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The Chakra System - A Bridge Between Neuroscience and Neurotheology

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Part iii of Neuroscience Meets Neurotheology

The universe is an interactive matrix of the intelligent energy we call consciousness. Everything that experiences a physical existence must be made up of this intelligent energy because there is no other available building material. Everything that experiences a physical existence is therefore an awareness of information in formations that experience themselves as self aware identities.

No two of these identities are the same because every identity possesses a different awareness of itself and other selves based on its relative point of view or perspective through which it experiences the consciousness, or life, within its own dimension or density of vibratory levels of awareness.

In order to gain a greater understanding of this interactive matrix, a greater understanding of the virtual reality interfaces that connect our physical bodies to this matrix would be very helpful.

The physical human brain is one aspect of those interfaces that is responsible for processing and translating or interpreting information, received from polarized signals, being gathered by the sensors we call the five physical senses.

The five to ten percent of the brain we are using processes information contained in the signals according to the way we were taught to use the brain during our indoctrination process that we call childhood, and according to conscious as well as sub-conscious beliefs accumulated during this time of learning how to use our bodies and brains.

This process of indoctrination we call child rearing is actually much less than beneficial to the maintenance and growth, or evolution of the virtual reality interfaces that we must learn to either use or misuse to interact with our world.

Whether we are willing to admit it or not we indoctrinate our children by forcing them to accept our paradigm or worldview by imposing our beliefs upon them. Even though we mean well and are only attempting to teach them to excel in their navigation of our world, we still teach them how to view their world according to how we were taught to view ours.

This is what the Bible means when it says the “sins” of the father are passed down to the sons, even unto the seventh generation. We are very slow to evolve because of the dogmatic beliefs we have been taught to believe and which we continue to teach our children to believe.

Sin therefore may be re-translated as dogmatic false beliefs or the arrogant opinions we hold to be truth. Certain key words in the bible have been translated by us, in the past, in ways that actually produce and maintain beliefs and feelings of self-conscious low self esteem through which we identify ourselves.

Other key words from the Bible whose re-translation may help us to see ourselves and our world in a new way are redemption and salvation. The Bible is filled with passages that tell of a Divine Plan of both redemption and salvation that we have interpreted as a plan to save us from certain actions we call sin, however as we have seen, sin may be re-translated as beliefs that are in error and it is these beliefs that cause us to take the actions that we have translated as sins.

If we re-translate the word redemption to mean an exchange of something of little or no value or worth for something of real value and worth, and salvation to reflect a salvage operation whereby we restore something of worth, which was at some point lost to us, to it’s former state of value, then we may see this Divine Plan of Salvation and Redemption of humanity as a plan to restore us to an awareness of ourselves as loved and cherished parts of creation by helping us to relinquish our beliefs in ourselves as lowly unworthy sinners.

These re-translations, along with our previous re-translation of the word adultery can bring us to a new worldview that will work to unite us and produce an existence in a veritable garden of Eden in which we may become different, yet equal stewards of our world and share equally in its abundant resources.

We may re-translate the word “Divine” in this plan to express a “delightfully delicious, ecstatic and blissful plan” to restore us to a state of awareness of our own “holiness” which may also be re-translated as being “wholly integrated” in a state of mental and emotional “balance”, or a highly evolved spiritual state.

Might this kind of new worldview be beneficial to us all? Does anyone really believe “God” would mind if we re-translated words that are completely open to interpretation in a new way that could produce a world full of happy, healthy, functional individuals cooperating to create a new world?

So how do we actually come together as a species to create a peaceful new world? What will it take for us to make the choice, individually as well as a species, to cooperate in a transformation of our world?

Traditionally we have only come together in a spirit of cooperation at low points in which we have faced a danger of worldly proportions such as world war and the threat of being conquered by an “evil” power.

Today we are faced by many dangers of worldly proportions that we have ourselves produced by our own lack of awareness of our unity as a species, and yet we can’t agree on the scope and causes of these dangers because we choose to justify our actions and blame others for problems we ourselves, all of us, must eventually take responsibility for because we have, for many reasons, ignored the parts of ourselves responsible for the evolution of our awareness in the area of love and compassion.

We have ignored the signal in the format of Love that is always being radiated from the Source that we have misunderstood as “God”. The most revered of our ancestors have told us this in many ways but, we must admit, for whatever reasons we still haven’t gotten the message.

