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Consciousness and the Double-slit Interference Pattern

Consciousness and the Double-slit Interference Pattern

Six Experiments

by Arnaud Delorme, PhD, Karla Galdamez, Leena Michel, Dean Radin, PhD, Robert Rickenbach, and Paul Wendland

Radin D, Michel L, Galdamez K, Wendland P, Rickenbach R, Delorme A. Physics Essays. 2012 May;25(2):157-171.

A double-slit optical system was used to test the possible role of consciousness in the collapse of the quantum wavefunction. Each test session consisted of 40 counterbalanced attention-toward and attention-away epochs, and data was contributed by 137 people in six experiments, involving a total of 250 test sessions. The results appear to be consistent with a consciousness-related interpretation of the quantum measurement problem.

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Publication Date:
May 2012
15 pages
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