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Written by Mathew Naismith

The big question is, are we in fact improving & reflecting good will onto the world? As spiritually aware people yes most definitely, living & thinking positively would have to be helping because we feel better for it so it must be helping, this is called spiritual manifestation, the next big question is why is the world seemingly & noticeably getting worse? This is a complicated question to ask & I will do my best to answer this question as follow.

I thought I would insert part of a reply I sent to an atheist internet friend of mine relating to illusions & delusions which believe it or not I believe has everything to do with what is going on in the world today. The funny thing is this atheist is saying people who have faith are living in a delusional world but these same people who he is referring to also believe that this reality is an illusion!!!!

I will show you how different I think: The world despite all this good will & spiritual harmony is getting noticeably worse but it shouldn’t because we have all these spiritually aware people around who are trying to rid themselves of this horrid illusion/ego so it should be improving. There are no illusions or opposing realities to escape it just is & everything has always been, there are no illusions to escape or that we think we are entrapped in, the real illusion is thinking everything is an illusion in the first place & that we are entrapped & by thinking this we are actually helping to manifest what we have in the world today. What’s happening with spiritually aware people is they are feeling better within themselves as individuals or in small groups but they are actually making things worse because we think we have something to run away from but we don’t, that is the illusion. If we think it’s bad like the ego for instance it will be bad & this imagining reflects on the rest of the world even if we ourselves are feeling better, self-serving has never been good for the common good of all man!!!

The following is an interesting link but not for you Paul as it’s all delusional of course, this has a familiar ring to what spiritually aware people think of this reality doesn’t it Paul, you accuse others of being delusional & living in a delusional world & certain spiritually aware think that everything is an illusion, the similarities are amusing. The pot calling the kettle black again of course!!!

Love you Paul as I love myself at any given time!!

Best wishes

We are inadvertently manifesting what we are trying to rid ourselves of like the ego for instance, we ourselves as individual spiritually aware people might have rid ourselves of the ego but it’s obvious it hasn’t helped the rest of humanity, we should have by now seen some sort of improvement but we are seeing quite the opposite. Seeing the ego & this reality for starters as being the enemy has inadvertently added to this because any disdain adds to the negatives of this reality, it’s like we are thinking more positively but where not really. You could call this the real illusion; this brings up the question of illusions.

Why are we calling this reality an illusion? This comes from the creative consciousness’s or our inner self’s imagination so it has to be an illusion that we are entrapped in & need to obviously escape from, this is 3rd dimensional thinking which we need to grow out of, it’s this 3rd dimensional thinking we need to rid ourselves of not a supposed reality of illusions. So why don’t I think this reality is an illusion? Simple, anything of consciousness which everything is of is real in one way or another, it’s still a part of consciousness plus there is no start or finish because again this is 3rd dimensional thinking. If we think there is an illusion there must also be a reality like there is a wrong or right which of course we really know there isn’t accept in certain dimensions like this one. I believe everything didn’t come from something it already was & has always been which means there was no starting point & that everything that we could imagine ourselves has always been. This of course means nothing was actually created from a creator however, this is the paradox, it was. The consciousness’s knowing has always been there however the experiences of such knowing haven’t & this is where we are being confused in my mind.

The consciousness’s knowing or awareness has always been there which we are calling reality, our true selves however the experiences that we are experiencing from this awareness we are calling an illusion that we presume we are trapped in. There is absolutely no entrapment or illusions in reference to this reality, all we are doing is experiencing this awareness first hand which we as a collective species dictate to how it is going to go. For starters, how about using the ego more positively instead of negatively, this would on its’ own change the world quite dramatically without showing distain which of course inadvertently manifests a more negative reality. We are indeed our own destiny in more ways than one!!

Life isn’t what it seems only what we presume it is which doesn’t make it an illusion just a different reality!!

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    Derrrr.....The relevant internet address:


  • mrmathew1963 Oct 06, 2013

    G'day Ros

    Synchronicity steps in again.

    I awoke to morning having a need to wright up on something but I didn't know how so I wasn't going to do it until I came a cross your reply here. It's a little too long for a reply so I will only insert a portion of my reply back to you with an internet address showing all of my reply to you if you are interested. It's only my perception of things of course so it's no big deal.

    G'day Ros

    Thanks for responding Ros.

    Most people seem to want a real reality, it's like they seem to want to perceive a starting & an end point or that we are oneness in our true state nothing else, nothing could be further from the truth. This is so human to want this it's not funny, it's all emotionally driven even when we are in certain deep states of consciousness it's still emotionally driven. Yes if we perceive these things to be so, so shall they be however I’m not sure if it’s wise for everyone to know anything else other than their own perception of things so is it these perceptions of ours that is the illusion? Just because it’s only our perception of things doesn’t make it an illusion which also includes our oneness states of consciousness.

    Nothing can exist without it already being a part of consciousness; this includes our thoughts as well. It’s impossible for us to imagine anything that isn’t already apart of consciousness however what is different is the actual physical experiences we get from consciousness, it’s like mixing & matching or mismatching in relation to our reality.

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    RealityOverScience Oct 06, 2013

    The Universe isn't dependent upon what humans try to do with it. It just keeps on, keeping on...

    People choose for themselves all sorts of storytelling and wonderment, spirited into dreaming away...from the real truth of what is going on at the Core. The more folks are collectively buying into the same dream, that shared spirit, the more things will only APPEAR peaceful and nice, but that's only because they aren't resisting each other or conflicting with each others' energies.

    Problem is, the Universe doesn't begin and end with them. The Universe is what it is/does what it does, and all that imaginary spirited dreaming, collective as it may be, doesn't get to negate the REAL reality. As I wrote in another thread, eventually (given relative simultaneity) the consequences of dreaming-sans-reality will manifest via the Universe's required BALANCE, and the ...difference... is what becomes the tragedies of life, the devastation relative to the frequency and intensity of the distraction.

    That's when people rush to blame their deities for working in mysterious ways, etc., when all along it was themselves who were "working in mysterious ways!"

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