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How do I become a consciousness researcher?

Posted Nov. 2, 2013 by jdawg81 in Open

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commented on Nov. 4, 2013
by dustproduction



I am currently residing at a meditation center and deeply know the scientific study of consciousness is my life passion. However, with only an Economics degree and psychology minor, I realize I need to obtain further education, like a terminal master's, in order to pursue doctorate study in this field. I am willing and able to do this. Is anyone able to suggest a possible educational route in order to pursue this line of inquiry as a career?

So far I have heard that biostatistics would provide helpful training and a strong foundation for empirical research in meditation. But perhaps a master's in neuroscience of education psychology would be more appropriate?

Thank you so much. I am very grateful for any advice!

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    dustproduction Nov 04, 2013

    Re: "You suggesting that I am not an authority?"

    Are you a "neuroscientist of education psychology?"

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    Jim Centi Nov 04, 2013


    As an economics major with a minor in psychology perhaps you can help me understand something.

    I have heard from at least four unrelated sources that in the near future the US Dollar may lose its status as the world’s reserve currency.

    Avoiding a lengthy discussion of economics; if this should occur, what will it mean for U.S. consumers?

    Also, if the result of the U.S. dollar losing its status as the world reserve currency affects U.S consumer’s adversely, what is your best guess relative to the possible psychological effects that could be expected?.......Jim

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    jdawg81 Nov 04, 2013

    RealityOverScience - many thanks! I will explore the Naropa Institue in Boulder and will heed your advice in maintaining the courage to stand alone although of course, easier said than done. And I completely agree with your encouragement to follow my heart. In fact that's why I posted on this page in the first place!

    Jim Centi - I will do just that. Thank you

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    RealityOverScience Nov 04, 2013

    You suggesting that I am not an authority?

    You can talk about it, or...you can actually do it!

    I have done every bit of the work I have suggested. I am also repeatedly professionally acknowledged as such.

    I am also superConscious/Enlightened, and teach it, very successfully! Have for decades!

    Jdawg81, follow your heart! It'll lead the way/Way! :)

    Don't let the collective unconscious convention trap you into its mistaken boundaries.

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    Jim Centi Nov 04, 2013


    When asking a question such as you have asked, it is best to go to an authority.

    I am re posting my initial response to you.

    Go to the very top right of this page and click IONS Directory.

    Search for one of the Research Assistants and email them what you have posted here.

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    RealityOverScience Nov 04, 2013

    I would highly suggest you study world religions, (history of) philosophy, eastern languages (especially Sanskrit), sociology, physiological psychology (brain science), world cultures, history, psychology, including clinical, etc..

    You need to get yourself completely out of convention (collective unconscious society/"what everybody else is doing"), which is like a huge tsunami of misinterpretation, fantasy, "stories people tell themselves" that folks build their entire lives around to the point of handed down traditions that they then can't find their way back out of. People are such social creatures that they find such comfort in belonging that they go against their own reasoning and intuition that SCREAMS that they're going the wrong way, but still *go there* because the pain and fear of not "belonging" is too overwhelming. So you, yourself, are going to need to have the courage to stand alone. Even within your focused studies, your classmates and professors themselves may be so rote in their perceptions that their treatment of the truth will stay within conventional "rules" of interpretation! Only the rare participant in those studies will put all the pieces together, required to become more highly evolved.

    Studying world religions, you'll eventually be able to informatively ask "What is everybody REALLY doing?"

    Philosophy will seat you at Plato's symposium, so to speak, so you can observe how the inquisitive search and process themselves toward balance. Confucius will be there, Lao Tze, Buddha, Jesus, etc...

    Sanskrit is an ancient language with Consciousness (Enlightenment) intentionally built right into it, mathematically, multidimensionally, and ancient texts of Awakening, including the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu) are written in it.

    Sociology will give you a grasp on what people are doing collectively, how they behave and interact in groups, and culturally by proximity.

    Physiological psychology/brain science explores the brain and its evolution throughout human history.

    History will give you a look at how perceptions manifest in behavior, and help you ask, "What the heck were they thinking?"

    Psychology will make you aware of individual and collective processing and perception, and how mental illnesses originate. Beware: Convention is defining what constitutes mental illness. Be prepared to question that "authority."

    Clinical (psychology) studies will help you find all of the above in your own mirror.

    You may be interested in The Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

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    Jim Centi Nov 03, 2013

    Go to the very top right of this page and click IONS Directory.

    Search for one of the Research Assistants and email them what you have posted here.

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