I said I will Host it!!It has been an adventure, lots of growth for myself and the ladies that attend. I structured the group with only one rule we study strictly non religious material, we have grown form an occasional 5 to a steady 10 and when we have event or speakers 25. It has been 3 years and I will continue to host and help those in this community find themselves thru the material and speaker that IONS presents,,,we do not have much funds so I try to pull books or videos that parallel IONS current topic and speaker .  So Yes We Are IONS !  

Ros Paxman

Consciousness technologies

As a child I was sensorially aware of energetic fields beyond me, and I played for hours on a Waddington’s Ouija Board by myself (no need to cheat when you're the only one in the room) asking questions and invariably receiving answers. As a young teenager and seeker, a brief dabble into the Christian church ended after I was put through a kind of exorcism to "cast out" what they termed my "evil mediumistic spirit". I spent the next 35 years trying to get it back, and it finally arrived with knobs on. In the latter ten years of that time I’d lived with a debilitating illness, showing me just how far I'd strayed from my path. In seeking a cure, I finally came across Matrix Energetics, at which point my life irrevocably changed, on a pinhead, and which started my exploration of consciousness technologies and a fascination for that place where science and woo woo meet. I'm now a Matrix Energetics Practitioner, and licensed by Russian scientist and total clairvoyant Grigori Grabovoi to teach his Creator Knowledge work (aka. New Russian Knowledge). In scientific terms I’m a layperson, but that does nothing to dispel my excitement when I grasp the gist of some new quantum revelation and see how it relates to my own consciousness experiences and understanding of the nature of reality. I love that IONS gives people like me more credibility. I am IONS.

Carmen Lambert

What If?

I am interested in the paranormal because I've personally experienced it. I believe emotions are or possess a kind of energy that science hasn't understood yet.  These things need to be studied and I'm glad there's someone doing it. But I'm worried too. See my experiences haven't all been positive. While thinking about how upset I was with my mother, she actually got hit by a car.  Another time I was watching a recording of an Olympic race. For some inexplicable reason I was overcome with hatred for a particular runner and she tripped and fell.  Of course most of my spiritual experiences have been positive, and have had positive results, but it makes me wonder. What if science does find a way to detect spiritual energy, or emotional energy. The next step would be to understand it. To do that you have to experiment with it. What can it do? What are its limits? Once science understands that it will try to find a way to harness it. Once that is understood, then it will be explained to ordinary people, who will use it for good, yes, but also for bad. When bad things happen accidentally, fine, but then it could be used on purpose. Maybe even to kill. Or possess people. Or even change history. IONS, you have a huge responsibility. These phenomena have to be studied, but the ramifications should also be studied. Maybe results should be stretched out over time and the release of results carefully orchestrated.  One thing for sure, the world is going to change dramatically once science accepts your results. 


Subtle Knowing

Growing up I always wondered if there was more to life than a simple physical explanation. Despite religious parents, I never found many answers in traditional religion with it's ceremonies and book verses. Instead I started looking into works written by those who understood consciousness to be a foundational truth for existence. I read some New Age self-help books and came upon Hermetic texts that talked about a "subtle knowing". So thats what I'd been feeling and knowing all my life! It calls me back again and again in the form of energy medicine, natural therapies, and a holistic view of the Earth.

Nancy Heaton Lonstein

For most of my life, I've loved the mission of IONS!


The work of IONS mirrors and enhances the spiritual and intellectual journey of my life. 

Since I became a member in the 1980’s, I have reveled in this organization that uncannily articulates my deepest passions – the science of connection, inner knowing, expansion of human consciousness and potential, healing and tikkun olam in the world.  I majored in physics to explore scientific explanations for miracles, telepathy, ESP, and other paranormal phenomena.  I became a Senior Executive, OD consultant and coach with the goal of making change happen that is sustainable, nurturing, and generative within and outside the organization.  Now, expanding my coaching model with mystical and mindfulness competencies, and becoming a Conscious Aging Facilitator, I have returned full attention to IONS where the pursuit of wisdom, compassion, science, and awakening converge that can open new doors for all of us.


July 2015


Jim Centi

Jim Centi

My intimate relationship with IONS has been due to its theme of a “Paradigm Shift”, which empowered me to believe in the possibility of a profound shift in my world view and experience of consciousness.

In addition to IONS, I was drawn to a theme of mystics, that the path to ecstasy consciousness is abandonment of the separate self.

Then Neuroscience proclaimed that the human self, which exists separate from or independent of the universe is an illusion. 

At this point, a marriage between science and mysticism was formed and the door to a paradigm shift entered consciousness.

For many months, there has been an affinity with this door; thank you IONS.  

Lian Sawires

Creativity in new Spaces

As a teaching artist and reiki master, my passion has always been to show others what they know, the source of unique creativity in all people, just waiting for someone to shine the light on it. The IONS Conscious Aging program has given me a new arena to show folks their own beauty, what flows through them--their own source of map-making and creativity. Aging is the last frontier and there is already a path to wholeness with each signature waiting to be explored. What an adventure!

Robert Radford

Primal Communications

All my life I have had unsolicited and unanticipated exchanges of information and influence with other holistic patterns without apparent regard for space or time. In my attempts to fit these exchanges into my life, I have studied science, religion, and spirituality in careers of design engineering, military airplane pilot, teaching elder, politics, and father of six children. I joined IONS in 2001 and, in 2004, married my IONS Community Coordinator. For a few months in 2002, Apollo astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, became my email mentor and  provided some perspectives of my exchanges of information and influence in terms of his theories on such exchanges between Resonant Quantum Holograms. I am deeply appreciative to IONS and especially to Edgar Mitchell for helping me to become open and receptive to new and different ways of perceiving the reality which I have created for myself, and for helping me to create feelings of peace, happiness,  fulfillment and positive relationships in my life. 

katherine Stone (Singh)


I have been fascinated with exceptional human experiences for most of my adult life.

Having watched the movie "What the Bleep" I became a student and devotee of Dean Radin's research at IONS. I have learned so much from his three books. Although we have never met.

My late son (Justin) who passed away of a childhood cancer in 2010 at the age of 18 demonstrated these abilities throughout his entire life through precognitive dreaming and predicted his relapse and demise. He prepared not to return home from hospital from his final surgery which was a right lung phenumonectomy and left his final wishes on a note on his computer.

I feel these abilities that Justin displayed came from my side of the family.

I work each and every day with presentiment feelings and chart out the day ahead.

Katherine Stone 

Sheila Bonamarte Ross

Who Am I Really?

In 1980 I moved back to the U.S. from Paris alone with 2 small children .   For the first time in my life I knew what I now call "conditioned mind" was not to be trusted and relied completely on  inner knowing.  Everything was taken care of in what should have been a difficult move, and in the following  transition to a new life in a place I had never lived before.  One of the most significant elements of the perfect support I found occurred less than a year after I arrived.  I saw a poster about  Willis Harmon speaking locally which filled me with great excitement.  I attended, met Willis, and he became my mentor for the rest of his life, which coincided with the rest of my life in the U.S. (I am became in Europe again, this time in the U.K).  I attended  IONS conferences , joined the World Business Academy, met other pillars of IONS in the 80s and 90s, read everything

IONS published,and successfully proposed to the CEO of the world's first supercomputer company that I teach hardware and software engineers the creative process, which supports people taking responsibility for and activating true cause in their lives, which we know is only in what we do with consciousness.   I have applied IONS ideas in victim/offender work, anger management work, and drug rehab work since leaving the U.S., and am now, in semi retirement,  a trained responder for a metaphysical organization called Unity.  Hence IONS has been my strength and anchor almost all my adult life. And I am inexpressibly  grateful. 

Deborah Merchant


When I was little, my family took day trips. Driving home at night, I'd look into windows of houses with lights on. I realized each family had its own world, each person lived in their own universe. This began my study of & growth in consciousness. I continue that journey in my career as a clinical psychologist, but I am clear that's but one path, one lens to contributing to this mystery.

Howard Christian

Transformation through connection

I'm Howard Christian, and I had no idea when I completed my PhD in immunology that I would become a MindBody health coach-practitioner, helping others to transform their health through learning to bridge the gap between mind-story and body-experience. It was my own noetic experience during an earthquake that reconnected my life path with a childhood dream of a world at peace. I understood that through connection we can transform our suffering. I support IONS because it brings scientific validity to my story and to the stories of countless others.

Bill Lavery

Matter(ing) & Mind(ing)

IONs takes me to the edge of human knowledge quickly and effortlessly, respecting consciousness and awareness while seeking a scientific understanding that encompasses experience and meaning.  Matter and mind are better perceived as processes that interact and produce beauty and lesser outcomes. 

Petrea King

It's immaterial!

When I was 7 I had an experience where the whole material world became insubstantial and I was connected to, and an expression of, a unified field of light/love/energy. I knew I was not my body and that the world of the 'material' was transient whilst the 'invisible' was the foundational reality. Now, for over 30 years - since my unexpected recovery from leukaemia - I have worked with more than 100,000 people facing some of life's greatest challenges. We call them the 'Ds'...diagnosis, death, divorce, disaster, disability, depression, disagreement, disloyalty...there's lots of Ds! These cause people to explore the deeper question of their own existence. It brings me great joy to assist people to reconnect with their essential nature - before the beliefs, traumas, limitations and anxieties formed, and then impelled, their behaviours. I love that IONS brings rigour to understanding consciousness. 

Gail Reichert

From cellular to stellar

I remember being in high school and learning about cells in the human body. Pieces started to fall into place to address the curiosity and wonder I had held about life, earth and our place.

As we learned more about the inner workings of the body in biology I remember wondering if Earth could be a cell in someone else's body, some living thing far, far larger than imagination. As our modern knowledge of 'universe' has expanded, and as my exploration of consciousness has continued through membership of IONS and other organisations at the edge, I do sometimes still refer to the cellular metaphor.

Living in a country somewhat 'at the edge' (Aoteroa New Zealand), surrounded by relative peace and tranquility, I could live an unexplored life simply because life for me is easy. But also living at the edge is where we can make change because we are not embroiled in the hubbub of the centre.

I like to draw on ancient wisdoms together with 'modern' science to help me continue to agitate, seek a better way and live a life worthy of the gifts I have at my finger tips.

Kia ora koutou katoa- good life to all, from the edge.



I am a laboratory clinician, translator and poet. Sincé childhood  I have been obsessed with consciousness and have been all my life reading and researching.

I have had many paranormal experiences as well as my husband who has had many OBEs and NDEs

I appreciate very much science which I think has been basic for the evolution of humanity, but at the same time spirituality and love which I consider the essence to arrive to wisdom

John L Trish


Ever since I was a young boy, I have been searching for meaning in my life. I searched within most of the main stream religions, yet found nothing there to satisfy my inquisitive mind.   After years of mostly fruitless search, I came across the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Their understanding of consciousness equated to my own personal view of existence..I now feel at home, with others who share the same thirst for knowledge. 

