Proving the Dilation exists and God

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commented on Jan. 24, 2013
by Jeanine Broderick



As we get closer to discovering the dilation particle or what ever it turns out to be, the scientists here at IONS need to be loading up their guns. For those who not aware of what the dilation is, many physicists hypothetically believe, based on mathematics and observation, a particle or unidentified something exists that is responsible for the universe expanding. We believe it enough to spend a lot of money trying to unlock its secrets especially in the Large Hadron Collider in Cern Switzerland.

Many believe we are getting close. It will be one of the biggest if not the biggest discovery in the history of science. Even bigger than discovering the Higgs Boson using the same equipment and we call Higgs the God particle. Higgs is looking shaky for the moment but proving it doesn't exist enables us to move on to what does.

Proving what causes mass is huge but finding something that is causing the universe to expand is monumental. Mass is a component of our universe that fits right in. The fact we and the universe exist is all we need to make it fit. Expansion is not an easy fit. Just the opposite in fact.
The universe should not be expanding and there is only one reason why it needs to do so. Life could not exist for very long if our universe was not expanding.

What that means is it proves intelligent design. i have rolled it over in my mind a thousand times and I see no other explanation. I defy anyone to come up with a different observation other than that old saw there is no reason for anything. That falls flat on it's face because there is no reason for the universe to expand if one applies that logic. The only other thing I have been able to identify in our universe that has no reason for the properties it displays is the photon.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say my hypothesis is the two are related and both indicate intelligent design. How many more things do we have to discover that indicate intelligent design before we finally admit intelligent design is involved? Is two enough? I regularly encounter the metaphysical importance of the number three. Will it take three things? If so what will the third one be?

Many who are regulars here are predicting big things happening in the next year especially. I find it fascinating that events in science are aligning themselves with the metaphysical. The two may be a lot closer than many realize.

  • Jeanine Broderick Jan 24, 2013

    Every thought is a creation. Every thought expands the Universe. It is why we came and it is why we add infinite value to All That Is just by our presence here.

    Once a thought is thought - the thought begins thinking.

    No thought ever thought has ceased to exist.

    ♡ Jeanine

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    Otto Krog Nov 24, 2012

    Does anyone share the experience with the oneness in SpaceTime with me? I think that the only thing we have in common as spiritual beings is space and time. What do you think? www.crestroy.com

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    Otto Krog Oct 13, 2012

    I have made a video presentation about my theory, explaining how I came to my conclusions, putting it together with scientific observations during the last hundreds of years.

    You can watch it on YouTube on this link:


    Just copy paste the link.

    You can also follow me on my blog


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    Otto Krog Dec 14, 2011

    You are up to something by my theory.

    I think we agree in many ways.

    My take on dark energy (expansion) is, that it is a miscalculating, stemming from our presumption that the speed of light is constant.

    What if the speed of light varies through time and space?

    That would create som interesting theory. At least I think so.

    Antimatter is the mind and consciousness of all living entities.

    You are your own universe.

    Reality is where the minds (antimatter) meets the physical universe.

    Interested? Then read my philosophical multiverse theory.

    Google crestroyer theory, and find it instantly.


  • capt_infinity Oct 12, 2011

    Every individual in our species has spirit but you raise a very good point. Your observation adds creditability to my hypothesis. The poor souls, who have been afflicted cannot interface to their spirit as a result of trauma, disease, environment or all three, can end up like the chimpanzee, an ego with no sense of spirit.

    There is a condition I have studied fairly intensively, Downs syndrome. What makes Downs unique is those afflicted have a very strong spiritual connection but their physical mind or ego is damaged. Because the damage is to the physical side, we can easily identify them. When the damage lies in the connection the spirit makes to the ego, the only way we can see it is by observing behavior and the persons mental processes. The result of that has led to modern day psychiatry placing the source of most problems in our grey matter. My hypothesis is that observation is why we seem to make little or no headway in treating many of the problems regarding mental illness. It is a concept I completely believe in and it will open many new doorways if I can convince people in the field to conduct research based on my intuitive thoughts.

    Back to your observations of Chimpanzees. First I had no idea you were so young unless you are fathering children who wear cowboy hats late in life. if you are that young you are very wise for your years and you will do great things in your life if you want to. I think you are saying, the only thing that really separates us from our closest relative the chimpanzee other than their extra chromosome pair, is opportunity. If Darwin is totally accurate in his observation of adaptation, human beings are an evolutionary mistake and the chimpanzee is not. The chimp has adapted very well to it's environment and evolved ways to improve it, limited as they may be. In contrast we have caused untold suffering for our own kind and destroy the very environment we are supposed to adapt to for ourselves and every other creature on this planet and we do it all for personal gain. If that isn't a screw up I don't know what is. If that is a fact we need to sit down and vow to stop procreating before we mess it up so bad nothing can survive.

