Do you believe you were placed on Earth for a purpose (or two)?

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If so, have you followed through?

Beyond these questions, ponder your sense of belongingness—to others, to yourself.

  • KYRANI Jan 19, 2012

    @ mrmathew1963
    It is not enough for one person here and one there to be doing good work. It is vital that all humane people join together to bring about change. Evil people only succeed when good people do nothing.

  • KYRANI Jan 18, 2012

    @ ProtectiveAngel cont.
    I invite you to "jump in and help" but I cannot promise you an "easy ride". Yes I can help you survive and get stronger but it is the big dipper ride of your life. I will continue to post at the website I gave at Kyrani99 at Wordpress.com and I will give solutions to the problems I describe so that you and others like you can see how to protect yourselves so that you don't have to stumble and fall and pick yourself up again to learn from it and go on to be stronger. You get the benefit of my experience. I am also working on an eBook because I got too much info to put into blogs.
    "ALSO, prayer! Lots of it" sure and that is what my mental prescriptions that I will describe soon are essentially about. When we ask of the Universe we are given without fail and even in the face of the enemy but it is best to be specific. We get more out of prayer when we are specific so knowing what is done and understanding even in broad strokes what happens in the body is a very important first step. Once you know then you are in the driver's seat.
    Healing yourself is cool, but try REACHING OUT WITH YOUR MIND TO HEAL THE WORLD.
    This is not simply about healing yourself it is about healing all those that are humane, non-toxic in the world no matter what country they are in and fight and destroying evil everywhere!
    Still interested? Take your time, you need to feel certain in your heart-mind and then make your move.
    sincerely, Kyrani.

  • KYRANI Jan 18, 2012

    @ ProtectiveAngel
    Yes I do believe God is with me, helping me. I believe it because of innumerous events in my life. I have been involved in the exposure of evil for actively 12 years and they have used every means they could find to destroy me and every time they failed. God helps me and more than that shows me that I am an avatar, an instrument that God to bring the truth to light. And I know that the people who join in will also be protected because now I know how to advise them but more importantly how to put conditions in the non-physical /spiritual realm to protect them. The only condition is that they are non-toxic and genuine in wanting to help expose evil and thereby destroy it.
    The power we experience comes from God.. YES indeed! Non-toxic people request of the Universe for help, to help their families and friends (who are non-toxic) and to fight the evil and it is given. That is what makes non-toxic people powerful. Evil people are essentially powerless, that is why they resort to treachery and intimidation. They cannot request of the Universe because they deny the flame of love in the heart. They hate the goodness that gives them, as all living being, life. Thus they are without power.
    I have considered the evil people’s response though did not understand it in the beginning. ALL evil people are united more or less, worldwide and they are raising hell. A full on massacre of humane people is already going on and has been for decades now. And even with all this I have still stood against them. Of course I am not alone because God is with me always, as with all humane people, yourself as well. Humane people are not properly united. They do have a common mindset that can be utilized but they also need to become a unified force, rise up and revolt. And we do not need to use physical force. On the contrary spiritual force is greater and it is ours to command.
    "Powerful people in the world could wipe anyone they what out like they are a fly" is an idea that evil people want good people to believe. What they have done is to destroy people who are ill-informed of their power or who are lead to believe that they can be hurt. Once a person's thinking is influenced in this way the door is wide open for the evil to do harm because the good person has accepted a premise given. I am one person and I have the ammunition now and indeed I am using now it to expose the evil and bankrupt the entire medical industry in the process because these people are actively trying to stop me so they know what is going on. They want to hide the truth from humane people so as to profit from the damage. They need to be reduced to less than a skeleton of what they are today. I am posting nails in their coffins!

  • ProtectiveAngel Jan 08, 2012


    Do you believe God is with you, helping you with all this? I believe he is. This power we experience comes from God. I believe. To make the exposure of these evil people, have you concided their response? Do you have protection?
    Powerful people in the world could wipe anyone they what out like they are a fly.
    Just my thoughts before I just in and help.
    ALSO, prayer! Lots of it. Healing yourself is cool, but try REACHING OUT WITH YOUR MIND TO HEAL THE WORLD.

  • KYRANI Jan 06, 2012

    @ ProtectiveAngel Yes I totally agree. A a noetic justice league to fight evil sounds very good. We can begin with you and me and then find more people dedicated to this cause. What do you suggest we do to begin with. I have started to blog here http://kyrani99.wordpress.com/ and I am also looking to develop a website as well. Would you be interested to join me on that as the beginning of a group? Do you have any experience at web design. I have a mountain of information but I am only just learning to do web design. I thought of a site to inform in which we could charge a small fee for entry and advice. That way we could pay for the site and out of the funds pay ourselves since there will be a lot of work to do. Are you interested? Do you have info? I am trying to get my stuff into eBook form. I got enough for at least three books maybe more. Anyway see what you think. If you want to email me I'm at ani.eade@yahoo.com.au hope to hear from you either here or by email, as you wish.