Karsten Jensen

Strength comes from the mind

My name is Karsten Jensen. I work as a strength and conditioning coach with with World Class and Olympic Athletes and also educates other coaches and trainers.  There are many references in the literature to the idea that "strength comes from the mind" and "training without the proper use of consciousness is of little use". IONS help bridge the gap between the spiritual literature,  training literature and science. IONS is valuable ressource for me to help the athletes I work with connect to the conscioussness of their unlimited potential.

Timo Dochow

Expect the unexpected

Hello, my name is Timo Dochow and I am active in the research of subtile energy and matter at the private institute of subtile research and product development in Rosenheim, Germany. I started in my earliest days to be interested in how consciousness and matter interact. After several experiences in extrasensory perception in my life I’ve become more and more involved in this topic. For me, it is important that spiritualty and science become unity to explore the secrets of life. IONS is one of the leading organizations that combines these areas and that’s why I am supporting them. Only a new thinking can break through the old dogmas and build up a new paradigm. Transformation is the only real constant in the universe. I am IONS.

Bridget Sweeney

Daily IONS-ing

I have been with IONS for over 30 years.  And have been living the IONS philosophy of interconnectedness for as long as I can remember.  If we treat everyone we interact with as though they were part of our family, we start to build a global family one person at a time.  When I'm gone I want to be held in people's hearts as someone  who lived the dream daily.

Paula Carocci

Regulating Psychiatric Disorder through Consciousness

I am a Social Scientist  from Brazil, based in Los Angeles where I was honored to be amongst the very first graduating class obtaining an M.A. in Yoga Studies from Loyola Marymount University.  My passion lies in helping people who suffer from psychiatric disorder regain control of their lives. It is through restoring consciousness of the difference between the mind and the ultimate self that we can equip individuals for healing, and foster an attitude of managing these crippling disorders that devastate family and friends and rob people of reaching their true potential. IONS focuses on science of the mind and on a care system that is focused on whole person healing and they have my full support due to their efforts and achievements in advancing scientific research on the role of consciousness toward a new model of health care that allows for the inner wisdom of both patients and health care providers to be combined with scientific and technological advances for the promotion of health and well-being.

Thomas Romlin

Tears by direct recognition.

One's first contact with IONS went to be a direct moment of tears, I started to cry.

It was through a video produced by IONS which gave that instant recognition, this kind of recognition one just recognize as an experiencer of a transformative noetic experience.

This video, or the words in it, was so clear to me, someone else who have had the "same" experience and could explain it so well. Thank you IONS, it was so important for me that day, and since then I AM an IONS supporter.

Here is a link to "the video" ...



The Expansion of Consciousness. 


By Don Crawford


Some scholars have called the present time the “Age of THE EXPASION O CONSCIOUSNESS

(A Personal Esoteric Essay)

Information.” As the human intelligence gains in self-awareness, more and more of us engage in “intellectual creativity.” The history of human thought can be conceived as a “trinity”: from INSTINCT to INTELLECT to INTUITION.

The Instinct is our PAST conceptions. The Intellect is our PRESENT mode of conceptualizing, and the Intuition is our FUTURE way of gaining true understand and illumination.


Today, creative imagination has resulted in almost every thinking individual assuming he or she has grasped some idea of truth and wishes to share his or her truth with the world which is spread by Internet comments and attempts at writing about the self; fictionalized or otherwise.  It is the modern day way of gaining recognition, which most of us crave. We want to be known for our achievements and accomplishments and our mental productions, and many for their physical attributes. Abe Maslow, that loveable psychologist who seriously sought a way of “defining a ‘realized’ human being.” In his “hierarchy of needs,” he calls it the need for social and personal acceptance by the largest number of our society. This need, for some with warped minds, tries to fulfill this need by extreme means, such as taking a gun and engaging in mass slaughter of our fellow beings, when the person feels bereft of not having been given this socially created need of recognition; positive recognition is desired, but negative recognition is better than no recognition at all.

Perhaps even more destructive in the long run are many misguided scientists who for want of fame or simply a lack of more wisdom attempt to modify the physical human entity via gene interference, neuroscience experiments on brain chemistry, and other acts of evolutionary ignorance in an attempt to improve what the solar Logos, our God and creator, has rendered in his own image. Based on materialistic POV and paradigm, many scientists assume the human entity has reached its maximum evolutionary development so needs to be humanly made more physically perfected. In doing so, they are interfering with the evolutionary process, which will in time modify naturally and in accordance with nature’s Laws the further development of the human entity. Their ignorance of long term human history, and their lack of knowledge of the various Root races humanity has undergone through billions of years of continuous evolutionary changes and development, which is still ongoing according to Cosmic Plan, motivate their efforts.

Beginning with the first Root race and through the current Aryan Root race the human entity has developed in each Root race one of their senses.

1) Adamic ---- Hearing

2) Post-Adamic- Touch

3) Lemurian ----Sight

4) Atlantian ---Taste (extension of touch)

5) Aryan(Now)---Smell.(Least developed of the senses so far.

With two more Root races to come in the future of human evolution, the sixth and seventh Root races will come two more human senses.

I’ve been told the next Root race,the sixth, will bring the sense of “Permeability.” That is, the human will be able to See the Astral plane of our solar system just as this lowest materialistic plane is now visible to us. The seventh is not capable of human comprehension at this time. The Esoteric Science also holds that the mind is a type of sixth sense, that is, one of perception. Do scientists really believe they can change the human entity better than nature’s Laws? What arrogance!

This increased gaining of self-awareness is a necessary step in our human evolution. Unfortunately, it also results in a “Mass Psychology;” a leveling of the field of human inquiry. Today’s thinkers in the main are limited by a materialistic world view and an empirical paradigm, minus any recognition of a non-materialistic, spiritual paradigm.

Humanity has reached a point in this Aryan Root race, where its intellectual achievements have amassed a plethora of questionable information; mostly advanced via scientific investigation by applying Bacon’s Scientific Method of research. That is, research of the Materialistic, technologically achieving, empirical world of sensory perception. Much worse, it has also assumed that this worldly view is an end in itself. That is, anything of real scientific interest needs to be tangible; if intangible it is of no interest. Its limitation is bounded by a world of Forms; manifested Forms. Plato used the word Forms to describe Cosmic Ideas, which come down to humanity from our cosmic “guardians.” Such ideas today must be realized by going beyond Forms and the objective world, seeking within the real Self and examining the subjective ideas which elude modern day science interest.

The Esoteric Sciences originating in the East have long held that the “Constitution of Man,” consists of seven levels or planes of conscious energy which are to transcended gradually by personal consistent effort and dedicated to a genuine “search for Truth.” Each plane raises our consciousnesses more and more into the Macrocosmic, or spiritual planes of our solar system.

Even modern science agrees with the statement that “The Microcosmic recapitulates the Macrocosmic.” But, do they fully comprehend what this implies; doubtful? In essence this idea reveals our solar system consists of a duality: a lower, materialistic plane and a higher spiritual plane. In other words, a plane of Forms and a plane of cosmic Ideas. And, even though the lower is merely a reflection of the higher humanity long ago chose the Form side of Life to the almost exclusion of the Cosmic Ideas of Plato, the Buddha, and our Biblical Christ.

This locked in,limited, world POV of manifested Forms dominates the majority of today’s thinking public. Worse, it is supposed by the majority to be “all there is.” Concern for the Macrocosmic planes of our solar system are ignored by the majority of society’s leading “thinkers,” who without realizing it, are completely mentally conditioned by centuries of assumed facts of nature and existence which are passed on from generation to generation.


There is only ONE CONSCIOUSNESS,that of the solar Logos, whose body of manifestation is our solar system. It diversifies into seven planes of conscious energies, each having its own rate of vibration, in manifestation.

One of the sustaining concepts of this ancient wisdom states: “As a man thinketh, so he is.” A companion concept is “Energy follows thought.” The dire need today is the growing use and control of the mind; a non-Form energy. It is imperative that we forego our deep concern with the manifested Forms of Life and concentrate on our Spiritual Perfection; the true purpose of human existence. The continued application of historically directed thought fails to meet the problems of humanity which are self-imposed and perpetuated by our conditioned thought processes. What is truly needed is a complete shift in our limited mechanistic paradigm of what constitutes Life and Reality. We are wrongly directed and misguided in our leading assumptions.

Like the solar system, the human entity is composed of a Microcosmic aspect and a higher Macrocosmic aspect. The Esoteric Science holds that the human entity is a composite of various energies. It is in essence Divine, the “God Within,” or a spark of the One Flame of Life and Cosmic Thought. This is referred to loosely as the Soul, and it is this Soul that uses the physical animalistic “vehicle” for proper functioning on this materialistic plane of existence. An analogy is that the physical body is like a changing wardrobe: the physical, the emotional and he concrete mental, which we referred to as the Personality, which we utilize for social intercourse.  But, it is the Soul, our Macrocosmic aspect, which is the True thinker, Observer and Director of Life and Purpose; or at least should be.  It is our individual responsibility to subsume this Personality into the higher Soul, which then becomes the guide and director of our lifestyles.  By way of human evolution, this is how we have subsumed our original Instinct into current Intelligence. Now, it is time we subsumed our Intellect into Intuition. Intellect is limited to conscious conditioned thinking processes; intellectual creativity, using words and historical concepts and the manipulation of symbols to convey assumed facts as Truth. Intuition is Direct Knowledge, straight and direct and without the need for words, or manipulated symbols. It conveys trusted Truths and is the future of humanity’s mental outputs. In fact, Intuition eliminates the need for thought all together. It transcends thinking and the control of the mind. Intuition comes via consistent and serious Meditation when the Intellect is no longer depended upon for our Spiritual advancement; the true purpose of human existence. Meditation consists of Self-discovery and continual observing of just how our minds function. It is the means of achieving “Know Thyself,” the first step to gaining true Wisdom; wisdom is Direct Knowledge gained from access to that “Rainbow of Knowable Things,” contained in the Universal Mind; the Cosmic Ideas of Plato; available to humanity since its very inception on this planet.

The Esoteric Science asks, “How can a person find the Soul within the Self? How can one adjust to the conditions of Soul life and begin to function as consciously and simultaneously as a Soul and as a Human Being?” The answer,“Meditation.”  And when the question arises, “Is that all?” the answer is “Yes.” (See, Alice A. Bailey, From Intellect to Intuition, Lucis Press, worldgoodwill.org Publishing House, New York, London, etc. 1933, page 61.) On page 96 is this: “All forms are only symbols of an inner spiritual reality,” and further on this page: “All forms veil a Divine Thought, Idea or a Truth.” 

Why? Because genuine Truth comes only from within the Self, and can only be gained by Self-Discovery. What comes from outside is only conditioned intelligence; never wisdom. If we truly want correct answers to questions like, “Who and What are Human Beings? Why are we on this planet? What is Life and the Purpose of Life? What is the cause of human Evolution?  Is there really Life after Death? Is there a World Plan in operation? Such answers are to found in a study of the Ancient Wisdom, with “fiery aspiration,”  or the Esoteric Sciences as we deliberate and concentrate and meditate on the comprehended concepts as they have meaning to each of us individually, which eventually brings Inspiration.” Nothing comes from nothing, and it is only when we heed the concepts of the Christ and others who modeled for us the way to Righteous Living on Earth, Right Human Relationships, and “living in Spiritual Being,” that brings true enlightenment and understanding.

