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Cleaning up our Language

Posted Dec. 19, 2012 by drichardson in Open

commented on Jan. 7, 2013
by desertrose



'Yoga'. As a teacher of Raja Yoga-Refreshed, I find myself continually explaining myself. It's exhausting. Everywhere I go, I encounter folks that consider the word 'yoga' to be a synonym for classes in Iyengar yoga that teach postures. Arghh!! Yoga is so much more. We are not doing justice to the yogis when we narrow our conception of the richness of the fruit of the philosophy so significantly. This is but one example of the problem language presents as we work against the tides of popular thought. Strategies for grappling with this internally and externally are welcome.
The examples of sloppy, or outdated language that constrains our thinking are legion. We've had some success with sexist, racist and ageist language. What am I addressing here is- what? Ill-informedist? Help me out here, folks.

  • desertrose Jan 07, 2013

    Could not agree more. I cannot figure out "turned up missing" what exactly does that mean? It's sad and what is even more unfortunate is that many, particularly the youth of today find this to be acceptable and correct you when you say it properly.
    There are too many to address but truly agree.
    Namaste and Happy New Year to all.

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    dustproduction Dec 24, 2012

    This is a much bigger problem than you are imaging. Have you read or listened to George Lakoff discuss is?


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    snapper Dec 23, 2012

    hi richardson,
    you are so right,the english language is becoming so poorly used in the written and spoken word that it will become virtually unrecognisable,
    we are already using single words that are meaningless to cover a wide range of thoughts, feelings and situations when there are so many authentic words that give the correct explanation of what we are saying.The QUALITY has become appalling ,and the BEAUTY harsh and witless.
    When I am having a conversation with somebody who is speaking in this offensive manner I will ask for a better explanation from them if the subject is worth pursuing, or i will point out that is not acceptable and give them my reasons why,quite often there reply will be that they agree with me, but,they continue to use the same words to explain why they agree with me, it has become so ingrained in them that it is impossible for them to stop.
    Texting is bringing our language to its knees, but it may also be the salvation of it, if the manufacturers of these devices included an upgrade of words when a shorthand word was entered prior to the text being sent,it would at least keep people in touch with the language.
    thank you for presenting this subject for discussion.

    regards snapper

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