What is Love really? Is it an emotion so powerful that it causes us to “fall” for another person, sometimes changing us in ways over which we seem to have no control? What are emotions and why are they so powerful as to cause us to do things we would never normally do if not under their influence?

Is it possible that these powerful emotions that invoke powerful responses that seem to be beyond our ability to control are a result of some un-evolved universal virtual reality interface that we have not yet learned to use and control?

Is it possible that these powerful, uncontrollable emotions that are so powerful in our creation and experience of our reality are caused by an energetic system of transducers that transfer energy from a universal signal to our physical bodies in ways that we have not yet come to understand?

Is it possible that the energy centers eastern mystics have called “chakras” are much more than esoteric vortices existent only in the imaginations of yogis? Is it possible that a greater understanding of these energy centers might help us to make an evolutionary leap in consciousness to an awareness of ourselves as consciousness itself?

The importance of these centers has been, not only downplayed in western society, but demonized by western religions, and ridiculed by the mainstream of accepted scientific thought. As far as I can see they have not even been fully understood in the east.

These energy centers are mentioned in the Bible as the seven seals of the Revelations, and according to that account they are of the utmost importance in a transformation of our world from the influence of what it calls “anti-christ” to the influence of Christ, which may be seen as two opposing levels of self-awareness or consciousness.

A careful study of this energy system is too lengthy to get into here, however some highlights of not commonly known characteristics of these centers may be helpful.

There are seven major energy centers that reside meta-physically, or less than physically, in the same space as our physical bodies. Each of these centers is capable of receiving, transmitting, transforming, and/or amplifying the signals of the intelligent energy of consciousness.

Each center interfaces with the physical body through the glandular activities of the endocrine system. The chemical secretions of these glands are caused by the chakras and are, in fact, a form of communication between the chakras and our physical bodies.

We lack an awareness of this communication because of old paradigm patriarchal beliefs in a strictly masculine deity we call God. These beliefs came about partly as a result of our solar system moving into and through an area of space vibrating in the distorted level or density we call third dimension.

This dimension is representative of a dark age of consciousness awareness that has been called Kali Yuga in the east, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Adam and Eve story.

As a result of distorted levels of awareness in this dimension or dark age, our concept of the Creator became distorted as mysterious and superstitious and men began to create gods made of wood and precious metals and worshiped them in an effort to gain favor with these gods who they believed ruled the elements that influenced and sometimes dictated the necessities of life.

Our concepts of God are a result of a human psyche that lost all awareness of its connection to the Creator and devolved into a level of awareness of mystery, superstition, and ignorance of the unity that is consciousness.

We also lost all knowledge of the interfaces that connect us with the Creator, and the patriarchal worldview has kept us from evolving the parts of these interfaces that are feminine in polarity.

The energetic signals of the Source work through polarities. The signal we call light works through the masculine polarity and the signal we call love works through the feminine polarity.

Each of the energy centers of the chakra system exists in one color spectrum of the seven color spectrums of visible light and they alternate from masculine to feminine in their polarities.

The red ray center or base chakra is masculine. The orange ray center or navel chakra is feminine. The yellow ray center or solar plexus chakra is masculine. The green ray center or heart chakra is feminine. The blue ray center or throat chakra is masculine. The indigo ray center or brow chakra is feminine, and the violet ray center or crown chakra is masculine.

Each center has the ability to both transmit and receive energy or information, however, because of the polarities and our level of evolution, in the masculine centers the power of projection or transmission is emphasized and the power of reception is basically dormant.

In the feminine centers the power of reception is emphasized and the power of transmission is dormant, but because we have not allowed the feminine polarity to co-exist equally the feminine centers have not evolved in pace with the masculine.

By meditating on and contemplating the mysteries of this esoteric system, I noticed a pattern that turned out to be pivotal to understanding the energy dynamics of the centers and how they interface with one another to amplify or raise the vibrations of the energetic signals they transmit into our consensus reality.

Quite simply I noticed that all of the colors of the feminine centers are mixtures of the colors of the masculine centers directly above and below them. The color orange of the feminine navel chakra is a mixture of the red and yellow colors of the base chakra and the solar plexus chakra, the green of the heart chakra is a mixture of the yellow and blue of the solar plexus and throat chakras, and the indigo of the brow chakra or “third eye” is a mixture of the blue and violet of the throat and crown chakras.

This pattern turned out to be fundamental to a more complete understanding of these centers, and their effects on consciousness and our reality, than I could have ever have imagined to be possible.