In the above cited book, on page 99, is given the various stages that come from consistent and serious meditation. These are:

1)Concentration –focusing the mind on a single idea.

2) Meditation – prolonged focusing.

3) Contemplation – an activity of the Soul, detached from the mind, which is held in a state of quiescence.

4) Illumination – a result of the three preceding processes.

5) Inspiration – a result of Illumination as it is demonstrated in a “life of service” to humanity.  


There is a quote in A Study In Consciousness by Annie Besant (TS literature, Ibid,) “There is no Life without Consciousness, and no Consciousness without Life.” They are the same. “When Consciousness is turned inward, it is called Life, and Life when turned outward is called Consciousness.” “When speaking of Unity, we are talking Life. When discussing multiplicity, we are talking consciousness.” “Consciousness and Matter affect each other because they are the constituents of the ONE Whole.” Consciousness turned inward is the practice of Meditation and other higher states of Illumination, as stated above.


Thus, it is Life in our solar system that humanity must come to comprehend, which is the Life of the solar Logos, being manifested in the developed human form, via evolution or serious study of the Self via meditation.  Meditation can result in our realizing the ageless Theosophical Society verse: “Lead me from the Unreal to the Real. From Darkness to Light and from Death to Immortality.” End

Mustafa Karnas

i was born with mind of IONS way

? am  reseacher and writer in Turkey and wrote more tah 40 several books all concerned with soul, mind, secret of brain and Noetic science.

My 2 books named  Noetic M?nd and Cortex will. ? have life  and living way spiritual. ? believe strongly  power of mind..

My only problem is my books are not written or translated in english. And my books are very sophisticated to understand by ordinary people. If ? find a way to let my books to translate in english, you will see that somewhere in the corner of the worl, there is soulfriend of you.. iI am also a lifecoach..


Grizzly Bill Baum

A Grizzly Bears Plea for Life


A Grizzly Bear’s Plea for Life

Bill Baum

18 March 2010

9 March 2013

Hello.  I am a Grizzly Bear.  I make my home in the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem (NCDE) within the boundaries of the state of Montana, which contains Glacier National Park, Flathead National Forest, Great Bear Wilderness Area, Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, and Scapegoat Wilderness Area.  This is the time of year I emerge from my winter hibernation seeking food.

Sometimes, not being able to read maps very well, and not understanding you humans’ notion of boundaries, I roam just outside of these places in search of food.  It would be nice if these extended boundary areas could be considered a buffer area, where I could be allowed to eat the bear foods that naturally grow there, but some of you humans vigorously prevent me from doing so.  Therein lays my problem.  As you humans continually encroach into my homeland, I am running out of space and food.  I have been reduced to a mere 2 percent of my former range.

There is an insidious human plan underfoot to build roads into my homeland where none have existed before.  Although I am not a political animal, it is difficult to not notice that the people wanting to take my lands away by building roads so they can snowmobile in the winter and go logging for timber during the summer, seem to always vote for the Republican Party.  They are a very aggressive, capitalistic people and often overpower the local weaker Montana Democratic Party and independents that would like to see me survive and prosper.

I have tried to understand you humans, and figure out why there is a division of your kind forever taking my lands away from me.  As near as I can guess, there are two different core belief systems among you humans:

Those that have some biblical sense that people are superior to the other animals, have dominion over them, and are allowed by their creator to do as they wish with the other animals. I don’t like those humans.

Those that believe that the creator treats all animals and humans equally as its children, and chose to save the animals, two by two, by having Noah build a massive Ark to house them, while killing any evil people in a massive flood.  I like those humans.

When the national Democratic Party has been in power, they attempted to reserve land for my survival.  There were times when they succeeded.  But, alas, when the national Republican Party was in power they attempted to repeal those Democratic successes and plow through my roadless land building new roads. Both local Montana parties fervently favor roads for logging and snowmobile use on my roadless land.  Why do such a thing?

Now I understand that you Republicans are a politically clever lot.  Anticipating that I might protest your intrusion into my lands, you have gathered up many flawed and politically funded research papers justifying your actions against me and my land.  You have bullied government organizations who are supposed to protect me from harm, but who now instead side with humans against me when we have close encounters on lands that used to be mine.

The lumber industry is notorious for granting monies to researchers that will be beholding to them and publish pseudo-scientific papers that justify their cause to remove me from the Endangered Species List and then have access to log the woods.  The timber industry sees tree forests not as homes for animals but as board feet of lumber to be sold for profit. 

They are especially well known for using scare tactics that logging trees will somehow, miraculously, mitigate forest fires during current global climate change periods of extreme drought. 

My kind has lived in the woods all of our lives and we are very aware that lightning strikes are mathematically random, and will still routinely strike where the trees have been cut down.  In fact, when loggers cut down trees, they leave behind the branches and tree tops on the ground (slash), which is a far worse fire fuel hazard condition than where the standing trees originally were.  These Republicans are tricky people.  At the same time, they refuse to acknowledge that global warming exists.  Quite a contradiction!  They believe you can fool all of the people all of the time.  But, you can’t fool a Grizzly Bear!

Other intrusions into my world are motorized recreational vehicles that scare my forest friends and me.  We bears can hear 6 times more acutely than you humans and the noise is deafening to us.  Our females cannot lactate for their cubs due to the noise, even though they may be buried 6 feet deep under the snow for the winter hibernation. 

With such vehicles people can readily utilize roads to achieve ingress into my domain and shoot my kind to death.  Most dead Grizzly Bears are found near roads in the forest.   My writing this story is an attempt to counteract those mortalities.  I dearly wish to live.

Publishing my plea in the newspaper may not prove to be a solution to save my friends and me.  Hunters and trappers and snowmobilers and loggers are humans who are allowed to cast votes and so find greater support among all politicians who need those votes to get elected and live an opulent life of luxury and popularity.

My only chance is for all “outsider” Americans to come to my rescue here in Montana.  The NCDE and its components should not be left to local politicians, with their political/financial influence over Fish & Wildlife organizations, national forest organizations, et al, as stewards and caretakers of this land.  They want this land for their constituents’ private playgrounds, and for personal profit.  But these lands are a public, national treasure to be non-invasively enjoyed by all Americans on foot and horseback, while still being preserved as wild animal sanctuaries.  Please save us!!!

Grizzly Bill, Chocolate brown, 500 lbs., BearKat Ranch, Badrock Canyon, Flathead National Forest, Montana, USA

Rev. Zen Benefiel



As a young boy I, just after learning I was adopted, I began my quest for identity. Even at that age I had deep questions and began a life-long relationship with an inner voice that sounded like a loving and wise father. It was always there when I was quiet and had sincere questions. It's still there today.

I also had trips to an orange cigar-shaped cloud at least once a month that I was able to witness as an observer of my physical body. I'd merge just before going into the cloud and wake up in bed the next morning feeling like I couldn't wait to go back. I had no idea what it was until many yeas later.

After high school I was in the Pre-Med program at Ball State University, a 6th quarter freshman after the CLEP tests got me out of a ton of general studies. I lived in Swinford Hall, the honors dorm, on the top floor of the four-story semi-co-ed housing. We had a common lounge area that connect a men's and women's dorm. That was very progressive for the time.

I had an experience that caused me to change my major for the second year, to Psychology with a Religion minor. The 'experience' was close to what many call a near-death experience, but it was much different. There was no physical trauma involved, not drug overdose or anything even close to having an exterior 'cause' if you will. Simply, I'd prayed to know what truth was and I was willing to die for it if necessary.

A week after I prayed, it happened. A voice I'd been familiar with since childhood asked me if I was willing to die for what I believe in. I was in meditation after class, the obligatory bong hit and album-side kind that many enjoyed during those days. It certainly shouldn't have caused the kind of experience I was about to have, that's for sure. After I got over the initial shock of hearing the question, "Bruce, are you willing to die for what you believe in?" I thought deeply for a moment. What am I willing to die for?

Christ Consciousness was my first thought. It still seemed incomplete, though. My next thought was Cosmic Consciousness and with that I said, "Yes." I felt a slight tug on my solar plexus and let go, finding myself looking at my body laying across my dorm room bed, then as I turned to look where I was going I was immediately engulfed by white light. I could think, so I knew I wasn't dead, but there I was in nothingness... just white light. I can't begin to describe the feeling. After a few moments I asked, "Is there more?"

I won't go into the next part, just suffice it to say it was life changing. I came back with a rush of energy and a deep breath as I returned.  According to the length of the song, I figured I was 'gone' for only a few minutes. Still, I came back with direction and purpose for my life. It was overwhelming to say the least.

So my personal and professional lives have been very complex as I've meandered from here to there on the quest of learning how to integrate the awareness I garnered into a working scenario that makes sense and generates an income that supports everything. So far it's been a challenge.

I dropped out of school the next year, spent some time in the hospital mental ward and eventually returned to 'sanity,' with a job at a supermarket and shortly later a wife and budding family. We moved to Phoenix in the spring of 1981 after the auto industry crash trickled down to our local economy and jobs became scarce.  It was a great move and, in support of the legend, I became a Phoenix in oh, so many ways.

While working as a production control coordinator for an aerospace manufacturer, I started Be The Dream as a company in January of 1988, intending to bridge personal growth and business best practices somehow. I didn't do much with it for some time, though. I had big dreams, too.

At the same time, almost like clockwork, my efforts at work to promote interpersonal skills classes backfired and I was demoted, even though my stats were the highest in the department. My divorce was 'final' that same week. I was numb, complacent and felt betrayed in all kinds of ways.

Not too long after that, the ex-wife decided she was going to move back to Indiana and take our children with her. I was fine with her decision because I knew they would be looked after well. I couldn't be sure of that if she had stayed in Arizona.  I made some inappropriate choices, or so I thought, and found myself without a job, too.

So as life would have it, I was thrust into a new world bereft of support for a time. Now you might think I was a victim. I went there for a while, too. It was simply a set of circumstances that I had to negotiate and grow to a new living awareness as a result... or not.

As much as I wanted to blame folks, I knew it was part of my process and the 'trials and tribulations' I'd been told about on the other side of the light as a teenager. Had it been different and I hadn't been 'prepared' for such things I'd probably be a statistic instead of writing to you now. I had more to do yet and I knew it. The next year was one of the best years of my life.

Over the years as I regained my life and living I had many opportunities to produce over a variety of industries and within many companies and organizations. It's lead to a wonderful understanding of how to align people, places and things together to do really cool stuff, sometimes even mundane stuff. I've had more opportunities in one lifetime than many in several. The result is still leading me toward understanding how to create harmony among people and planet. I'm able to do it one client or session at a time and sometimes with groups.

