Worldview Transformation


Worldview Transformation

How does consciousness transform?
How can we support individual and
collective transformation?

This research program area focuses on the phenomena of consciousness transformation: how it occurs, how it can be stimulated, and how it can be translated into long-term beneficial changes for oneself and one’s community. A series of studies including narrative analyses, focus groups, surveys, in-depth interviews, and longitudinal studies conducted by our research team has shed light on experiences and practices that can catalyze fundamental shifts in worldview. Continuing studies are focused on mechanisms by which people’s worldviews transform, and we are translating what we’ve learned into training programs and curricula for youth and adults.

Worldview Transformation Projects


Limitations in our human consciousness underlie many of the problems we face as a global community. Research at IONS focuses on exploring the fundamental nature of consciousness, investigating how it interacts with the physical world, and studying how consciousness can dramatically transform in beneficial ways.

Our research focuses on three primary program areas:

Consciousness & Healing

What role does consciousness play in health and healing?

Worldview Transformation

How does consciousness transform?
How can we support individual and collective transformation?

Extended Human Capacities

The Science of Interconnectedness — How does consciousness interact
with the physical world?

With our programs and research team, we:

  • Conduct basic science and laboratory research on mind-matter interactions, social science investigations of transformational experiences and practices and their impact on individual and collective wellness, and clinical and applied studies testing the real-world effectiveness of consciousness-based interventions.

  • Synthesize bodies of knowledge, such as the science of meditation or the role of compassion in healing, disseminate these summaries, and use what we’ve learned to identify next steps.

  • Communicate what we’ve learned in peer-reviewed scientific journals and scholarly meetings, and we translate our findings into educational products and curricula for targeted audiences and the general public.

  • Advance the study of consciousness by training young scientists interested in noetic topics through our internship program and facilitating strategic collaborations and invitational meetings among scientists and scholars to accelerate development of new, cross disciplinary studies of consciousness and transformation.