    I hold unto hope for our species because we can turn our back on our current path and seek a new one. It could happen overnight. We have the ability right now to change our paradigm in a heartbeat. A lot of work has gone into our existence and I am really starting to believe we are going to get it right and I believe we are going to get our butts kicked when we wander to far off track. That is one major concession for this Deist to make. We have free will, just don't mess it up too much. If we do your chimpanzees will have to step up to the plate should they survive the holocaust.

  • Saoirse Oct 12, 2011

    Then, would you contend that a human with mental disabilities who operates at about the same level as a chimp -- physically normal but not up to par on math and reading, and not likely to go out and invent anything -- lacks a spirit? Or what about a human child raised in deprivation conditions (such as in the "Genie" case)?

    As far as whether all that time with chimps made me less able to observe and record data -- it's actually where I honed my observational skills. I think the average person has a lot of preconceptions or maybe misconceptions about chimps, simply because they have little or no direct experience with them. There's a lot of assumption that "chimps don't..." or "chimps can't..." Some of that comes from the fact that most people see only what they do in the wild, which has as much to do with culture as with ability, or they only look at research that comes out of deprivation conditions rather than crossfostering, which makes a huge difference. But our oldest boy did look pretty dashing in a cowboy hat... ;-)

    I'll check out your blog later today. For now I have to get working while I still have a job!

  • capt_infinity Oct 12, 2011

    Saoirse- If you click on my profile the link to my blog is in the right hand column. You nailed it. I do believe spirit is quantifiable. If it exists why wouldn't it be? I have taken my research and intuition about as far as I can take it. I was hoping someone at IONS would help me take it further.

    Right now my intuitive focus is on the field of psychiatry which I have no training in. I will be posting it soon if I can stay away from forums long enough to finish it.

    Is it possible that all your time with our hairy relatives has clouded your powers of observation? If you tell me the girl chimpanzee in the corner looks really great in her bikini I seriously think you need to spend more time with your own species.. Seriously the argument goes to ability and knowledge which you have to admit there is no comparison. Now potential I defer to you, because you know the subjects far better than I do.

    If I tell you that ability and knowledge are elements of our spirit and not our ego and intelligence is the major component of the ego you should start to see why I say we have spirit and chimpanzees don't. Of course that is a hypothesis on my part and I would love the opportunity to prove it. Keep in mind there is a difference between learned behavior, a factor of intelligence and intuition and inspiration, factors of ability and knowledge. I believe you are comparing intelligence but you tell me if that is so.

    Puns! Surely no one is disturbed enough to state two puns in a row. The thought sends shivers down my spine.

    As for predestination. For 99.9% of my life I totally agree with you. That is a really hard chew for me to swallow but there have been some amazing things happen in my life in recent months resulting from events and the actions of others that simply offer no other explanation. If I could come up with a reasonable explanation I would love to jump back on your bandwagon. From what I have seen it comes as an opportunity. We still have free will. I relate it to being a sports star. Sign with the right team and you get a bigger signing bonus. Chalk it up to incentive and if it gets any more serious than that I may have to toss a politician in front of a bus to prove your point.

  • Saoirse Oct 11, 2011

    Capt., thanks for the info on the lifespan. I'll see if I can track it down. Sorry I missed your original post. Was the link for your blog? If you can include the info so the system doesn't see it as an active link I'm sure I'll be able to find it.

    I'm still trying to sort out precisely what makes you think humans have a spirit and chimps don't. We're not that different, lifespan wise. If I'm understanding you correctly, you're suggesting that the evidence it the fact that humans have evolved to use more technology, while chimps have remained at a stone age level? The reason I find the topic so interesting is that I've spent so many years with both chimp and human colleagues, and never really saw much difference between the two, so it's interesting to hear that you see them as so vastly different.

    So... you essentially differentiate between what you call "spirit" and the religious concept of the soul. I don't think I've run across that distinction before, but it's not my area of expertise! The distinction you discuss would make sense, though, since in dealing with religion, you'd be dealing essentially with mythology and you're talking about a more physical sort of thing, that could ultimately be measured.

    I was so hoping you DID intend the puns -- I loved them!

    I don't think the predestination thing works for me, because of the physics involved. It would mean that everything involving probability, sum-over-histories, etc, was completely wrong. The various forms of the 2-slit experiment repeatedly confirm those concepts, which makes me hesitant to toss them out the window. From your earlier posts, I'm assuming you're familiar with those (probably more familiar than I am), so maybe you could elaborate on how you think predestination would mesh with them? Are you sort of replacing the sum-over-histories concept with it?