In many ways now I still feel like I'm just a kid, only I've got the wisdom to help others get beyond their constraints and leap into life with vigor and vitality unaffected by fears of failure or rejection. In some ways I was forced out of my comfort zone in order to change. If I take full responsibility, then I must accept that I created the very circumstances for that change and I (consciously or unconsciously) chose to burst out. I learned how to manage change and burst out of disturbing situations with relative ease over the years. It's a most rewarding place to BE, then do and have.

One thing that helped that process was meeting Dr. Mitchell while running an event called The Prophets Conference in 1997. Our 'green room' conversations over the weekend corroborated many of my insights and gave me courage to continue with my goals.... and for a short time years later I was coordinator for the local IONS community. It's one small step among the thousands.

I can only encourage others to step up and stand out if you are so inclined. You will absolutely be amazed at the results. Your joy factor in life will exponentiate, too.



Mysterious images of light appear in my living room 

These Mysterious images of light appear in my living room on a regular basis, it started the first Saturday in May, 2015.   The first appearance left me in shock.   These pictures taken on Tuesday June 23 around 8:30am, it changes the images slowly it takes approximately 45 minutes sometime shorter.   IT appears regularly, pictures taken with my Blackberry Cell Phone.  

Rob Wing

Run a the Mill

Clairvoyant the good kind i know the rules. Self taught Rosicrucian. PreCognition has been better but we all have slumps. Can interact with emf and cause meta entanglement..remote viewing because I why not? Really enjoy the subject of Quantum Computers and quantum entanglement...quantum decay.  Would love to remote view sometime so hmu on the QC via mental message. Just make sure no ones listening. .. qubit joke..I fix phones...

Tom Kitt

The Emergent Principle

 I believe that IONs is a Pied Piper. There is no ultimate truth to be found on a linear path. It's a circular paradigm we must aspire to.  Go to www.onepositive.com The Emergent Principle awaits. There is more to thinking than we know. 

Eric L Lundaard

Growing to Understand Consciousness

I describe a distinctly unique understanding of Consciousness with the title of Aquarian Theosophy. While drawing on the description of Theosophy developed earlier by other explorers of Consciousness, I bring a new understanding of Consciousness to mankind. I have defined the nature of our personae (personalities as influenced by Consciousness) and the impetus for our interactions with each other and our understandings. The observer expression is paramount to the scientific understanding of Consciousness. I am second ray Consciousness.

Consciousness or “Divinity” is everything since Consciousness is the basis from which all things flow. Consciousness here connotes intelligence, information or impulse flowing from divinity.

I am a social scientist by training. Science requires observation and an understanding that can be repeated and measurable. Physics is talking about things that Science has admitted violate the scientific method in creating a logical, repeatable understanding. Discovery must therefore be open to other understandings to advance beyond the realm of Science. Since Science is mankind’s evaluative paradigm, I use it to refine my exploration of Consciousness.

Following a kundalini experience in 2008, the intuitive identification of the various rays of Consciousness began. I started my research starting with the soul ray of Consciousness in the observed individual and, as needed, I received other personality and (or) mind ray or soul age information to assist in explaining behavior and the personae. The soul, personality and mind rays are primary influences of personae in diminishing influence. The age of souls also has an influence on personae.

That is my discoverable “scientific method” and a possible way to connect science and spirituality. Knowing what I did from my intuition, I posited a hypothesis or theory. I observed and corrected my understanding citing examples from my daily observations and contacts with people. This method can be repeated by others who are like me, developing new understandings for humanity, blending the scientific method with our spiritual understandings of reality. When both understandings of Consciousness and Science are blended, we are likely to receive a better more universal understanding. It is therefore time for the discipline of Aquarian Theosophy.

We are Consciousness and death proves it daily since the human body is no longer animated when our primary essence of Consciousness (soul) leaves our body. Consciousness so influences our personae that we find it difficult to discern our behavior as an aspect of Consciousness. It is so much a part of us that we don’t question this information as it shows up in our lives. We generally think, it is just who I am, or alternatively, that’s my personality. However, it is distinctly different for all five rays of Consciousness. My work has been to initially identify the essence of the rays and draw conclusions concerning personae. Perhaps the information could then be used to support some fields of human endeavor. The rays’ influences are used to name them: resistance, focus, acceptance, interaction, and creation. These are in Theosophical terms the second, third, fourth, sixth and seventh rays of Consciousness.

The ray of resistance is the most important since it is the predominant ray of Consciousness on Earth. There are no first or fifth ray souls. Most of the USA and the world is second ray Consciousness. The other soul rays fall in descending order of prominence from the second to the seventh rays.

Furthermore, Unitary Consciousness does not exist in humanity with human bodies since our souls are individual rays of Consciousness with unique qualities. Similar understandings have mostly originated in India without regard to the source. The Buddha was a fourth ray scholar who had within him from birth, a more Unitarian understanding of reality from the fourth ray, the ray of acceptance. That is a part of the fourth ray of Consciousness. On the other end of a scale of acceptance is second ray Consciousness with a more involved and complex understanding. From my perspective as a second ray soul who has learned to ignore much of this “mind” chatter, our perception of reality does not result in the same understanding as the fourth ray of Consciousness. I’ve also observed many fourth ray souls to conceive the understanding that I have concerning the scale of acceptance for humanity. The other rays of Consciousness are somewhere in between the second and fourth rays when it comes to this aspect of acceptance in humanity. Similarly, the seventh ray is often so sure of itself that it is often left behind when new understandings arrive in human Consciousness.

In order for things to be fully divine, with Unity Consciousness, they must have all seven rays of Consciousness. The body, mind, spirit complex of humanity only contains four placements of Consciousness in the body/mind/ spirit complex. When a soul arrives on Earth it is placed in gestation by Consciousness. Three rays of Consciousness are added to the “soul” which is the essence of individuated Consciousness. Certain “soul” characteristics show up in each lifetime since they define the essence of that soul type. An individual does not have all seven rays of Consciousness in their expression since there are only four locations for Consciousness in each human being.

As a soul becomes cured from Karma with incarnations and relationships, it moves toward the fourth ray characteristics of Consciousness. This is especially true of second ray souls. As earlier stated, the other soul rays range between the second and fourth rays of Consciousness in resistance to new understandings. Each person has separate and distinct rays of Consciousness within their expression. When a human being no longer needs physicality, he becomes part of Universal Consciousness with an eternal life at the end of his last life.

Humanity has distinct characteristics that appear in each lifetime due to the soul ray of Consciousness. They have been elucidated in this paper. These characteristics change over lifetimes and incarnations due to the aging of the soul by moving toward mature fourth ray soul characteristics as souls’ age.

In human history there have been many discoveries by mankind where the ray of creation, the seventh ray of Consciousness, provides a new understanding with acceptance occurring first by fourth ray souls with the ray of acceptance. Due to this phenomenon, I selected two fourth ray souls for my board of directors for the Aquarian Theosophy Foundation. When present as the personality or mind ray of Consciousness, the fourth ray of Consciousness often softens any of the other four soul rays of Consciousness in their expression.

This understanding can allow humanity to accept and enjoy itself more fully. There is nothing to do here on Earth but be ourselves and Love (Prema). Prema is the Indian word for love. Follow your hearts to your fullest understanding of love.

Stanley Carnarius

My process

I had the good fortune when I came back from WWII to run into the Sabian Assembly with lesson materials that have just gone on being strongly relevant.  The Founder, Marc Edmund Jones  did major work to upgrade the practice of astrology. I just found an unpublished article from him on the nature of reality that could also be of interest to you.  I published his book titled Patterns of Consciousness (posthumously) and could share them both with you.  I have always felt we are working in the same vineyard

Stan C.

Eric L Lundaard

Soul Communication of Personalities

Eric works with what Theosophy has termed the rays of Consciousness. Being the first to describe the underlying personae created by the six rays, he created the Aquarian Theosophy Foundation. His understanding is the fundamental nature of humanity from which all personalities (personae) are generated.

Following his kundalini experience in 2008, Eric is able to identify the rays of Consciousness in a human context. From this information he has ascertained the essence of humanity and human beings. The soul, personality and mind rays of Consciousness create the essence of personae.

Eric retired from the US Government in 2009 and from being a city councilman and mayor from 1985 to 1997 for Boulder City, Nevada. 

Mike Nelson Pedde

The God of Mike

Wrote this some years ago, but it sums me up in a nutshell:

When I was young, I was told about a God who lived in Heaven, a far away place that you could only get to when you died, and if you were good.  He was a God of love, or so I was told.  However, I was also told, in roundabout ways, that He was a God of contradiction.  He brought droughts and plagues to people who didn’t listen to His word, and brought wholesale slaughter at times to suit His needs.  I was told that Jesus was the Son of God, and that Mary was His mother, but She was also God’s daughter.  God had representatives on earth who were supposed to be His emissaries; what I couldn’t understand was that they were somehow closer to God than you were.  I was an inquisitive and sensitive child, but I was told in no uncertain terms that I couldn’t question the Word of God, nor the interpretations of His emissaries.  This was considered blasphemy, and was certain to send you to Hell, where bad people spent eternity.

By the time I was about twelve, I left behind these emissaries of God (and God Himself) because they didn’t have answers for my many questions and tried instead to turn me away from the path on which I had placed my feet.  Having faith only took me so far, and I couldn’t understand or believe in a loving God who would give us beauty and curiosity and dreams and then deny us the use of those gifts and abilities.  Yet, I was told repeatedly this was what I had to do, in His name.  So I gave up on that God and began to learn of a new God called Science.  Now, the God of Science wasn’t called that at all; in fact Science frowned upon any mention of God.  Within the realms of Science I felt I had found my home at last.  Here there was variety in an infinite amount and every question held an answer that led to several more questions.  I learned the terminology of Linnaeus, the theories of Darwin and Lamarck, and contrasted the complexity of science against the simplicity of my former religion.

In time I found this new God of Science had taught me much about the world in which I lived, but while I had learned about evolution and progress and struggle and life and death, I found I was wholly unprepared to live in the world we humans had created for ourselves.  In wandering the world of humans and watching how they lived their lives, I came to discover the God of Power and the associate God of Money.  I discovered these new Ways had temples called banks and investment houses, and that within these there lived a truly powerful Being.  This God of Power was fickle and the undercurrents were many, but still I found premises of evolution, the survival of the fittest and the idea of every man for himself.  Millions upon millions of people carried with them icons of this religion and showed them to others.  These people felt good about themselves if they could be worthy of exchanging their time, their bodies, their selves and their lives for these symbols of prosperity.

Still, within the tenets of these Ways I found much unhappiness.  I searched the archival banks of computers, taught myself their languages and discovered their secrets.  Deep within, far, far out I searched but no real answers could be found.  Gaining access to those sacred halls of knowledge, I associated myself with other bastions of this Way: printers and scanners, CD-ROM drives and input/ output devices.  I followed along with others in the pursuit of pure logic, but no wholeness could be measured there.

Eventually  I left, wandered east and discovered the Ways of wu chi and the Tao, the consciousness of Buddhism and the synthesis of Nirvana.  I looked into the past, long gone, and spoke with Mohammed and Jehovah.  Quetzlcoatl and Itzamna came to call, and I learned their ways also.