Because of our repression and denial of the physical feminine polarity, as well as the mothering aspect of what we call God, the feminine energy centers have not evolved in balance with the masculine centers.

Since the feminine centers are responsible for the reception of information in the format or signal we call love, and the masculine centers are responsible for transmitting this information, after it has been interpreted or translated by the brain, this would mean that the color mixtures of the feminine centers are a product of the reception of the color energy of the masculine centers above and below them, because the reception capabilities of the masculine centers are, for the most part, dormant.

Our process of indoctrination, the way we were raised and the way we raise our children actually keep these centers’ opposing polarities and their abilities dormant. Our physical bodies, in their present state of evolution, are designed to open and activate the chakras, and their corresponding glands in a kind of time released fashion.

At or around the average age of fifteen months after birth the first or base chakra, which is perceived as red because it operates in the red ray spectrum of visible light, begins the process of opening and activating, and evolving the conscious awareness of the child, along with the corresponding gland and the emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

This is the point at which an infant begins to become aware of itself as a separate or individuated entity. The infant, the red ray energy center, and the gland evolve together in the red ray spectrum for approx. the first seven years of the childs life.

This red ray energy center is programmed for the survival of the physical body, and so, for the first seven years the child evolves in its abilities to survive, with the physical body subconsciously learning how to use energy, in the form of chemicals, to reproduce cells, build up the immune system by fighting off infections, and growing itself according to the blueprints provided in the DNA of the cells.

There are six other energy centers that are, as yet, inactive and along with the red ray center they constitute what may be understood as the emotional body. Since the other energy centers are inactive, the emotional body evolves in the red ray spectrum which is basically, at this point, all about survival.

The mental body, which is what we call mind, or intellect, evolves by learning to use the thought processor we call brain in ways that are also best suited for survival.

At around the age of seven, the second, sacral, or sexual chakra, or the orange ray energy center begins to open and activate and the child begins the process of becoming aware of itself as a sexual entity and starts to evolve its awareness of masculinity and femininity, or what we call polarities.

The red ray center, which is masculine in polarity, and the orange ray center which is feminine in its polarity begin to affect the growth and evolution of the child in opposite polarities which can be very confusing to it at this point, and because of the parents lack of awareness and understanding of the emotional body and the energy centers, the parent increases the childs confusion by teaching the beliefs that he or she was taught through his or her experiences during this stage of development

The colors of the energy centers correspond with the color spectrums of visible light. Just like a prism, which separates white light into seven different spectrums, our energy centers separate the energy we call light into the seven spectrums, each one transforming its color energy into forms of usable energy, which is in turn transformed into the chemical secretions of the endocrine system, which cause chemical reactions we experience as physical emotions.

Now, going back to the first seven years of life we may see that the red ray center is receiving red spectrum energy, but its emphasis is on the transmission or projection of masculine energy, so even though it is receiving red ray energy, the child is not necessarily learning to accept the energies of red ray, but learning to project it.

It doesn’t matter whether the child is male or female, for the first seven years of its life, it is learning to project masculine energy, or red ray energy that is infused with the masculine projecting qualities of the red spectrum of vibration, whose highest sub-density qualities are strength, and the ability to reproduce its body according to the perfection of the Divine blueprint contained in the DNA of every cell.

We, as parents not being aware of the emotional body and the energy dynamics that produce catalyst for the learning, growing, and strengthening – the evolving of the entity as a whole, in a healthy, balanced, functional way, begin to teach the child from day one, the separation of the polarities as masculine/feminine through the use of colors (pink/blue), toys, clothes, etc. and this teaching is not synchronous with the natural emotional process of evolution and the child is, in effect, being taught to be unbalanced and dysfunctional in its awareness and understanding of the energy that is the main factor of its reality, because from birth it is immersed in this emotional energy and naturally in synch with it until we teach it, intellectually, not to be.

This teaching which we assume to be necessary, because it was the same teaching we received as children, is actually confusing and paradoxical to the child, and especially so for the female child, since her energy is trying to teach her lessons of strength in the masculine red ray spectrum.

Even though the parents mean well, they don’t usually possess the data or information necessary to guide the child in ways that are synchronous with the natural, emotional and intuitive meta-physical process of evolution.

From birth we are taught to identify ourselves as the physical body. We believe the physical body is the central aspect of who and what we are when, in fact, it is a complex biological machine, an artificial intelligence, bio-transducing receiver and transmitter which the soul uses as an avatar to experience third dimensional life, which we experience as “reality”.

