IONS Meditation Bibliography (1997-2013)


IONS Meditation Bibliography (1997-2013)

The IONS Meditation Bibliography was originally compiled and edited by Michael Murphy, cofounder of Esalen Institute, in collaboration with Steven Donovan. It was published in print in 1997 as The Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation: A Review of Contemporary Research with an introduction by Eugene Taylor.

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From 1997 to 2013, IONS developed and maintained an online bibliography of all published research on meditation. Now that powerful search engines exist and there are electronic version of nearly all published research, we have ceased updating it, but there remain in our archive papers that are obscure and difficult to find, and links to full text version exist for many of the entries.

This searchable, online catalogue includes citations, abstracts, and, when available, full-text articles — all free of charge! With nearly 6000 entries the IONS Meditation Bibliography is the largest and most comprehensive known catalogue of published scientific studies of meditation in the world, and may have resources that are hard to find in other databases.

This bibliography enables professionals, students, and interested individuals to navigate a treasure trove of published articles that deal with questions like "Is meditation effective for stress reduction in a corporate environment, and, if so, what type of meditation and programs are beneficial?" or "I have a patient with hypertension who might benefit from meditation – what program should I recommend?"

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Michael Murphy
Steven Donovan
Original authors

Eugene Taylor
Original foreword writer

Marius Robinson
Jim & Christina Grote
Esalen Institute
For their visionary support

Ingrid Ammondson
Taylor Davis
Ted Esser
Ethan Hay
Jonathan Kiritharan
Artie Konrad
Mark Krigbaum
Lunar Halo Studio
Blake Ohlig
Lorraine Stribling
Tom Willmott
For their contributions to the structure and content of this meditation bibliography website

And with appreciation to Marilyn Schlitz, who spearheaded the update of this bibliography and its translation to a searchable online resource.