While all of these Ways have merit, I found that none of them suited me.  I was told by some that religion wasn’t a buffet from which I could pick and choose.  I couldn’t just fill a shopping cart with Allah and binomial nomenclature, Judas and financial ledgers; I had to pick one Way and follow it only.  Still, I countered that in all I have found there is only one real song and everyone is singing it in their own voice.  There are many, many verses, but the Ways of the Earth Mother, the Spirit That Lives in All Things  and the Goddesses of ancient Greece have a place beside the priests of my youth.  I found that while each person or oak or ant, each leaf and pebble is different, unique and special in their own way, we are all composed of the same measures of existence.  I learned also that hierarchy and harmony are the same thing in different guises and that within each of us there is a spark of pure creativity.  I learned that the only negativity we have in our lives is what we create for ourselves.  Finally, I found we are all intimately tied to each other.  Our concept of individuality is a thin veneer overlaying a universal spirit.  Each of us is a strand of that light; we all carry a ‘piece’ of God within us.  Our spirit expresses itself through us when we allow it, in Love, in kindness, in art, in music, in all the myriad ways we become who we Are.  The whole IS greater than the sum of the parts.  Nevertheless, it is the uniqueness of the parts, individually and in all the ways we intersect with and complement each other, that make the whole what it is.

And I called it the God of Mike.


Mike Pedde 26/04/2002

Emma Mary Gathergood


spiritual history.

I was born into a very religious family. Had they not been religious I would not have been born! The reason for this was that my mother was told after her second Caesarean Section back in the 40s that if she got pregnant again it would kill her. Hence her pregnancy with me was fraught with the terror of possible immanent death, versus the unforgivable sin of taking a life and having a termination. The scars of her dilemma are planted in every cell of my body to this day. I am certain my inherently fearful nature and my overstretched nervous system are testament to the influence of a mother’s emotional experiences during pregnancy on her unborn child.

My childhood too was dominated with religious dogma but this was eased by my natural interest in all things religious. Or as I now understand it to be my inherent and authentic spirituality. Being a naturally studious child I relished all the Bible stories, and wonderful tales of bravery, love, caring and compassion, especially those in the New Testament. However, as I reached puberty and beyond I began to seriously question much of what I saw and heard. My father was a kind and gentle man, and we shared many happy hours of peace and quiet reverie in his beloved vegetable garden. Again I realise retrospectively that we shared a deep but unspoken natural love for nature, wildlife, beauty, peace and quiet, indeed we shared a reverence and spiritual connection which was the beginnings of my spiritual history.

However my mother’s jealousy of our deep connection lead to him withdrawing from me, and eventually to agreeing with my mother that I was bad news, and to blame for all the bad feeling that happened within the family. Having low self-esteem to start with, I totally bought into my blame until at aged 15, I met my mother’s younger sister who assured me my mother was such a difficult person she had made their childhood home unbearable for her and her other sisters. This was good to hear, but the damage was done as I had already unconsciously bought in to my deep sense of shame and guilt, no doubt fuelled by all the religious dogma I had grown up with.

Before long I had left home, and although initially I continued to visit a chapel, fuelled by long letters to my brother who was questioning everything we had been brought up to believe as gospel at the same time as me, we both pulled away from our faith. He remained totally atheistic for the rest of his life, despite becoming an intensely successful activist who was the overriding force behind the Peace Squadron that helped to make New Zealand a nuclear free zone, which it remains to this day. But for me my innate spirituality drew mw to learning to meditate aged 20.

Prior to this at aged 18 there was one time when I had five different books out of the library on five different world religions and trying to read them all at the same time I came to an astounding conclusion. As they all insisted that they were the only true religion I realised they all had one thing in common. Logic dictated that they couldn’t all be right, so I realised they must all be wrong! To me anything that was actually truthful must of necessity admit there were many roads to the truth, and theirs was only one such route. But as nothing stating this was available to me I began to go into existential despair, not knowing how to find truth.

At that moment a most remarkable thing happened to me. I heard a still small voice in my head telling me to wait until I was 30 years old, and then I would know the truth. I have only heard this voice about half a dozen times in my entire life, but when it speaks it is always the truth. The next few years left little time for such philosophical musings, what with my studies and then my work, plus meeting and marrying my husband. As he was an atheist and I didn’t know what I believed we had a civil ceremony only and had our wedding photos taken under the arch at Paddington Station as he was both a student of gothic architecture and a railway enthusiast!

My knowledge of meditation came in very useful in helping me cope with my two small sons, despite my husband disapproving of such strange practices! I was not a natural mother, and longed to return to the sanity of my working environment (albeit in a psychiatric clinic!) but my husband insisted I remain a stop-at-home-mother, and due to my continued low self-esteem I allowed myself to be bullied into a life I was definitely not suited to.

However at aged 30 I found myself in hospital seriously ill and suffering from a drug induced psychosis prior to giving birth to my daughter. During this bizarre episode the still small voice returned telling me something of such import it changed my life. Soon after that we moved up to the Malvern Hills, in fact quite close to where I now live. As my husband continued to work in London, I had the whole week in peace, quiet, harmony and solitude. The boys were in school and my daughter easy to manage. We had a large garden and big old house where I meditated, redecorated, gardened and finally became a happy housewife, with a daily deepening spiritual awareness, greatly influenced by the natural beauty around me.

After a few years my marriage came to a natural end and I moved with the children into a community. During that period I travelled to Greece, India and New Zealand. Whilst living on a beach on the island of Crete, I read Steiner’s “Knowledge of Higher Worlds” and discovered an abiding truth that has stayed with me ever since. Steiner said that for every step you take in developing your gifts such as clairvoyance, or clairsentience, you must take an equally large step in the direction of developing integrity and awareness in all your day to day dealings with others. This was a crucially important piece of spiritual information for me to learn at that time.

Eventually I moved to Glastonbury in the 1980s. Whilst there I studied and then practised as a Past Live Regression Therapist, giving me a wonderful new insight into spirituality. It was also there that I met and became friends with many amazing spiritual people (including William Bloom) and learnt many incredible things all deepening my spiritual awareness and connection. One of the most influential people I met was Sir George Trevelyan, founder of the Wrekin Trust, the spiritual education charity, with which I am now closely involved, being responsible for their HR and also running courses for and on behalf of the Trust. I was sitting in the front row listening to Sir George in the Abbey grounds when he suddenly pointed straight at me, penetrating me with the words “YOU! You sitting there….and you and you and you,” (wildly gesticulating round the seated audience, then returning to point straight at my heart chakra) “You! You are the second coming!”

I was spell bound. The term “second coming” had been an important part of my religious upbringing and I had often wondered what it really meant. Finally I understood it was up to us all to become what William Bloom calls “the collective messiah”. From that moment on I had a mission, a purpose to fulfil. I and all my friends in Glastonbury, Malvern and many other places where I had lived and worked who were all part of this modern concept of spirituality and wholeness were here on a pre-ordained mission to help restore love peace and harmony to the earth. As Ghandi said “Be the Change” and that is what I have continued to work towards for the last 30 years or more!

Later my life took me back to my career in mental health but this time with a difference. I was now able to speak of my “holistic” leanings and many of my colleagues were interested to find out more. It seemed that my long term spiritual connection had so changed me I now gave out an aura of peace, calm, empathy and gentleness which both management, colleagues and clients were all drawn to. Consequently my expertise was frequently asked for, and my success with my clients and patients became a source of wonder and intrigue. I always expressed, even to the psychiatrists with whom I worked that my success lay primarily in my holistic approach to my work. So when I wrote my book “Holistic Therapy: Overcoming Depression and Anxiety Naturally” just prior to retiring the head psychiatrist wrote a few words for the launch of the book.

I mention this simply to accentuate just how my spiritual history had totally changed my life. It had taken me from an insecure, nervous, easily frightened person with low self-esteem, easily dominated and diminished to someone who had a quiet self-confidence, a peaceful demeanour and an obvious strong and profound inner core and belief system. It was now obvious I was someone who knew the best way of working with people with mental health problems, so I like to think I am someone who gives modern spirituality a good name! My new book "BECOMING WHOLE" has just been published, and it is thanks to IONS and all other such organisations that I have come home to the Truth of WHO I REALLY AM!

James Davis

Mystic with Scientific Spirit

I have a scientifically oriented mind and, from my teenage years, always had a keen interest in parapsychology, my life being frequently punctuated by mystical and paranormal experiences.  The “intuitive mind” or “inner knowing" often referenced in IONS literature is central to my personal experience and world view.

Now at age 70, and being able to choose how I use my time, I do a lot of writing, and employ myself in creation of educational videos with spiritual themes. 

One of my recent videos, a compilation, incorporates short extracts from both Dean Radin and Edgar Mitchell, which video I've uploaded below.  More of my videos creations are here:   https://www.youtube.com/user/mystic7muse/videos

Click the image below to play the video.

Martin Browne

Going as fast as the speed of light

It is common to see on a grave “Gone to sleep” or a reference is made to death as “The Big Sleep”.  Death is not like sleep. When you go to sleep, try as you might, you can’t stay aware of the process. One minute you’re awake, the next thing you know, it is hours later. But in death, you are awake. I would suggest that even if it was instantaneous such as from being shot in the head, there is a fraction of a moment where you experience conscious timelessness as the body shuts down. Time only exists on our plain. Indeed, I once had an experience myself where my car spun out of control on a car-filled three-lane highway and I should have been completely mangled along with several other vehicles as I desperately tried to keep control of the vehicle in those seconds. Mentally mortified at the realisation of the danger I knew I was to everyone and myself, I feverishly worked to protect everyone, when the car raced to the central reservation barrier and I instantly confronted myself with my death. I could see the obstacle coming towards me but it was so slow I was completely becalmed, thoughts about my life, my wife and children pervaded me and serenity appeared as I removed my hands from the wheel and surrendered fearlessly to the outcome. 

The wheel hit the bottom lip of the wall which flung the car into the center of the road. Instantly, I became conscious again and fully expected the carnage, as logic dictated there would have to be, to descend on me and I threw my hands over my head in anticipation. But nothing happened. I sat there for moments in silence wondering was I dead! Now, sideways on the highway, slowly, I looked to one side and saw the tail-ends of the bank of cars that had been in front of me moving away together about half a mile in the distance. I then looked to my right to see all the traffic had come to a standstill; petrified drivers staring at me. Absolutely no damage to anyone! Engine still throbbing, I found I could steer it and simply drove off with everyone and everything intact. 

I learned from that experience that the experience of death was as others have said other-wordly conscious experience. It prepared me for the biggest fear of my life, the day my mother would die.

We had always been very close, not doting, but as friends. She was strong, independent and fearless and I loved her for that. When her last day came, she was lying in her bed drifting in and out of consciousness. Cancer had taken hold and she was in fact drowning as her lungs were filling with fluid. She was heavily set and although a great athlete in her youth was now an over-weight 70 years old woman lying on her back unable to move in the bed, the feet of which were facing the door.

