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My Gratitude to Shift in Action

Posted Jan. 2, 2011 by purebliss in Open

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commented on Jan. 16, 2011
by believer



Greetings to all from France.
I wish everyone reading this an Insightful Day and may you move one step closer to Enlightenment today and every day!

It is an obligation to thank IONS for putting this feast of knowledge up on the internet - free and available to anyone who seeks. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The Shift in Action site has opened doors in my mind and I am on the most exciting adventure. Every time I listen to a talk another closed door is thrown open and in comes sunlight, fresh wisdom and my developmental journey takes a step (and in the case of Amit Goswami, Sadhguru, Rick Hanson, a giant leap) forward.

Over the past three months I have downloaded Shift in Action talks onto my iPod and listened to them while doing mundane tasks that require no real attention. This feels wonderful for two reasons: a) I am entertained and intrigued while I attend to dull stuff; b) my knowledge gaps and mental blocks are swept away as I listen to the insight and experience of one illuminated speaker after another.

When a speaker really grabs my attention, I go out and explore their sites and read their books. I'm a psychologist by educational choice, so Rick Hanson's 'Buddha's Brain' speaks to me. It is a fun and rewarding exercise to rewire my neural pathways towards more joy and satisfaction.

Amit Goswami blew my limitations with his talk of quantum leaps. I celebrate each insight/understanding (i.e. a quantum leap as my mind jumps from a state of limitation to comprehension without traveling through space or time). One moment I don't know and then the spark of knowing/insight is there with no journey to get there.

And Sadhguru. Wow! I accept that Christianity is not my path because it reinforces the duality split. Sadhguru opens my mind along a new dimension. I listened to his talks on Shift in Action and had to laugh. Is god male or female? A monkey or a snake? He laughs spontaneously. It infects me. Then I moved to his website and listened to yet more of his wisdom. Twice I had a kind of out of body experience. Upon further reflection I think 'out of body' is incorrect. I had an 'out of mind' experience where I left my mental limitations, jolted into a new perspective by someone who actively uses his mind to THINK. I felt dizzy, weightless, and then the endorphins kicked in to make me inspired, receptive, boundary-less.

I express my sincere gratitude that despite living in France, Shift in Action and IONS overcomes language barriers, geographic frontiers, financial constraint (by making it free), merging the best of Eastern and Western wisdom. What a miracle and I celebrate it wholesomely today and everyday.

Adieu from la belle France,
Pure Bliss

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    believer Jan 16, 2011

    hi purebliss
    just to say, our gratitude is like a song of praise from our soul for the gift of light that awakens our mind from slumber. take care and may your path be ever adventurous and filled with the wonder of an ever expanding consciousness.

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