When the sexual chakra begins to open and activate around the age of seven, the orange spectrum energy begins to influence the child and immerse it in the Divine Feminine energy that is an accepting and allowing energy, or an energy whose emphasis is on receiving rather than transmitting.

For the first seven years the male child is allowed to experience, express, and project the natural masculine qualities of red spectrum energy (unless he is not), while the female child is Betty Crockerized and taught she is feminine and weak, or taught to repress her masculine energy and strength which is so far the totality of the energy she is immersed in, and so she learns intellectual teachings that are paradoxical, confusing and much more traumatic than we realize.

For the second seven years both male and female are introduced to emotional energy that is opposite in polarity which produces paradoxical and confusing emotions that are compounded by the intellectual teachings he or she receives from parents, teachers, and peers in their physical environments.

When the male child begins to be immersed in orange spectrum feminine energy, he is taught that it is not okay to cry, not okay to play with dolls, not okay to express any kind of feminine energy. He is basically taught that it is wrong to express or show any kind of interest in anything feminine.

If he does express the natural feminine energy which is flowing into him, he is called “sissy”, “tittie baby”, and sometimes even “pussy”, names which not only affect him negatively, but creates in him a distorted view of female sexual body parts, and a distorted, negative view of femininity and females in general.

Even before they begin to experience and express the confusing paradoxical emotions we call puberty, we teach them that it is not okay for them to express themselves naturally. We teach them that it is not okay for them to experience the exhilarating joy of running around naked. We teach that it is not okay to exhibit or touch certain body parts.

We keep ourselves covered and hide our sexuality from our children, and so, even though we mean well, we teach them to become sexually dysfunctional, not realizing that we are teaching them the exact opposite of what the emotional body is trying to teach them.

Children are sponges, soaking up knowledge by observing their environments, and we as parents are the closest thing to a god in our childrens lives and they worship and adore us, and seek to emulate our actions and behaviors, and when we hide our bodies and our sexuality completely from them, what they are noticing and learning is that, for some reason, they are not like us, for some strange reason they have desires to do things that we parents don’t do.

Because we hide the natural behaviors that our children naturally desire to experience and express, they learn that these desires are wrong and that there must be something wrong with them and we enforce these teachings by teaching our own sexual dysfunctions, and our children are being taught to see themselves in a negative light, to develop a love/hate relationship with their bodies, which they see as themselves, and develop a bad, wrong, or negative self image that is made even worse by the gangly awkward stages the body goes through during puberty.

This negative self image and resulting low self esteem will color, distort, and negatively influence the ego personalities behaviors and actions for the rest of its life if it doesn’t learn to balance its energy through the allowing, accepting, Loving energy of the Divine Feminine emotional body.

At around the age of fourteen the solar plexus chakra begins to open and activate and immerse the teen in yellow ray spectrum masculine energy that seeks to teach power and will, and because of its low self esteem and negative self image, the teen begins to learn to control and manipulate others in ways that are meant to cause others to see them as better than they see themselves, and so what we show as love toward others is basically an attempt, albeit distorted, to love ourselves through others.

The first three chakras or energy transformers are the three main emotional centers that we use to determine our reality. These three centers open and activate automatically because they are necessary to the survival of the individual as well as the survival of the species. They are basically about survival through power and will.

These first three centers form an energetic system that is meant to provide us with the strength and hardiness to survive the rigors of experience in third dimensional “reality”.

When these three centers are open and active in a healthy, balanced, and functional way they act as a united symbiotic system in which the feminine orange ray center, whose emphasis is on accepting, allowing and receiving the energy of the signals, or the information or data embedded in the orange ray spectrum, actually transmits red ray energy to the base chakra, and yellow ray energy to the solar plexus chakra, and receives red ray from the base chakra and yellow ray energy from the solar plexus chakra, and this symbiotic sharing of energy in turn empowers all three and makes them clearer, more powerful receivers and transmitters.

As a result of this balancing the glands produce and secrete chemicals that are more balanced and healthier, chemicals that produce higher vibration emotions and the child evolves to be stronger with more vitality and greater creativity. The child becomes a better translator and learns that sharing, and the power and will of cooperation, empowering self and others is what works to create a healthier happier environment.

Because we have not really tried to understand the symbiotic relationship between our physical and meta-physical bodies, we have overlooked this information, and thus we are not aware that a greater truth about ourselves exists, and so it may as well not exist as far as we are concerned.