Fearing I would never be able to let her go I had told my wife to get me to release her when the time finally came. I climbed the stairs to check on her and saw through the open bedroom door, her rise from the bed into an upright sitting position, eyes wide open, her hands outstretched and in shock I stupidly called out to my wife, she was better, to come quick, but in fact as I reached her I heard her call my previously deceased fathers name. As I put my arm around her I realised she was looking at someone I couldn’t see. Her breathing was shallow as I gently leaned her again onto her back; my wife said, she is struggling between places – here and wherever she’s been drawn to – let her go. I said to her: “Mom, you go ahead, we’ll follow you shortly” and with that she very quietly slipped away. After a couple of minutes the doorbell rang – it was the priest to see how she was. Too late, he offered to say some prayers for her at her side. When we went to the room, I was struck by the complete emptiness – there was no spirit left in that room. Whatever she was had now truly gone. I would remain puzzled for the rest of my life as to how it was impossible for her to sit upright unaided. I came to the conclusion and remain convinced to this there was only one explanation - someone had pulled her up.

The point of this to explain that time only exists for us in our frame of existence.  For those who have died, there is no time which means we too are already dead and with them. I believe everything has an opposite in or of itself. So, if life experience is finite – 70+ years – then there must be an INfinite us. That INfinite us is our other selves we may call whatever we like, spirit, soul, outer consciousness, aura (indeed, scientists have now discovered that thought exists outside the brain) in which the same us with all its experiences exist. When we die then, like a caterpillar, our INfinite self becomes like a butterfly and soars into the ether. Only by each one of us doing so, will we ever find out whether, like the butterfly, it lasts for a very brief time or, in being light and, despite Einstein, travelling as fast as the speed of light, time stands still and we remain in that state forever.  

Reha S. Yigit

Curve mind to true mind of equalization! 

I am a young researcher. I'm grateful for it. I'm in Turkey. There's a shortage of reference.  Mustafa Karnas is only here. He is great philosopher. Karnas a philosopher to understand the value of the next century. I expect everyone to Istanbul. You have the best IONS! contact be friends:


Suzanne  Shea


Energy Rain and Gut Knowledge 

Jan 15, 2001 to end of Dec 2012, from ages 51 to 62.. I was given the gift of  inner sight and knowledge via what I can only best describe as " Energy Rain " I got to to see and feel  and "be in" that area of space which lies between "me" and whatever worldly sight is before me . It started on Jan 15, 2001.  I had a lot going on then and needed guidance. I hit a low and asked  myself in the mirror for something  anything to get back on track.. .. and I  received what I needed. and then some!    So begin my 11 yrs of , "rain" of gut knowledge.  .   It never blocked my sight. it was something I could just see  when I simply switched  from to inner-sight.    Best way  describe it, is  like a very fast pouring rain.. or photons of light..  "rain" is the best description.    (I have since googled that and now see there are others out there saying they too have seen this too)     . For me. it was like fast fast rain  (no sound of course) just  zooming down particles of light coming from the  upper right corner down to the left corner , or at times I'd just see it as a roomful of  vision of billions of  of 'static" particles  moving in every direction   going at speeds that I don't even have a name for! Again it doesnt block" my view of anything around me. it was just 'there" if i chose to switch to see it using inner vision.  (which i like to  think of as my physical side ( neurotransmitters of the brain  using my ocular pathways combining to tap into consciousness as well )     To me that area between "me" and the world realm is "simply" a dimension or  other realm of consciousness  and for some reason I got to tap into it. It  gave, and continues to give me,   my  personal "knowledge"  , During 11 yr time,  I was soon  amazed to find when out for my walks and when  tuning into this "rain" field,  that I got answers to any question I would pose. I would walk and just  start  musing on anything and  i found if i needed an answer, I had it. Anything .from the most mundane things like "  the best to way to  repair  an earring that recently broke!"    to,  "what is the meaning  of life"!   Yikes!   Haaa I was blown away  and yet comfortable with each answer I  got. I found ways to take care of whatever I needed to figure out..  and so it was.    I  could see that "rain" all around me whether looking at vistas far off or right in front of my nose. It  comforted me and I knew I was getting to be inside something ..  and  I knew  that something was "me" my consciousness ..  and I knew everyone has this.. because we are each part of collective consciousness.      It seemed like the most normal thing in the world to see this rain .   I did  get my  eyes checked 2 times early on..  to be sure all was well there!  It was.. so I just embraced the journey. and Oh,  what  a journey it was!   and has been since…  even though the intensity of the "rain" stopped after 11 yrs (and i have a theory on that too) .  I can still "see it "ever so faintly.. its out there.  And the information I received I  put to use daily.   There is  a whole story to that day Jan 15, 2001 when it first happened,  and hopefully ill get it all down in a  book one of these days.       I know anything is possible.  I  know that I  have "gut" knowledge now,  and it  feels good. I have UNTETHERED myself , . so that I can  see and i  move forward  and it's wonderful to feel so free.   Doesn't mean life "here" won't haves its ups and downs to deal with .. but it does mean i know how to look at those things and  understand  them with a  consciousness  perspective.  The hard part is to keep one "leg" here and one 'leg" there.! But there is knowledge in balance so balance i will  , I can see the shift happening all around the world too. .. more are talking about these things ..  and it's time.  :)

karen mangini

Animals and Miracles: A Bond Worth Exploring (not edited)



I will never forget the day I was told that Mandy had cancer, I was sitting in the veterinarians waiting room thinking about Mandy’s recent second place win in the Nuts for Mutts Dance Contest. I was enjoying the mental image her of spinning around in her little pink tutu with matching baseball cap.

The doctor stormed in and started saying something about a coma and low blood levels. He went on and on about how he couldn't understand why Mandy wasn't already having seizures, “because she defiantly will”. He said.

Then he mentioned chemotherapy, and I heard nothing more. I watched his mouth move as i felt my body falling, swirling like a rag doll into a black hole with pieces of broken matter spinning all around me.

I interrupted the doctor while he was blabbing on about some pharmaceuticals that Mandy would have to take for the rest of her life. I thanked him and said I was going holistic.

He stared at me as if I we crazy. “Well, I don't know how acupuncture is going to help THIS dog!” he declared, as if acupuncture was the only thing holistic medicine has to offer!

Second opinions were in order, so on April 15, 2009, the next diagnosis was from Dr. Palmquest. One of the foremost Holistic Veterinarians in the industry and past president of AHVMA. I told him nothing about Mandys prior diagnosis. Sadly, he said the same thing. Mandy had insulinoma in her pancreas. My whole world came to a screeching halt. My poor little Mandy had cancer. Now what!

Using Imagery

From that day forward, my held an unfaltering relentless belief that Mandy was going to  heal! I held an image in my minds eye of a day in the not so distant future where the two of us were happily playing in the park as we always did.

I held this image encased in the joyful emotion of a thriving and cancer-free Mandy. I embodied that feeling and mentally projected this image into the future. I felt it, I touched it, I smelled it and just KNEW it. I then set about to accomplish just that.

Every night, in a meditative state of mind, I would hold Mandy in my arms and imagine all the cells in her pancreas regenerating and becoming their balanced and harmonious self. As I put myself in that future moment, I meant it with all of my heart and soul!I I never meant anything more.

Kindred Spirits

You see, Mandy saved my life. I rescued her in the summer of 1999 from the North Valley shelter. Her records said she was born on May 1,1996 and she was to be put down that very day. They said she was brought back 3 times for “attacking” children in the homes she was adopted out to. But when I saw this feisty little dog, I “knew” she was mine!  When I was 15 years old my parents tried to make me a ward of courts. I never really knew what love was, neither did Mandy. We were kindred spirits. This dog enormously increased my capacity for love. As I trained her to be a Therapy Dog, she showed me my way to my life's career. I now am a Canine Behaviorist.

Energy Medicine and Self-healing

The Way of the Future.

The truth is, our cells ARE always in a self correcting mode, I just helped to facilitate that in every way I possibly knew how.

I have always had a firm belief system and understanding that our bodies can heal themselves. I believe what we need for this to happen are two very important things, the right physical environment and mental/emotional attitude that will create the kind of environment in our bodies that support healing. This is easier for our animals because they are not attached to the outcome.

A cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence to our pets as it is with so many of us human animals.

Throughout my adult life, I’d been obsessed with doing extensive research on cancer and holistic cures and I often wondered why. Now I knew.

Raw Food Diet

I began my new research into what is really in our dog “food”.  I started to wonder why our pets are now being diagnosed with all the same human diseases. The fact is cancer cells proliferate in an internal bodily environment with a acidy pH balance and chronic inflammation.

I changed Mandys’ diet to a raw, organic mixture of meat and vegetables. The book by Celeste Yarnall “Paleo Dog” was not out then, I sure wish it was, it would have saved much time. I highly recommend it if you want to know the truth behind the crap we are mistakenly feeding our beloved four legged family members. We are misinformed but well meaning.

A Shift In Perspective

We have not won the “war” on cancer. Our current outdated medical model is to conquer nature. Instead, we need a paradigm shift! We need to start working WITH nature. I believe this is the only way we will truly survive as a species.

Our attitude needs to change to a thought process of regaining health instead of recovering from disease.

I believe cancer research is a big moneymaking scheme. Chemotherapy does not cure most cancers. Years later, the cancer often reappears in another part of the body. They tell us it is “in remission”, as if it is laying low getting ready to ponce at any given time.

Holistic Research Pays Off

With the guidance of DR. Palmquest, we helped Mandy raise her innate healing ability. I began to boost Mandys immune system so that she could heal herself without drugs.

We used kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine what herbs and supplements her body needed. The brand, Standard Process was used extensively. I also utilized the Ondamend, a biofeedback machine the employs electromagnetic energy to diagnose and heal. (the same kind of machine that Suzanne Somers used)

We had the help of Colette St. Clair, an amazingly on-the-mark holistically minded animal communicator that helped me to understand what Mandy was feeling. I also rescued another dog that filled our lives with more love and laughter.


Animals communicate differently than we do. They communicate in images, in pictures in their minds eye. They also communicate from their open and fully developed heart space. Aren't these just the very things that are an essential component in what we need to embody in order to survive as a species? Think about it.

There is scientific proof now that shows that heart tissue has brain cells in it. You know that gut feeling we get? Listen to it, develop it, we all have it but it has just been schooled out of us by well-meaning and misguided adults and we also fall prey to conformity and group think. We end up suppressing these abilities due to fear of ridicule by ours peers.

Taking On Our Suffering

With all of my grief came intense deep thinking, I began to recall some health problems Mandy and I seemed to share. I used to think it was a coincidence, but it soon became overwhelmingly clear to me.

After Mandy passed naturally in my arms a day after her 18th birthday, I was going over some of my old medical records and I noticed to my amazement that at the same time Mandy was having her challenges with pancreatic cancer, I had abnormalities in my blood levels in my pancreas!

More coincidences?

