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Written by Mathew Naismith

Inner peace is of the hearts core of our inner being for which we strive to remember in our daily lives, at times it seems so far away but in fact it never truly left us we left it in a sense. Good examples of this inner peace are people who portrayed this inner peace without recourse because these people where sent here to redeem us from our own folly. These people with whom I am talking about are people like Buddha & Jesus for instance that had no desire to express such folly. This folly of course is referring to the way we allow the ego to control us without being aware of such control. These people were aware of the controlling factors of the ego therefore had no tendencies to express such traits. If you take away the controlling tendencies of the ego you automatically bring forth inner peace & yes it is that simple. What some of us are trying to do however is rid ourselves of the ego but all we really need to do is become aware of the controlling factors of the ego, that’s all.

So how do we know if the ego is in control? Desire is a good one, if we desire, as opposed to need, this is usually a good indication of the ego being in control no matter what you desire however as I have explained in recent posts need indicates more often than not that the ego is no longer in control. This is saying if we worked more on our needs instead of desires the less controlling the ego will be & the more inner peace you will experience & feel & the more aware you will become.

There is another problem some of us have that indicates the ego being in control, looking upon people who seem to you to be more aware or holly than you. The funny thing is when we consider the entirety of all of what consciousness is people like Buddha & Jesus are the norm, they are not looked upon in grace but just as another energy form who is expressing inner peace however in realities controlled by the ego we see them as being above ourselves. Just because we are expressive of the controlling ego doesn’t make us any a lesser person just ignorant of who we really are. People like Jesus & Buddha weren’t just sent here to show the way away from the controlling ego but show us who we truly are in the flesh so really all we need to do is know we are just like these people in whom we egotistically revere.

What has this to do with science/IONS? Everything because it's the controlling ego that gives us our own perceptions & modes of thought, the less controlling the ego is to a person the more openly perceptive/aware they seem to be & of course visa-versa. This doesn't just pertain to our own ego's controlling ourselves but other people's ego controlling us as well giving us different perceptions.




  • mrmathew1963 Nov 27, 2013

    G'day Ros

    Yes, I tend to at times make the mistake in trying to coach people towards what I am trying to portray which of course more often than not they will get their backs up however this is at the conscious level; at the subconscious level I think it's a different matter.

    Indeed one has to, as we did, learn from one's own self through one's own experiences, I can tell someone of my experiences but they will never truly know unless they go through these processes themselves, this of course brings us to people who can only think by one reasoning process like logics There is no way they are going to know & believe unless they go through the process themselves.

    In Australia we get a magazine called The World of Knowledge & recently in one of these mags they had an article on life after death, what happens when you die. This neurosurgeon had to experience life after death (OBE) for himself to believe in such a thing, he now researches in life after death.

    So as you said, one should lead a horse to water but one can’t make it drink, adding an insight is leading unaware people to water by bringing up such insights but the rest is up to them.

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    RealityOverScience Nov 27, 2013

    It is difficult for me to communicate with folks at times, when I am responding to a topic from a place of fluent multidimensionality in the language and mathematics, etc., but a person thinks I am going "off topic," when in reality I am totally ON topic, but responding from very advanced fluency in that topic!

    In other words, when I can see clear to the end of a tunnel and way out the other side, to realize what's actually there, trying to help someone into their each next step when they are just taking their first few steps into that tunnel is perceived as my being clueless. It is better for similarly-placed folks to find their way through it, together, and for me to guide folks who are far more advanced.

    So, sometimes I'll just add an insight or "clue" to a discussion and then just get out of their way, so they can process it among themselves.

    The Answers are never going to be found in folks' comfort zones. Higher Consciousness requires one to learn to process life, EVERYTHING, everybody, themselves, from a very different place. It requires courage, intelligence (Dalai Lama's ladder analogy, IQ required to hold onto every next rung to avoid backsliding when things get scary), commitment, effort, surrender, losing control (for a higher, truer, selfless, more responsible cause), etc..

    Until people actually "do the (focused) work" that gets them off that conventional merry-go-round, and into immediately, Consciously, inescapably experiencing the True Universal Core Physics/Answers directly for themselves, they're just going to go around and around and around and around... ... ...

    So, it begs the question: Why bother exploring Consciousness/Enlightenment at all, if those involved are not willing to move out of their comfort zones?!

    All the escape reasoning and excuses are masking FEAR.

    "As for those riding lessons you wanted, you say you love horses yet you seem to be afraid to get on a REAL one!" - The NeverEnding Story

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 26, 2013

    G'day Ros

    I'm on limited downloads so I can't watch vids sadly enough.

    It is very hard for people to give up their fixations of the ego/individual self so they will stay ignorant/unaware of what they truly are for it is much easier to stay ignorant than become truly aware.

    I've noticed on IONS how our perceptions are so different, some rely completely on logics which is obviously flawed & some on faith but not completely on faith unlike other sites I have been on. These different perceptions give us different deductive reasoning processes, some with fixated reasoning processes like logic won't have the awareness than someone who reasons in more than one way. If I was to rely completely on faith that would be one set reasoning process which is unlikely able to answer anything beyond this reasoning.

    If you have noticed, people who can only reason logically seem limited by there logical understanding, it's impossible for them to reason beyond their reasoning process & of course that is the same of the collective, how could we understand beyond our collective reasoning process? The strange thing is logically minded people, if they can't prove something beyond their reasoning process, they deem it as being just of faith or discard or disregard anything beyond their own reasoning, this to me is totally illogical. It's actually an illusion to think logically minded people are logical!!

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    RealityOverScience Nov 26, 2013

    The most important obstacle to rid yourself of is your (generic) mistaken belief of yourself as an ...individual... who has somehow magically been brought into this world completely detached from all else, completely other than, with an internal private world that nothing and no one can penetrate or know unless you choose to share it! That belief is total delusion/distraction/unconsciousness.

    In reality, Truth is like everyone at birth is given the EXACT SAME deluxe box of crayons that were all perfectly in order at One point, precisely revealing the *key* to Universal Truth, meaning that the Universe is adamantly using a very particular *master key,* or combination, to do what it does, but with the inheritance of genetic chaos (mother analogy, etc., still hauntingly confused/"work" unfinished in previous generations, implanted in their DNA) and one's own distractions and redirections from infancy into the collective unconscious convention instantly rushing in to extend (and multiply exponentially) that chaos, those deluxe crayons are met with complete disorder. Learning to rearrange them, back to one's/One's then having/*remembering* that *master key* that reveals (directly, experientially) the Universal Truth/Physics, is quite a task. Persisting in perceiving oneself as individually placed, completely disjointed from everyone and everything else, is an unfortunate guarantee that one will not only never figure it all out in one's current lifetime, but will pass it on to every offspring, and through every relative/relative!

    Projecting omnipotency, omniscience, onto an Anthropomorphized External Dependency will lock one into a "less than" ~ unworthy ~ (ness), that will then be projected onto anyone and everyone who tries to help them find their way/Way to that *master key,* because "how can anyone else possibly have the Answers," also being "less than," they use their own twisted logic to "reason."

    So, that "key to decoding it" begins with one surrendering his/her delusion/illusion of individualism and control.

    Go on YouTube and watch the Vegas version of Celine Dion's "Surrender" song, which expresses the emotion, power and angst of "letting go" of the delusion/illusion of individuality and, while there, also watch the movie version of "Colors of the Wind," from the Disney movie, "Pocahontas."

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