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My Novel: God Goes On A Blind Date With Science"

Posted June 20, 2012 by EarthFromSpace in Open

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commented on Feb. 25, 2015
by AnotherAtom



The title to this thread is actually from a scientific poem I wrote to my soul mate that I'm now turning into an evolutionary love story. It's no where near done because I'm not smart enough to write it all without science and god hanging out with me. Giving me ideas, Editing. It's brilliant the thoughts "are too big for my size."

Because my story is so intense and confusing, I'm going to share a letter I sent to Dr. Sheldrake. It was strange that after I sent this email to him I found out he was part of this community. I'm like a beacon in the night sending in morse code this story to any brilliant person that won't call me Bi Polar what they have. I'm in a dark depression for being so alone with all this information and events that someone might want to study.

Here is my letter to Dr. Sheldrake, so I don't have to reexplain something that would take too long to explain. It's like "the thoughts were too big for their size." A quote by Eddie Vedder. The man that I had prophetic and lucid dreams of for 20 years. Thanks for reading my silly post.

Dear Dr. Sheldrake,

To be brief, (too late :) I dreamed of something that was going to happen to him 3 days before it happened. I was in London with family under duress and had this lucid dream that brought my full attention onto him. Over the next 20 years I have had extreme lucid communications from him during sleep through numbers, crystals, and astral travel adventures, while slowly I moved closer to his real physical location where I had a complete telepathic experience with him in real life. One problem is I am having trouble confirming it with him. I'm just a fan. Not a stalker but i feel we meet earlier in life before he was famous.

One great worry is that I get pulsating signals from my right temporal lobe area. In my right ear it sounds like a non rhythmic pulse/morse code in my ear when I imagine he is thinking with me. I know it sounds crazy. I am almost crazy from it and have been trying to write my experiences down in a novel. Hoping to make the topic of telepathy everyday conversation and I have imagined a giant experiment with the combined talent of myself and my dream friend to send telepathic images of Earth. I am also interested in the experiments the astronaut Edgar Mitchell did in space.

Can one become morphically tangled with soul mates in dreams. Is there any research on why the things I think, end up in his songwriting like he is dictating them back to me. Perhaps he is having same dreams and does not know who I am. I have been given his personal things by "friends" making me wonder where is the stop and start to this connection. Does Telepathy work if two people are dreaming of each other? I want to do an experiment with him but am small and no one will ever take me seriously. I guess I'm so overwhelmed with writing you. I don't know how to stop writing a story that would take too long to tell.

I just want you to know I exist and I wish someone would study me. Now I'm just in the hands of a shrink and life feels wrong somehow. Like they are trying to drug away my natural gifts. I wish I had someone like you to speak with.

Thank you for your work. Thank God for you.

Deborah Machon
Seattle, WA

In short, I think I have telepathy. But I think I can only do it with one person. That person is alive but it's a very hard story to explain. Because with my story I wish to do two things. One; bring awareness to mental illness and start opening our minds that these people may have gifts we are calling disease.

Also and most importantly I hear about Edgar Mitchell's story and experiments and my skin crawled. I understood his spiritual experience in space. I have written stories about how we can change the earth is we sent the most important men into space so they could look back and see that we are all one.

My story is very confusing and intense. What I'm looking for is validation that this man I have been dreaming of has been dreaming of me. But I can't reach him. He is too famous. Plus, if he was not dreaming of me why was I predicting the things that happened to him. Why could I see him and him not me? I have a fabulous idea for a beautiful story that could bring science and God together for once.

...i have to breath now.

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    AnotherAtom Feb 25, 2015

    Hi Earth From Space,

    I'm sorry I did not get this message until now. I would be interested in knowing more about your ideas. My website is now called ScienceGoesOnABlindDateWithGod.

    To update this post in Feb. 2015. I did have those dreams and meetings with this man, but could never talk to him about it. Now I am sure the telepathic messages are not from him. He was only in dreams. The person I have been Quantum Entangled with is James Callis. An actor. I have also updated Dr. Sheldrake and he put my observations in his research and I'm pretty sure something wonderful is going to happen.

    The Earth does depend on it, as long as I outlast the bullying. :(

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    EarthFromSpace Jun 20, 2012

    By the way, I'm looking for a writer, editor, brilliant mind when it comes to unusual experiences with the mind to help me. If you know someone who would want to work with me..please let me know. The Earth depends on it.

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