When I had intestinal problems, so did Mandy. When she developed a pre-cancerous nodule on the left side of her groin, they found a pre-cancerous polyp on the left side of my colon, they removed it and then Mandys went away without any doctors help. I have had intermittent pain in my left shoulder due to an old ski accident, whenever it flared up I noticed that Mandy would limp on her left front leg. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right hip, which at times would cause me to limp, and wouldn't you know it, she would start to limp on the same leg too.

A pattern was truly emerging. Mandy was taking my “stuff” to help me heal.

During those two years, well, I am NOT going to say the usual “battle” it was not a battle, I LOVED the cancer out of her. I lovingly imagined in the movie in my minds eye the tumor shrinking, dissolving and leaving her body easily and without doing her any harm.

On Our Way To Healing

On our way to healing, as her blood levels were balancing out, there were a few other things that developed along the way.

On Nov 14, 2011, I took her to Dr. Palmquest because she wasn't acting right. It turned out she was in kidney failure and wouldn't live much longer under those conditions. By now, we knew what to do.I again changed her diet, this time to a low protein.

Since our amazing bodies are fundamentally self correcting and self healing, I again imagined all of her kidney cells and her urinary system regenerating back to their balanced and harmonious self. Wouldn't you know it..I was getting a lot of bladder infections around that time.

Here’s The Kicker!!

She had a growth on her left front paw (ring finger). I noticed that it was growing larger and approaching the size of a large grape. I couldn't find a Doctor that would remove

it because Mandy was so old, no one wanted to put her under anesthesia. One doctor even wanted to amputate two of her digits.

So this time I had a heart to heart with Mandy and believe it or not, what I “heard” from her was “OK, lets get rid of it, what do you want me to do?” So we started consciously working together as a team.

By the way, along with the idea of keeping an overall positive outlook, I changed the term we used to describe her tumorous growths to “an expression”. I imagined her “expression” on her paw shrinking and falling off.....within 3 weeks it turned black, shriveled up and fell off! Wouldn't you know it, this is the same “finger” that, as a result of a dog bite, is deformed on me.

Mandy finally passed on July 21, 2014, the day after I celebrated her 18th birthday party. She went naturally in my arms, with a smile on her face and wag of her little tail.

Animals Are Healers

So I suppose we could say that, looking at the big picture, If there is something going on with your dog, take a look at yourself. This is without a doubt the best deal humankind has ever made. We truly have no idea of the potential healing power of our four legged family members. If this powerful “medicine” were to be explored, as if in a double blind study, it would certainly result in the discovery of a miracle drug indeed!

This is a bond worth exploring, celebrating and protecting!  

Steven Uzelac


I am of what Author Cyndi Lynn calls the "Gray zone", which is many adversities, two of which are serious mental illnesses. In being so, I see that our species is very young and can be related to by me. So, I wrote a quite ill document, which is out there on the Internet that describes my perception of how we may evolve forever and ever. It is technical and complicated, but seems feasible and is what I am as IONS. And, I believe that it will lead to my healing.

Barbara Denham


Whatever or whoever I thought I was going to be when I became an adult, not only did not happen. But I knew when I said that I wanted to be a vet, hairdresser or whatever, that I was meant to be something that I, then, hadn't conceived of. After many years of climbing mental and emotional 'mountains', I finally realized what my 'task' in life was.  And this was/is - not just to understand 'The Self' but also, to push through the psychological barriers that are holding back mankind's knowledge of 'himself in relation to the evolution of consciousness of the whole of the human race. I realized that, far from being benign and 'truthful', that it was, in actual fact, religion itself, that was/is the greatest barrier to our evolution. And that it is nothing more than a psychological control mechanism. No one can evolve to be a 'religious label'. It doesn't exist in nature. i.e. It is un-natural.

I realized, at least a couple of decades ago, that the first person on this planet was 'I'. An evolving Self; not just physically but also, in consciousness. Then 'I' needed to add 'AM' (I AM). This is the second level of consciousness. The third is when the evolving Self grows UP to the awareness of 'WHO' (I AM). i.e. 'I AM ME'. And, not only is 'ME' the NAME of The Self. It is the Name of the Universal Self - which is 'God'. Or, Universal Consciousness. (Therefore, it is also the name of YOUR TRUE SELF as well). Then, this first Self had to evolve UP through further levels of consciousness; i.e. What; When; Where; How; and Why - am 'I'? And the answers are: 'My Self; Now; Here; Whole; - 'I am here, now, to EXPRESS my whole self - as 'ME' - is the 'WHY'. And that,  this is true for each and every person on this (and any other) planet - and in any universe. But this is also only the FIRST STAGE of the evolution of consciousness of The Self. I also developed mediumship along the way. This is so that I can 'keep in touch' with those of 'like minds' - on the 'other side'. I don't use it to gain materially from it.  Any info. that I write and send on further is free.  (And, this is the very condensed version of my 'work'. I AM IONS. And I am free - to be ME.

Sandra Stahlman

The One and the Many, United in Divinity

My family contains flesh beings of different species, and also family members who are in their astral forms right now. I am a shaman and an American mystic, who is trained in science and academia as well. I followed many different paths to get where I am today. My earliest spiritual vocation was to live in communion with the divine as a stigmatic. My arrival at the fruition of that path found me in communion with the spirits and deities from many different walks of life. My Kundalini Awakening also brought my latent talents as a telepath/empath into full-strength,  at about the same time in my life. I became a strong medium, able to channel the deities and my loved ones who had crossed into their astral forms. Multi-tasking lol, I also trained in academic-style interspecies communication, animal enrichment, and spent a Summer apprenticing with the Fouts' and their family of chimpanzees, who communicate using American Sign Language. This cemented my beliefs that language barriers can fall between the species, to the point where we are all one Family. With additional training with Penelope Smith in Telepathic Animal Communication, I became who I am now: a mom to eight wonderful children, who are both cats and chinese dwarf hamsters, and who are also a mix of flesh-beings and those who are now in their astral-only forms. We live together with other astral family members, once human, and other forms of life, perhaps deity lol perhaps just other forms of life. And we have divine guidance in the hopes of a safe and happy life for ourselves and all of those who need happiness and security as well. I became disabled with a paralysis of my right sciatic, so much so that I can no longer work. But I still enjoy a good discussion, and keep up with the latest developments via IONS online.

In addition to my shamanic life, I also worked in libraries, data management, and in the dot.com world in the  search and directory field, before my disability ended that phase of my life.  And, I enjoyed it all :) I trained in Mindful Meditation with Shinzen Young in a home-study program, and it is helpful to manage my daily, chronic pain from my disability. I also tackle daily physical therapy. It is arduous, but I am blessed with a loving, supportive family.

Feel free to visit my family's homepage and get to know us better:


Take care,

Love Sandra

marilena gerlach


My name is Marilena Gerlach. My life is dedicated to the evolution of consciousness and to joy! The joy of being connected. And the steps we take to feel connected. For a long time I wondered:

- How can we overcome our fears so we can really thrive as human beings?

- How can we open up to an honest dialogue between people and cultures?

- How can we get aware of and transcend personal and cultural biases, conditioning and separation?

These are conversations IONS fosters.

And these are the questions that reflect my own passion, my work as a transcultural trainer and my life. 

Situated in Germany I’m dedicated to teach people how to step out of personal and cultural limitations and choose a life based on the awareness of interconnectedness and interdependence expressed as love, trust, respect and compassion.

By teaching and facilitating programs on cultural awareness, cultural communication skills and CQ – The 4 factors of Cultural Intelligence, I so far touched the lives of more than 1400 students from 143 countries and all continents. They had the chance to open up to another way of being with themselves and each other. And they experienced how to live from a completely new perspective on life – The perspective of oneness. Experiencing this with them is what makes me really so happy!

I am IONS because I’m thrilled by the worldview exploration project that so much enriches my approach, teaching and my programs. Thank you for bringing it into the world.

Andres Roberto Beatoni


Catch 22: The Musical

  I was about ten when I wrote my first poem in my mind:

My friend the sea,

Who is dear to me,

Has got to live,

To eternity,

My friend the sky,

Who is always so high,

Has got to live,

Through eternit(i)....

And then there was almost fifty years of stuff...."what a long strange trip...its been" ....now there is still time to talk story, to love, and celebrate the gift we have all been given.

Truly we have crossed together, or not, into a dimension that makes sense. I welcome myself here every day.  More love for the Universe!

Lyman "Jeff"  Coult

Live To 150 Years

Today at the age of 84 my goal is to live to be 150 so that I can understand the many aspects  of consciousness.  Years ago I had several experiences of telepathy and friends who had experienced out of body events.  At the age of 11 made my first telescope to look at the moons of Jupiter.  AhHa!  My name was Galileo!

As I studied  the heavens I was fascinated but confused by all the explanations of the Big Bang.  And then astronomers tried to explain the increasing numbers of newly found Black Holes.   I finally had to admit that I was totally confused by what  I could not see

As a senior in high school I took the exams given to all graduates.   I was i n the upper 1.8% of all graduates in math and physics.  But why spend my life in those new special telescopes if the communists might blow them up to prevent their opponents from discovering new powers that might be used to blow them up.    Instead I decided  to study the benefits of  "community-ism" in anthropology rather than trying to go to Russia.  Many stories.

Now thanks to IONS the Science of Peace is beginning to evolve.  What a celebration!   Humanity is moving on!

Delia O'Riordan

If you're Conscious, you are IONS...

I was fourteen years old when I "discovered" Consciousness. I wanted to solve the brain-mind enigma. Where exactly did the mind reside? Biologists assumed that the mind was a function of the brain because both stopped functioning at death. Made sense, as far as it went. However, we had no actual definition of "mind"; we could only describe its apparent operations but what WAS it? That is when I started reading Emerson. The "Over-Soul" of Vedic philosophy posed a more basic question than the brain-mind puzzle: the existence of Consciousness itself. In the early 60s, science taught that only humans were conscious creatures - meaning conscious of ourselves as distinct from others and the world. But Consciousness also existed in animals if one took the emphasis off of SELF- consciousness and considered Awareness instead. Animals posed a problem for conventional science: if they were conscious - aware of cause and effect, for instance - "Man" was no longer the only conscious species on the planet. Which raised the question of the relation between individual minds and Consciousness. Each mind was different but what of Consciousness? Was it, as Emerson and the ancient Rishis maintained, an "ocean" in which our individual awareness exists to be embodied for a time in our physical self only to slip back into that "ocean" at death? If so, I reasoned, mind was a function of Consciousness and Consciousness was...? The greatest mystery of all. When Dr. Mitchell founded IONS he made the serious study of Consciousness as a scientific phenomenon respectable and not just some "60s thing".  Decades of research later, the mystery remains but, oh, what we have learned in the meanwhile! That's why I AM IONS.

mucor dedaliv ralui


Well when I was young and growing up I had wanted to become an angel but now life challenges have change my tought and direction in life and now I want to become a ghost instead of the angel I had previously taught of when I was growing up.

Imran Ali Namazi

Programmer turning Inwards

All of my life I've had a sense that creation was special. I am lucky to have 2 wonderful uncles who have been a treasure trove of inspiration and information.