Because we teach our children our distorted, dysfunctional, adulterated views of sexual energy, sexuality, and their bodies, and force them to conform to our view of reality, we unknowingly teach them the opposite of what the Divine Feminine Holy Spirit is trying to teach through the emotional body, and as a result they become emotionally and mentally confused and the chemicals secreted by the glands of the endocrine system only serve to confuse them even more.

When we ignore or repress our emotions we are ignoring and repressing information or data that is meant to help us evolve in a healthy, happy, functional way, and so we may see that we unknowingly teach our children to evolve, intellectually, in unhappy, unhealthy, dysfunctional ways, just the opposite of what we wish for them.

We teach our children to be “normal” rather than natural and this teaching is far more traumatic to our children than we realize.

Any time a child experiences any kind of trauma that they don’t understand and don’t know how to deal with, and we teach them to ignore and repress their traumatic emotions, the emotional memory of this experience is stored in the emotional body and because of these traumatic emotional experiences that are not processed, the emotional body does not evolve in balance with the mental body and this un-evolved emotional body becomes what we call the “inner child”.

If the trauma is so severe that it cannot be processed either emotionally or mentally, the mental body creates what is called an alter ego by assigning the memories of these traumatic experiences to the realm of the subconscious mind where it cannot be accessed by the conscious mind, and so, neither the emotional nor intellectual memories are accessible to our conscious minds and we lose our awareness that this severely traumatic experience ever happened.

When this happens, the memories of all the available sensory input or data present at the time of the experience is stored subconsciously as well, and because of this, sometimes, something as seemingly insignificant as a certain sound, or certain smell can trigger subconscious memories to surface, either emotional memories that cause anxiety, fears, and irrational behaviors, or intellectual memories that can bring an alter ego to the fore of consciousness awareness and assign the usual ego consciousness or personality to the realm of the subconscious, usually temporarily, and this is what we call split personalities.

Sometimes our emotional bodies become so blocked that emotional energy is dammed up, and the dammed up energy center releases pressure by “venting” and we experience anxieties and fears that can cause us to rant and rave like lunatics and exhibit irrational behaviors which we blame on the people around us, or hormones.

However, irrational behaviors, as well as hormones are simply effects, and the cause of these effects are blocked energy centers as a result of our adulterated, dysfunctional, distorted beliefs and the way we view ourselves and our world.

Our emotional bodies communicate information or data to the feminine, right hemisphere of our brains in ways that we misunderstand as intuitive, because the emotional body does not speak or understand English, or any other human language. It uses a language of feelings that we don’t understand. We don’t speak its language because it communicates in a format that we have misunderstood as Love.

Because we have not learned to understand this type of communication, it cannot be translated to the masculine left hemisphere of the brain, and thus we can’t translate into human language, so not only can we not communicate it, we can’t even hold it in our minds, or understand it, or make it fit into our belief systems or our social agreements.

Because we have not learned that what we call death is a natural part of the process we call life, and that death is simply a doorway through which we pass from third dimensional physical “reality” to meta-physicality or Spirit, we teach our children, and ourselves to fear death, and in teaching this fear and the beliefs and behaviors we think we need in order to “survive”, we inadvertently teach limitations, socially agreed upon boundaries, and conditional love.

We don’t realize that the systems of reward and punishment which we use to teach our children to conform to our view of reality teach the children that when they exhibit certain behaviors, think certain thoughts, say certain words, or believe certain beliefs they become either worthy and deserving of Love, or unworthy and undeserving of Love.

Even though we don’t mean to teach them that they are unworthy and undeserving of Love, because of a lack of data, this is how they process the information we are trying to impart to them.

Because we have been taught to be emotionally and mentally unbalanced, our translations distort the energies that we receive and cause us to transform and transmit the lower energies of confusion and disharmony, rather than the higher energies of Love and Harmony, and we transmit or radiate these confusing disharmonic energies to everyone and everything around us, as well as into the collective unconscious consensus reality.

Because we have been taught to ignore, denigrate, misuse, and abuse everything feminine, we have been taught to be more powerful transmitters of confused, disharmonic masculine energy, and less powerful receivers of harmonic Divine Feminine energy, and thus more distorted translators and transformers of the data and information streaming in from what we misunderstand as the Holy Spirit.

