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the three Rs (education)

Posted Dec. 4, 2012 by snapper in Open

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During my lifetime i have observed a radical change world wide in the education of our children ,when i was a boy there were many opportunities for
people of various accademic levels and skills to make there way successfully in the world,not only in there chosen profession but also acheiving great things in all aspects of life and become pillars of humanity.
Now all emphasis is based on a mad scramble to be number one in whatever vocation is chosen (no free will here) for a particular person , male or female , in all fields be it accademic, professional ,sport ,pollitical,law or any other pursuit you would like to mention, and the effect of this has brought out the worst in humanity ,we see violence ,exploitation ,hate,selfishness ,deciet ,subjucation ,neglect and all forms of treachery and abuse that is now accepted as normal behavior for a human being. ARE WE ALL INSANE ,ARE WE ALL GOING TO HELL IN A HANDCART, is this the way intelligent human beings are supposed to act ,i don't think so.

How do we get out of this mess ? i suggest that we need a restart of our education ,a new system that allows those with high accademic qualities to acheive thier potential but also give those ( who are not rocket scientists ) a fair go at having a meaningful part to play in life.
A little understanding ,empathy,equity ,cooperation ,intelligence ,enlightenment ,love etc., would be a good place to start .

The three Rs i refer to are RESPECT ,we all need to learn to respect not only our families ,freinds, teachers and all others beings on this planet not only in a physical manner but also with genenerous,peaceful and moral regard .

The second R is Responsibility, it is equally important to be accountable for our actions and our inactions , we need to stop laying blame for our failures on others or we will never grow to our potential of strong ,couragious ,thruthful and upstanding human beings.

The third R is REASON ,this is the most importantant , if there is no sound basis or rational thought on what we call knowledge the only results that appear are ignorance ,chaos ,confusion and gross stupidity.

I consider myself very fortunate to be living in a small stable democatic country but that does not mean that we are immune from many of the problems that less fortunate countries experience every day ,greed ,deceit ,hate ,violence, etc.are not strangers here.

Is it possible to overcome the poverty ,inequity and violence ,or do we just ignore it and hope that it will go away? We who are safe and secure in our little boxes, we can just turn a blind eye, and let the UNDESERVING POOR GO TO HELL !!! or can we ?


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