    And no thanks necessary -- I'm enjoying the discussion as well!

  • capt_infinity Oct 11, 2011

    First, i entered a substantial post in response to Saoirse and I don't see it. I may have previewed it and committed the cardinal sin of not posting it. I see there is a new comment since then which I will address first. Wbilly if you have definitive proof your three colleagues have been awarded the Nobel erroneously by all means present it. I think you should call them and discuss your research and your conclusions with them. I would love to sit in on that conversation but I know how the mind of physicists work and if you can introduce a question they cannot address, next time the four of you can step up when the Nobel is handed out.

    Saoirse I thank you for a good debate in which I am learning new things. I did not know that Chimps could make tools with tools and I thank you for that. You have taught me something. Now I would like to teach you something. That something may have been the reason my post was removed. It had an external link in it. I won't make that mistake again. Archaeological evidence does not support your conclusion. There was a dramatic event that happened 30,000 years ago when the lifespan of our ancestors almost doubled overnight and we don't know why. That one event may be the largest single reason mankind left the chimps in the dust. How far have chimps evolved in the last 30,000 years? My hypothesis is that event was triggered by man evolving the ability to have a spirit. I do not mean spirit in the religious sense which I explain in my blog. My work has led me to hypothesis the human mind or consciousness is divided into two sections, the ego and the spirit. The Chimpanzee only has one, the ego. The spirit is an open ended string that, at rest, has no mass. It like all energy is eternal. The ego is basically a battery that gets it's energy from chemical reaction and stores its energy using chemical reaction. It dies when the body dies. More accurately it ceases to exist because it to represents energy. There is no death but that's another topic.

    Where did our spirit come from? That also is another topic but right now most of what we know is based on conjecture, faith and what I hate to call pseudo science because pseudo science has a lot of validity to it. It does not stand up to the criteria of physical science. I suggest that is exactly what IONS is all about. If you must know I have been a Deist all my life. Within the last two years I have become a Deist with strong spiritual awareness. Recently I have also had to accept pre-destiny in the form of opportunity for some people. I do not understand how that works but it is obvious it is happening to me and others.

    The reason three young scientists were awarded the Nobel prize was they have shown us that the field of physics as, we understood it, was missing a big portion of the picture. Dilation stretches our knowledge of physics (no pun intended). Acceleration blows it out the door (again no pun intended). .

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    wbilly3814 Oct 10, 2011

    I showed the math in Quantum Physics, Near Death Experiences, Eternal Consciousness, Religion, and the Human Soul, the 'acceleration' of the expansion is merely our universe decelerating within a larger system which is decelerating faster, presumably because of its size and age.

    the broadcast and triva regarding a phenomenonn or particle of accelerating expansion is merely a means of raising money for an effort chasing a non-existent higg's boson that is doomed to loose funding because of its 50 year history of solid failure.

  • Saoirse Oct 09, 2011

    I think we need to distinguish between ability and cultural tendency. Chimps in the wild do use metatools. And in captivity, they have demonstrated the ability to flake stone in order to make cutting tools.

    One of the studies I worked on was looking at the timing of tool modification. Without getting into the details of all the conditions, the general question was, when faced with a task and a tool that was unsuited for the task, would the chimps try the tool anyway, realize that it didn't work, and then modify it, or would they evaluate both the task and the tool and modify the tool to suit the task before attempting to use it. With the exception of our youngest who was just not mechanically inclined, the chimps always modified the tool before using it, but they also gave us a bit of a surprise. For the sake of expediency, our "unsuitable" tools were made in a way that allowed them to be modified by removing parts. The chimps found something we'd missed in our design -- they discovered that the efficiency of the "suitable" tools could be improved by adding a part.

    Also, they have a complex language comprised of gestures and vocalizations in the wild, and in captivity readily learn human languages. They can't speak vocal human languages because the nature of their of their vocal tract doesn't allow them to produce fluid speech. However, to argue that their inability to speak means they're on a lower evolutionary level, despite their ability to understand verbal language and to "speak" American sign language seems akin to saying that a mute human is on lower evolutionary level because he can't physically speak, even though he can read lips fluently and is fluent in ASL. Chimps also engage in representational drawing. They understand the concept of writing and are able to learn it, as well as learning the relative values of written numbers, although birds are really the math geniuses of the animal world.

    The spirit issue is a little different because it's purely a matter of faith. How would you prove to me that humans have spirits? And what would constitute evidence of spirit in chimps? I get the sense, although I might be way off base with it, that you come from a conservative Christian background and may be using texts from the Christian bible as evidence. Is that where you're getting the info about longevity? Archaeological evidence shows that our life spans have been increasing gradually over time.

