Breaking Through Our Limited Perception of Reality

In addition to our scientific research on the immediate benefits of transformative practices and healing modalities, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of our understanding of consciousness
Hear IONS scientists Dr. Garret Yount and Dr. Anaud Delorme describe their own noetic experiences. How do you weave noetic experiences into your daily life?

Modeled after the best research and discovery labs, we are launching IONS X, our exploratory innovation lab. With the largest, multidisciplinary team of scientists focused on the frontiers of consciousness we are embarking on our own moonshot — an application-driven research program designed to reliably and robustly demonstrate the influence of intention on a physical system.
Think of it like a psychic switch – the ability to use the power of your mind/intention to turn on or off a light. By moving from statistical significance to real-world applicability, we will help unravel the current limited perceptions of reality, and their corresponding destructive worldviews, allowing a truer nature of reality to emerge.
We invite you to make a special gift today to help accelerate our work in creating deep and lasting transformations through science and personal experience.

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