  • ProtectiveAngel Nov 25, 2011

    I agree with you rooting out the evil.
    We should form a noetic justice league to fight evil. That's my purpose here. To also protect the innocent.

  • Sharon Tenney Nov 23, 2011

    I'd like to think so....but I really don't feel that way. I think some people just feel compelled in a certain direction, others don't. Maybe a mundane life is just as purposeful as one that is filled with excitement. In life we all have to learn to be "human" in ways: learning empathy, caring, work, love, sadness, joy....there is purpose in just those basic ways. For me, personally, I'd like to think I have a purpose, but I honestly just don't know what it would be. Life is not easy for many, and sometimes maybe the purpose is to just get through it the best way possible.

  • Ronald Marriott Nov 23, 2011

    Yes, I have made a discovery in science thats is directly related to my journey prior to getting here.

  • Ronald Marriott Nov 23, 2011

    When I was a child and very much connected to the universe, I was shown, thru a vision, my journey in life. I had a very tall and gentle but powerful guide leading thru my journey. During my journey I asked my guide "can I see God" the answer excited me to meet the person or entity that made all this. I was led to another place thru a foggy curtain and down a winding trail in the atmosphere to a nice but simple thrown. As I was standing there I look up to my guide and said "does he come back here often" , as I looked back to the thrown he was sitting there, I smiled a great big grin of happiness as he did to me, I looked back to my guide and said "Can you see him too" out of concern. No only you can see him now. I looked back to god and he was gone. I remember that as if it were two minutes ago. I have never felt an connection to the universe or God since as powerful as that, but do know that God does exist. I love my world very much and want the best for it. My destiny was to bring a new energy thru my work and to promote Law Of Attraction and other universal laws to our educational systems, the real education for Humanity. To trust God and the universe to supply you with answers you have and to learn how to "Ask". This is what is needed to be taught and provided to our children, pure love and understanding. Only until then will we understand Gods connection to us.....

    He was pure energy, white sparks of holographic design. It had a face and body of a human-being , no hair or facial form to distinguish, a form of energy like electricity. He had solid light for eyes and mouth which formed a smile. He had hands and feet, he sat kind of side ways on the throne with one arm up like relaxing, I felt my soul being pulled towards him as we smiled and grinned at each other. It was the most powerful thing/experience Ive ever been near. Pure energy and light.

    I will never forget my trip thru eternity that Experience as time for me was not real . Everything Ive said is true to me as visioned and would pass ANY test offered. This vision will guide me thru life's difficulties and provide a reassurance and trust that love can and will concur all, no fear exists where knowledge flows. Im here for a reason and this true. He gave me everything to give to you.

    by Ronald Patrick Marriott on July 4, 1960 / 2011

    Mantle is a 12 foot in diameter sphere, but appears as flat as a piece of paper, 2 dimensional with access to the dimensional world. Mantle holds 650 lbs. of Liquid Oxygen surrounding a 4' sphere of antimatter. It stays in our dimension for a few minutes while displaying holographic tendencies similar to ball lightning, until Mantle reaches maximum vibration and disappears into another dimension. Mantle returns above storms falling apart discharging its contents producing what NASA has named a Sprite.

    (Liquid Oxygen=air & water + Carbon= earth + Antimatter=fire) and now Aether

  • KYRANI Nov 22, 2011

    Yes, I have come to realize that I have come to the earth to "do a job" and that is to make a contribution towards uncovering evil and how evil operates and to enlighten the humane people in the world. Over the last ten years I have documented a great deal. The damage that is done to people has been labeled disease and is traded for profit. I am soon going to launch a websight with all that I know about how stress and diseases are in a sense "created". What I have come to realize is that the ways in which people are stressed utilize relationship and ESP within relationship, which is at a premium. When the person reacts to presented ideas they react somatically and that reaction is stress. When the stress becomes constant and damage is done in the body, it is called a disease and/or untimely death that may eventuate is called "death by natural causes". All this I have understood because they have waged a vicious and dirty war against me and in doing so they foolishly gave me the opportunity to study all of their foul games and the unsuspecting person's reaction AND how the person can get well and not even get sick in the first place.

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    Sonvision Nov 02, 2011


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