I'm only 32, but have had some experience with the mysteries of life. These all were known by the Egyptians, Mayans and Atlanteans. We somehow lost touch with ourselves during the dark ages, but since 1600AD, have come into a new age of reasoning and of discovery.

Consciousness is at the heart of everything, its what makes man the crown of creation (on Earth). Thats what drew me to IONS.

We are all gifted and it's up to us to explore/use it. My gift has been programming and believe me, it's an Art (like any other) when done properly. It develops the mind splendidly.

But technology is turning us into a bunch of mindless automatons. There is so much learning to be had (and shared). Thats why I created yieldmore.org to collectively share what we've found to be real.

There is a beautiful line in the movie The day the earth stood still (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0970416/quotes). It goes as follows: You say we're on the brink of destruction and you're right. But it's only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve. This is our moment.

I think somewhere it's in resonance with the vision of IONS.

Or, to put it in my own words (http://cselian.com/blog/reflections/ethos/dear-brother-of-both-kindreds/)

At the zenith of its flow, the exodus was turned. A hundred different movements began that systemmatically and lovingly changed the status quo. The animal instincts were humanized and the human instincts were hallowed and heightened.

This is my sincere prayer, to change the status quo.

- Amen

Bob Berlin-Grous

My Journey To The Source

Looking  for a different way of learning, I  found a path with the study of Shakuhachi and  Zen .  I studied in Japan with two teachers: Sato Seibi (shakuhachi) and  Abe Masao (philosophy and zazen at the F.A.S Society in Kyoto).  A memoir of this journey is included in my book, Lost In Education. I also wrote a book on Shakuhachi -- The Sound of Bamboo.  Hisamatsu Shin'ichi in conversation with Martin Heidegger said that there are two dimension to art in  zen experience -- from ordinary reality to the source and the return to ordinary reality.  I returned in 1980 and worked as a Learning Specialist  for 30 years at Santa Rosa Junior College.  Now I am retired to ordinary reality.

Paul Blythe

Touched my Angels

This is the title of a memoir of my 78 years as a spirit  inhabiting a physical body.  It isn't published yet.  I consolidated this realization when Dr Richard Alpert (BabaRam Das) wrote his book: BE HERE NOW.

Since then, I have consolidated my understanding, as a Psychologist, of helpful people who see no conflict between science and the spiritual realities.  As a bee keeper, I appreciate an omnipresent deity, which is necessary for those bees to live successfully in comunity, with the benefit of brains like ours.

Throughout my life, I have been helped by many messengers, often unaware that the Greek word for messenger is Angelos!

I met my late wife at a time when York University in Canada was just beginning to admit mature people who hadn't completed Senior Matriculation from high-school.  With her support, within 12 years, I complete BA,MA,PhD in Educational and Counselling Psychology.

We then emigrated to Australia where I taught counselling skills and became a leader in an intentional spiritual (not religious) community.

I have since blended spiritual guidance of my heart with a developmental psychology of my mind.   I hope I have been a messenger to many who long for the sense of community, which is difficult to find in "modern" society.

IONS is full of Angels!  Paul W Blythe, PhD

Niela Miller

Creative Explorations

I am Niela Miller.  I joined IONS in its early days after reading Edgar Mitchell's story and knowing some of its pioneers from the human potential movement. My particular interest is in arts-based processes, particularly in virtual environments lie Second Life, and how consciousness can be explored and expanded through metaphorical thinking, symbolic modeling and being in two places at once!  For videos and descriptions of what I do, please go to my website:


Thanks to IONS, I have felt like a container for creative and innovative consciousness work has been created for all of us to connect in!

George D. Noble

Evoloution of my Understanding of Science & Consciousness.

I majored in physics and worked as an engineer as a young man, before studying (body-based psychology--I'm an MFT) and practicing yoga, tai chi, chi gongs and sound healing----energy healing.  Today I'm 71 and an environmental activist, working to keep fluoride from our drinking water and adulterated, "GMO" seed and foods labeled & separate from our food supply

So long  as we hold ourselves in a delusion of scientific separateness, "objectively observing" some perceived external world (which in truth is a function of our internal world, our thoughts, concepts & feelings),  we are not fully present, in the ''now'', whole,  and we thus create problems for ourselves,  rather than solving them. ...karma. It's time for whole systems approaches to all endeavors of life,  an upgrade of "business" & organizational systems & a restoration of the sacred in all human endeavor.

Our present reductionistic  "science" creates a problems & thus "science" today remains yet in it's infancy. 

We are each one veritable creator god(desse)s ourselves,  creating our world individually and collectively by means of our thoughts, imaginings, our envisioning and powered by our joy/love....or lack of it.  It's important that we now join together & aspire to return to "the garden"; ...that we "ascend to grace".....and stop  talking about the world out there as though it was separate from ourselves.....in our psycholinguistic trance.  ie. As long as we talk about race, we'll remain racists.

MIND itself IS the cosmos, the universe. ....not our intellect.....useful as that may be in certain problem solving situations.

Sam Conkin


As a product developer, I had approached a local regional college who were initiating an applied technology department where they would assist entrepreneurs and industry in developing and proto-typing products as one of their initiatives.

This process utilized college staff as well as students in the process.

I was informed one day that a young lady had come up with a relatively unique approach to the product function. This person had little or no experience in the process of product creation and I was quite startled with the fact that she could not only identify a process problem but suggest a plausible solution. Since I and my CTO had already identified the possible solution and discounted it for security reasons, it went no further then my requesting that the department head introduce me to this student whose name I still didn't know. To no avail.

A couple of months later the, the school's art department was having an art show which I attended. In viewing a wide and diverse series of work I came across a work that was perfect for a friend of mine. It was a collage of three drawings depicting a traumatic event in a persons life.

I turned to y wife and said we need to buy that as a gift. In turning and looking about the auditorium full of several hundred people I started a search to find someone connected with the show or a place I could purchase the works. Standing and looking about I saw a  young woman approaching that looked like she might be a student, I asked her "Who do I see about purchasing an art work."

She responded with a "Which one?" So we went over to the work and I said "that one" and pointed to the collage. She looked startled for a moment and said that it was her work. I concluded the transaction and left. I discussed the coincidence of picking one person out of a couple hundred and that it would be the artist herself. My wife's immediate suggestion was to buy a lottery ticket.

In any case, a couple of days later, I sent an e-mail to the department head who also chaired the art school to congratulate him and his staff and students on a great show and told him that I had purchased a work from one of his students and mentioned her name. I received an e-mail back shortly with a "ha ha, she was the girl that suggested the innovation to your product". A series of sequential events seemingly random yet

connected was startling to me. I am a senior and have never experienced something like this before. or at least not that I recall and assimilated as an event.

Terry Glassy


When I was 33 I was very ill, childhood traumas and adult life issues that I did not know how to process has settled in my spine,,,My doctor told me I had 6 months to live,,My spine was bending out and could snap,,choices where pain pill,,surgery would be temporary,,then he said your 3rd choice is to get your spiritual life in order,,I remember it gave me peace an a part of me said Yes,,so I started my quest for spirit,,,typical path,,church--many of them,,lots of therapy,,new age books,,homeopathic

herbs,stone,,yet I needed to belong or have a place that I could grow share,,interact with those of the same mind and quest,,,,On my 60th birthday I made the choice to drop all religious though,,teaching ,,belief,,there was nothing out there without the religion attached,,,someone invited me to an IONS meeting to watch Mr Pearls video on healing hands,,,,,that did it !!! pure spirit connections - energy,,and much more,,,,,the group I attended was fizzing out,,,needed a new host and location,,,so I said why not!!!  It has been a breath of fresh air,,purity of spirit!! I follow what the monthly events are and topics,,,and find videos or local person that understand the topics to come in and share with us,,,,(we are very limited in funds-so  we do what we can)  spirit has been very generous and sent great people our way ,,,Tori  Quisling,,,,Raymond Tarpey,,,,who have come to our town and shared with us,,,,our group is about 10 strong regulars,,and mailing of 40,,,,when we have events 20 or more attend,,,we are growing and helping each other find our own truth,,,connect to our higher self and teach by example….I am grateful for IONS as a source and

foundation for myself and those of us that need a non- religious place to learn and know our spirit.


Robert Gardiner

What Is Real

I am now 85 years old.  When I was 11 years old, I became aware that what is Real is that I was born into a universe that has been unfolding one event at a time for approximately 13.7 years according to a Natural Order Of Things (NOOT), as far as we were able to determine at that time; and, that we needed to do was continue to seek what is Real as best as we could,, evaluate what we find as best as we can and continue to seek for what  is Real with an open mind. That has been my way of living ever since -- never think that I know anything for certain and keep seeking what is Real with an open mind. 

Sueli Meirelles

I'm IONS - Sueli Meirelles

My name is sueli meirelles. I’m specialist in clinical psychology and researcher of psychosomatic and psycho-spiritual phenomena for almost 30 years. I am co-founder and coordinator of  Carousel of Light, noetic research group on higher states of consciousness phenomena, accessing the deep unconscious patient through sensitive in trance.

I wrote the book “From Couch to Spirituality: Transdisciplinary Holistic Approach in Psychotherapy, which reports the memory regression work with several members of the same family, rescuing their transpersonal memories, theisr agreements and disagreements, from Ancient Egypt to the present. I am very happy to be part of a serious institution that support the Noetic research worldwide. This is why I’m IONS.

Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout

My Life So Far...

I am IONS...

I was blessed to be invited to attend an IONS Conference held here on the healing island of Hawaii many years ago...

Seeing and meeting many luminaries whom I consider mentors was a deeply inspiring experience...

As a noetic being, I have experienced private revelations that have accurately foretold both personal (the name and state of the woman I would later meet and marry) and world events ranging from nonlocal realtime remote viewing of a major Solidarity event to a 20 year notice of 9/11...

As a healer, I have been graced with skills combining intellect and empathy through which I seek to know the inner workings of those who seek my counsel, both near and far...

Using only natural means to support accelerated self healing, I have seen many remarkable healing responses that defy the pronouncements of standard texts...

As an eye doctor, so far as I know, I was the first to assist patients to naturally restore unaided functional vision after being blinded by wet macular degeneration...

As a survivor, I have weathered many health challenges, and exceeded my expiration date by about 20 years so far...

As a truth seeker, I continue work on my Clinical Theory of Everything, in which I seek to synthesize a comprehensive, predictive and clinically useful model of the complete range of phenomena in the human experience, based on a broad range of fundamental observations and theories from modern sciences, often reframed by cutting edge thinking such as the electric universe hypothesis, to venerable cultural traditions such as the electrical channels of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the photo-energetic centers of Ayurveda...

I seek a meta-model, in which other models are merely special cases of perspective taking...

I have always been interested in the methods and observations of the explorers and free thinkers of the world...

As a young child, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say "an astronaut" or "an astronomer."

In my mind, the two were undifferentiated at that time, and today, as IONS, once again i see the coherence between the ideas of studying the cosmos, and traveling it, even if only in the superior vessel of the mind...

So, we are sentient beings here, you and I, developing our spiritual vessels on this Earth, the womb of the Heavens...

We are IONS.


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