Our worldly confusion and disharmony is a direct result of the Roman campaign of terror that stamped out the Gnostics, or early Christians and all remembrance of the truth of the Divine Feminine Holy Spirit, and instituted a distorted religion that we believe in as Christianity today, which distortions were meant to keep control and power in the hands of men who believe in the ability to own, control, and manipulate everything in their world, including people, and most especially women.

Because of this we have been taught a distorted view of the Holy Trinity as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, rather than Father/Mother/Son or Daughter in order to masculinize our view of almost everything good or “Godly”.

We have been taught to believe that the Source stopped talking to humanity during the last millennium, but the truth is that humanity has been interfered with in its evolution through teachings that have distorted our ability to receive and translate new information which has caused us to lose the awareness of our ability to “see” and “hear”, so, in effect we have simply stopped listening.

In the time of Jesus, those who received Gnostic data and information regularly meditated. Many stories of revelations, inspirations, and visions in the bible begin with the words “I was in the spirit” which is a good description of the meditative alpha state.

Any teachings about meditation, as well as such concepts as re-incarnation and the Divine Feminine aspect of God were purposely removed, confused, distorted, or otherwise adulterated in the teachings which have been passed down to us.

Today, Christian preachers regularly teach the importance of prayer, which is talking to God, or transmitting, yet they have completely lost the awareness of the importance of listening, or meditating.

In fact, most actually demonize the eastern concept of meditation and this demonization teaches us to fear listening, and keeps us from practicing being in the spirit which could help us to become clearer, better receivers.

If we are both receivers and transmitters, and we completely ignore the receiving half of ourselves and our abilities, what does this say about the information we are transmitting?

We basically receive and re-transmit, over and over, old worn out data and information because we ignore our ability to receive and translate new information and data.

We think we “see” what we see, and we think we “know” what we know, but everything we think we see and everything we think we know are simply perceptions based on our beliefs about “reality” which are basically taught to us by others.

Our inability to accept, receive, and balance the feminine aspects of ourselves has allowed us to come to believe that being right is more important than truth, or as our ancestors put it, we are an adulterous generation, and I don’t mean sexually.

By the age of twenty one, the average age at which the heart chakra, or green ray spectrum energy center should begin to open and activate, we have already learned to repress the reception of feminine energy, and remember, the green ray is feminine, and we have been taught a distorted view of masculinity and taught to transmit distorted, adulterated masculine energy, so the reception of green ray energy is minimalized and what green ray energy we do receive is used to cause others to see us as “better” than we see ourselves.

Green Ray spectrum energy is the energy of abundance, and abundance is the all-inclusive supply of Divine (delightfully delicious ecstatic and blissful) Love. So, at the time when we should be learning to share the joys of Divine Love and Abundance, we learn instead to control and manipulate others to make them love us. In effect, we are learning the lack of abundance, or scarcity of conditional love.

We project (transmit) an unauthentic, distorted image of ourselves to the outer world and repress the parts of ourselves that we don’t like, or the parts of ourselves that we view as unworthy, unlovable, bad, wrong, etc. and by not having learned to be authentic to our truth, without judgment or condemnation, we create what has been called our “shadow” self which is our negative, self-conscious, ego awareness.

Now, when two people meet and “fall” in love, both are usually projecting an unauthentic image to the other, and repressing the shadow image. Both people are trying to experience love for their selves through the other. Both people “need” the other to love them because they have been taught not to love themselves. They have been taught through paradoxical teachings that their true selves are unlovable, or unworthy of love.

Most people don’t know that Love is an energy that is flowing through a transformer and being translated through chemical reactions into the emotional energy we experience as joy. This energy is flowing from within us, but because we aren’t aware of this fact, we see the other person in our love relationship as the source of this joy, when in truth the other person is simply a catalyst who sees you as lovable and causes you to open yourself up to the flow of joy.

In the beginning of a personal love relationship both people are receiving and transmitting joy, which produces a natural flow of joy. If, for some reason, we stop either the transmitting or receiving aspect of this energy, we stop the natural flow and the joy eventually fades.

If a person who subconsciously believes his or her self to be unlovable or unworthy of love meets another person who sees them as lovable and worthy of love, which causes them to open their self to the flow of joy, and this person mistakenly believes the other person to be the provider or source of this joy, then he or she will naturally become dependent on the other to continue providing that joy that he or she is not capable of providing for themselves.

The longer we are in a relationship, the harder it becomes to keep the shadow self repressed, and the more authentic each person becomes, the less the needs and expectations of the other are being met, and the reception and transmission of love, or the flow of joy is shut down, and the two people eventually “fall” out of love.

