Human Life 101: Practical Applications.

Posted April 1, 2012 by parker in Open

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Learning how we manifest our daily reality is fun and easy, if tackled with an open mind. Innate wisdom will enable us to manifest and accomplish most anything we want. Many such things would seem to be “noetic” experiences, if another explanation was not readily available.

For example, in studying memory related to reading retention, academics using conventional reading methods, were found they could barely retain 30% to 40% of what they read at conventional reading rates of about 150 to 170 words per minute. Advanced traditional speed-readers retained about 35% to 55% of what they read at a rate of up to about 4,500 words per minute. Believe it or not, your mind is capable of easily learning how to retain nearly 80% of what it can read at rates close to 65,000 words per minute. This is simple to explain, and equally simple to understand.

Or, you can quickly learn to be a successful healer, by which you can effectively help your body heal itself, or help others to help their bodies heal themselves of virtually any disease or affliction, so long as you are not seeking or attempting to gain some extraordinary or unique powers to heal.

Likewise, if you desire to train horses or dogs for example, you can easily learn how to become a horse or dog whisperer, so long as you do not expect to be able to ‘make’ a horse or dog do anything. You will not succeed by asking either, rather the truth is in simply allowing the animal to serve you in precisely the manner and by doing exactly the things that you most desire it to do, for this privilege to be of service, is the animals’ purpose and greatest desire as well. Evidence abounds that this too, is simple to explain and easy to do.

Or if you wish simply to increase your awareness of knowledge or to experience the memories of past lives, this also is easy to learn. You may choose to wait for your next "noetic" experience to accidentally occur, which will merely be a recognition of your natural, but otherwise latent potential, or you may choose to accept being a ’live’, and commence doing, what you and everyone else, is capable of always doing with the life that is in them.

If you can imagine what you desire to learn, or what you desire to manifest, then you can easily learn what you need to fulfil those desires. What appears to many now as “noetic” experience, will with modest learning, become your everyday norm.


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