Light Body creation Primer "one" grounded method

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Date: 2/25/2012


Grounded method


"LIGHT BODY" creation and the preparation of joining 2 or more LIGHT nodes .
Written for all IONS members and Larry Davis Experiment 2012
Using light portals for communication project
IONS private home experiment.
I started this research project in India with several students and myself here in the USA using Face book.
We are currently running experiments in communicating using the Universal Mind and the light body ascension.
This project has 26 members in IONS candidates( those students who are seeking new information about IONS )
and 24 members in the Members only group that have joined IONS.

Member of www.noetic.org
Primer by earth science research center
Larry Davis publications USA
You can copy, print, share, this with anyone any time.

Based on what BHASKAR has posted at Face book I am going to ask that I use this as an opening to have him understand he is not crazy.
You are experiencing things you JUST KNOW right? Join the crowd brother.....
Favorite Quotations
"Suffering has been stronger than all other teachings. I have been bent & broken but- I Hope- Into a better shape"
*You just have to keep believing
If you stop
Everything really is over*
*The whole of mankind will soon awaken to its conscious state of mind to realize how brutally they were lied to & manipulated from the education system to the food we consume, We have been genetically altered & programmed to be slaves of the elite, wait & watch how things in the near future will turn out to be*

We are leaving the matrix today and evolving into creatures of light and knowledge.
To experience something new we must breath out old ideas that something is impossible.
And at that time we can visualize the new world of portals of truth opening every day.
Here I will present only ONE of the many ways to break away from the matrix of our every day lives.

This is a primer, that will explain a series of events happening on the planet and why you are experiencing phenomenon you cannot explain.

The student must understand the basic skills of meditation practices.
That is to say, you don't have to be a master at mediation but, by all means only through deep meditation will one be able to experience the bliss of the "LIGHT BODY". And its transcendence with others at higher frequencies.

( find a comfortable place sit in a chair.......... Feet flat on floor.... .... (this is important).
Visualize a cord attached to both your feet and the Earth's surface.
Also another cord attached from your tailbone to the earth surface .
This is a common mode of grounding , it is important to do this so if you attempt "mind travel" you can follow the cord back if you get lost in INNER space. And you can get lost in there.
Understand ?
If you understand go on with this exercise . If not don't go on re read the above OK?

Close your eyes and do the following exercise)

OK read first ........then close your eyes...........just checking to ''" see""" if you are paying attention......ha ha..

Take three very deep breaths and read on. Feet flat on floor, back straight. Relax.
So to start I will take you on a journey into your mind by asking you to follow me here, as you read my words you are becoming very relaxed.
Wiggle your toes and feel them relaxing. Your toes are relaxing, now, your feet flat on floor are relaxing also.
First the left then the right foot relaxing. VERY relaxed.
Do you feel it ? GOOD
Now allow your ankles to relax.... And your lower legs, with your knees, .....all so relaxed,,,,,rest....
Allow the relaxation to spread up your thighs and across your lower abdominal area .
Allow the relaxing feeling to travel up your back as you visualize all your internal organs working properly.
Your neck and head are relaxing,,,,,,, your eye brows, your ears,, all relaxed now.
Can you feel it?
Now visualize a small ball of light just before you .
Allow the ball of light to enter your heart and slowly begin to expand it.
As it expands visualize another ball of light in front of you and allow it to enter your pineal gland in the middle of your brain.

This is the gland in humans which controls communication ( and other things) at higher frequencies other than the speed of light.
Even light at 196,000 MPS does not travel at the frequency of our minds.
Instant mind travel is a portal because it is omnipresent ( everywhere at once) so it is in you and I at the same TIME.

( the light will not hurt you , it is part of the" universal mind")
And so are YOU.
Allow the light to enter now.
Allow it to expand slowly. As it expands look down and see your self as a light body .
SIT STILL do not move.
Just visualize yourself as a sitting light body. ( this photo is correct if you prefer this position).
DNA is being activated through portals in our chakras standing in light
***************************************see this ***************************8

Relax as long as you can and enjoy the new frequency.
When you are done resting in the new energy of light..........*************
Slowly allow the light to retract back into your body and exhale the light back into the universe from which it came .
Open your eyes ...............slowly.....
YOU have just created your own light body.

Once you have accomplished this task another PRIMER will be sent to you. It will prepare you for the next journey .
But wait , as they say on TV adds.......you must contact me if you want me to post the Primer two here also.
It is this.

Amended 2/25/12 11AM

This is a primer to explain the joining of 2 or more light nodes.
This is an experiment to connect and unite global human energy.
Written for all IONS members and Larry Davis Experiment 2012
Using light portals for communication project
IONS home project.
Primer by earth science research center
Larry Davis publications USA
You can copy, print, share, this with anyone any time
DNA structure developing from human light body There was a photo here.you will have to got to



  • KYRANI Mar 01, 2012

    @ Larry.
    Thanks for all those links. I will set to work and have a look at them. I realize now what you are saying. I have a light body already.

  • Larry Davis Feb 29, 2012

    now I am not trying to sell you anything or convince you of anything that would jeopardize your beliefs.
    before you jump into a light body just remember once you even know about that it is a possibility that you can create one is forever going to be in your mind. now that you are aware of the possibility you will be so compelled to seek out more information and the more you seek the more you will find.

  • Larry Davis Feb 29, 2012

    another link to make people question why?
    Goes with photo rainbow

    make up your own reasons

  • Larry Davis Feb 29, 2012

    this one for good reading
    any of these links should keep you busy unless you are into seeking new and old things about our evolution.
    I dont even propose to know it all. I am a seeker always learning. The more I learn the bigger the mystery.
    so the title NOETICSTUDENT in my e mail address
    thanks for looking at all this.
    see this also
    Create light body


  • Larry Davis Feb 29, 2012

    next i would recomend
    Light body and DNA


  • Larry Davis Feb 29, 2012

    I will post one or 2 at a time first one

  • KYRANI Feb 29, 2012

    @ Larry I am interested to see what information you will post.

  • Larry Davis Feb 27, 2012

    I am gathering some information for you on your questions about light nodes...each chakra is ( can be) a light node.
    Each light node can be energized by thought ( your own). and in some cases by others.thoughts.( I coach Special Olympics Roller Skating at 72 yrs old so I use this every day) energize the chakras with light from inside you, radiate light from each node (chakra).
    It is these light nodes that can join each other in the cosmic eternal bliss inside your mind.
    now the mental images i am going to send you by way of links will show you an artists conception of what can be done to create these light nodes.
    > I will post more info ASAP. I will have to write out the idea of "global human energy" for you. briefly it is just what it says.
    The energy that we control in the light body can find and join other light bodies to combine human energy . once that is done the minds join also eventually and two minds are better than one at everything. Healing, working, visualizing. most important VISUALIZING .
    that is the secret to all of this mind body/ light body / shape shifting/ phenomenon .
    I will be posting links for you here soon and yes our light bodies may be the same as your prescription body or blueprint it can mind travel or expand thru time and space inside space.

  • KYRANI Feb 27, 2012

    @ Larry, what you call a Light Body I think is the same as what I call a blueprint. It is a body that we all have and which contains all the information that has made us and all the amendments that have changed us. You can make any ammendments that you want to your own blueprint. This is the essential part of my mental prescriptions. I also found that I essentially use my blueprint in distal travel.

    Anyway let's move on, what are the light nodes you're talking about? And what do you mean by "unite global human energy"?

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