What we call love is a temporal flow of joy based on, and dependent of, mutual need fulfillment, and it takes an incredible amount of patience, communication, cooperation, and work to make this kind of relationship last, and yet this kind of relationship, which we call marriage, can be seen as a holy relationship because if both partners come to see the relationship as self defining, and learn to use the experiential catalyst provided by the other as opportunities for growth, then both may learn to become more wholly integrated with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies of Spirit.

If only one partner comes to see the relationship in this way, and outgrows the other, then the relationship will probably fail, as well it should, for betrayal of the authentic self is the highest form of betrayal.

The more balanced and functional the first three receiver/transmitter energy centers become, the more the heart chakra is able to open and activate. It is basically dependent on the “image and likeness” we have subconsciously of the creator, ourselves and our world, or our worldview based on the consensus reality of our collective unconscious.

As I stated earlier, the first three receiver/transmitter energy centers form one energetic system, and when properly balanced and functional are responsible for receiving and transmitting the Power and Will of our greater self. We may understand this energetic system as a Trinity of Power.

The next higher energetic system is what we may understand as the Trinity of Love. This energetic trinity consists of the masculine yellow ray spectrum energy center called the solar plexus chakra, the feminine green ray spectrum energy center called the heart chakra, and the masculine blue ray spectrum energy center called the throat chakra.

This energetic system, or Trinity of Love is responsible for the sharing of the abundance of all inclusive supply that is unconditional Love that is being radiated, or transmitted to us from our greater self or oversouls, and is dependant upon the balance of the Trinity of Power because the solar plexus chakra, or yellow ray energy center is a member of both trinities, and is where we learn to surrender to the Will of the Greater Consciousness.

The solar plexus chakra or yellow ray energy center is the highest vibration energy of the Trinity of Power, and at the same time, the lowest of the Trinity of Love, and this is why the opening of the heart chakra is dependant on the balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies flowing through the trinity of power.

Even the eastern traditions of yogic studies of the chakra system, and the corresponding “new age” beliefs or western understandings of this energetic emotional body have been distorted in ways meant to downplay the importance of the Divine Feminine.

The energetic system we call the emotional body is basically a trinity of trinities that, when properly balanced, lead us to the mental body realization of our wholeness, our oneness, our realization of Unity that allows us to come to understand and use Universal Law to create whatever we desire to create.

The ability of avatar beings like Jesus to perform what we misunderstand as miracles is simply the ability to use the Power of Non-local Consciousness through Universal Law to manifest the intelligent energy of infinite intelligence into physicality without the passage of what we misunderstand as time.

Our confused and distorted views of everything feminine have been purposely instituted during our passage through the localities of space infused with the lower energies of what has been called the Kali Yuga, or dark age, in order to keep us from the saving grace of the Divine Feminine energies of the Holy Spirit so that we may be kept enslaved within a belief trap of separation that the Bible calls “anti-christ”, the opposite of Christ or Unity Consciousness.

The blue ray spectrum energy of the masculine throat chakra is the energy of sacred translation and transmission of unconditional Love. It is from this center that we first become capable of expressing unconditional love out into our world.

The energy of this center is the highest of the Trinity of Love, and the lowest of the Trinity of Wisdom.

The opening, activation, and balancing of this center is what causes the pineal gland to begin its mutation and begin to open and activate the power called the gift of Sacred Translation, and how well you are able to translate the information flowing in from the higher sources is dependant on how well the two lower trinities are balanced in the reception and transmission of the energy of Love flowing through the lower chakras.

The eastern and new age views of the chakra system and the symbolism of the Divine Feminine as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine are a result of the genetic and psychic manipulations of dark path hierarchies confusing and distorting the energies of the Divine Feminine.

These genetic and psychic manipulations have caused us to evolve our physical bodies along with a reptilian brain stem, and evolve our emotional and mental bodies in distortions meant to make the dark path ascension easier to attain, and allow the dark path hierarchies greater opportunities to confuse and inhibit those working for the greater good of the Light path ascension.

We are taught by this philosophy that the so-called kundalini energy must be manipulated and controlled in order to cause it to move up the spine to open and activate the chakras. However, if we remember that any form of manipulation and control is the work of the dark path, and the complete and total freedom or free will of unconditional Love is the work of the Light path, we may come to see that this control and manipulation is not really necessary.

The realization of Unity, Freedom, Interdependence, and Love, and the balance of the polarities allows the energy of the Source to work through this energetic system through our surrendering of the ego need to be in control, and this energy will naturally move up the spine in its own time, and its own way.

  • A I Jul 14, 2012

    I was raised in a hard core scientific family. Have loved science since a bairn.
    Also I loved metphysics, philsophy and religions and history.
    So, always thre was a division in me.
    I respect most the hard sciences and physchology and neuro science and meidicne I am eh, they are kinda so so as, well, they aren't as sturdy as phsyics and so forth.
    In my 20's I had some changes in consciosuness which I kept to myself as I was in a scientiific family, mostly doctors. But so, I put me in a spot. I had no crediblliy. Instantly.
    Residual cultural rifts from Dogmatic literism of the catholic chruch in earlier centuries, that set religion and science at odds and cause a trepidation in hte collective midn of sciences, or the empiricl studies based on the scientific methodology.
    So often per spritual things, science was not skeptical which is merely beign cautious, but open, but closed.
    Problem is it's effected by a few limits, it's tools of measure and also the goals of the scietists, their subjective motives. which is normal.
    I recall years ago they coudl stimulate deja vous from electodes in a certain center of the brain and such things you mention.
    In my 30's when i finally came out about my experience, my family was cruel, but I over time, when situations arose, found some situations to show them expeirientially that it was not limted to my brain chemistry.
    Chakras, which I call medians, since, from my experience are valid. I saw your mention of level of the brain, startign with the stem that dealt with a hierarchy of intellgience and it made sense as the median system works the same.
    to convince anyone without experience is poitness. We beleve that which gives us security to beleive, as they form the foundation of our reality. so we protect them and defend them emotionally.
    I agree with alot of neroscience, and also a have seen thorug my own experience that, alot of the spirtual side, is valid.
    I am a die hard skeptic. Thus I try to emphasize what I say often is opinion, or from experience. I first of all question my own beleifs, as it's healthy. Plus I've been wrong. The mind and knowledge comes from limit.
    So in a way I agree with parts of the opinions of both parties previos to my opinion.
    I cherish the freedom to think freely, and repect it in others.
    In written history, weve constantly revised our opinions of what is reality.
    But that we dont' know for sure.....is so improtant.
    I have my own interests that I am passioate in. I hope they have value, I am not sure. I feel they do but I'm not sure.
    I knwo that the brain is technolgoy, albeit organic. Alot liek a computer. the body self repairs and builds a compelx thingy from two cells.
    Doctors often cut, posion or remove that which inhibits life or whatevr it is from doing it's thing. They dont' do the healing they aid in it. So there's that mechnism that religates life, or order, that seems to balance out entropy.

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    dustproduction Jul 14, 2012

    While I am not all that familiar with those that write about Neurotheology, such as the book by neuroscientific research, Eugen Drewermann, it seems to be used incorrectly here, "neuroscience vs neurotheology".
    Isn't neurotheology simple the the neuroscience of religion or spiritual neuroscience? What needs bridging here?
    Actually, where is the neuroscience here?
    Re: "five to ten percent of the brain we are using processes information". Simply not scientific to say this

    Some notes:
    Researchers in the field attempt to explain the neurological basis for religious experiences, such as:

    The perception that time, fear or self-consciousness have dissolved
    Spiritual awe
    Oneness with the universe
    Ecstatic trance
    Sudden enlightenment
    Altered states of consciousness

    Aldous Huxley used the term neurotheology for the first time in the utopian novel "Island." The discipline studies the cognitive neuroscience of religious experience and spirituality. The term is also sometimes used in a less scientific context or a philosophical context. Some of these uses, according to the mainstream scientific community, qualify as pseudoscience. Huxley used it mainly in a philosophical context.

    A 2011 study by researchers at the Duke University Medical Center found hippocampal atrophy is associated with older adults who report life-changing religious experiences, as well as those who are "born-again Protestants, Catholics, and those with no religious affiliation.

    Research by Mario Beauregard at the University of Montreal, using fMRI imaging of Carmelite nuns, has purported to show that religious and spiritual experiences include several brain regions and not a single 'God spot'.

    An attempt to marry a materialistic approach like neuroscience to spirituality attracts much criticism. Some of the criticism is philosophical, dealing with the potential irreconcilability between science and spirituality, while some is more methodological, dealing with the issues of studying an experience as subjective as spirituality.

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