    Because I don't know what evidence makes you believe that humans have spirits, I don't know what kind of evidence you would be looking for to demonstrate that chimps have spirits. It might be that I've seen such evidence over the years. I know they exhibit both empathy and altruistic behavior, and because they're able to interact linguistically, it's easier to recognize those behaviors in them than it might be in others.

  • capt_infinity Oct 09, 2011

    Saoirse- You get no argument from me if all we address is intelligence. I don't think I did that but I did use the word in conjunction with ability and I think that makes a huge distinction between the two. If the chimps detonate a nuclear device in New York because we aren't keeping up their supply of bananas you win this argument hands down. That is the point I am trying to make. Chimps do not practice mayhem to anywhere close to the same degree we do so one can make a case they are even more intelligent than we are. Other than how their thumb is laid out, all that has held them back is they have not evolved the ability to make tools using tools and they do not have a complex written or spoken language. They have the good fortune to live in climates that do not overly challenge their survival.

    In the early days of our species there was a very sudden change in longevity which most believe was due to the establishment of sophisticated social networking, far above and beyond anything we have seen in Chimpanzees. It is my hypothesis that was the moment in time when we evolved our individual spirit. Some look upon that moment as the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. Others think it was space travelers or our spirits come from a spiritual center comprised of all sorts of possibilities. All we know is we are exist so we came from some where.

    Do Chimpanzees have a spirit? I personally do not believe they do, not an individual one for each chimpanzee. They, like all life, have a life energy that is eternal but I do not believe they have attained spiritual individuality. Whether they do or don;t is something worthy of research. If anyone really wants ti prove Chimpanzees are like us, prove they have a spirit.

  • Saoirse Oct 06, 2011

    Capt. I'd be interested in knowing where you come by the figures about humans being 100 times more intelligent than chimps, because it doesn't seem to square with what we know about chimps. In fact in a recent study, the subjects included a chimp and a group of college students, and the chimp outperformed the college students. The task was to view a screen with numbered spots on it, and then the numbers would be removed and the subject was required to remember where the numbers have been, and touch the corresponding spots in either ascending or descending numerical order. Just like children raised in orphanages, chimps show cognitive deficits if they've been raised in laboratories,but cross-fostered chimps produce language earlier than human children, and remain slightly ahead in cognitive development in the first couple of years, and then plateau slightly and the human children catch up.

    Chimp behavior and culture in the wild is very similar to stone age humans (excluding the controlled use of fire). They use both tools and metatools. They don't use high tech stuff in the wild but are comfortable with it once they're exposed to it. They exhibit altruistic behavior, and on the other end of the spectrum, they make weapons and engage in warfare. They even engage in politics -- although I'm not entirely sure engaging in politics is a sign of intelligence!

    For many years my colleagues included both humans and chimps. One of our rules was that the chimps could be asked to participate in research, but (aside from purely behavioral observations) they could not be forced to participate, Most of the time they were willing to help out, but if it included a lot of repetition, they would eventually run out of patience and tell us it was "stupid." The group I worked with were comfortable with two languages by the age of about 7, and one of the tasks they would get bored with pretty quickly was translating between the two. They also took care to make sure we humans were on top of things, reminding us to log conversations, and prompting us if we got a late start on cleaning or meal preps, and they certainly weren't above playing practical jokes on us.

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    kimaz22 Oct 06, 2011

    Once you understand and learned that YOU are an infinite self-being not created but creating yourself, you will not need an external god. You will discover the god within yourself.

  • capt_infinity Oct 06, 2011

    Saoirse - I totally agree with you on the typos. Forum software does come with edit features. Either the features are not enabled or IONS needs to upgrade their forum software.

    Regarding life existing as being proof there is intelligent design, the first point is it doesn't matter how many other universes there are. We need to figure this one out before figuring out others. I can't recall the conditions that the simplest and most hardy bacteria can exist under but it is magnitudes away from our extinction. Their existence is based on billions of years of cool down and separation and their survival means life is not back to square one should galaxies collide. Think about that. Does it prove intelligent design? It depends on what you consider proof. Not in the scientific sense but here we have the root of all life suddenly appearing after billions of years of cool down and separation. It doesn't prove intelligent design but it sure as hell doesn't disprove it either. Our religions and metaphysical beliefs are based on a lot less.

    Now we throw in evolution and the complexity of DNA even in simple life forms. Darwin observed adaptation but he did not have the genome to go with it. We do. It turns out the adaptation can happen a lot faster than thought. It also shows the process is speeding up in our species as we now know the Universe expanding is speeding up. Interesting coincidence don't you think. At the same time those who practice the metaphysical are overwhelmed with signs of change. Another interesting coincidence. As for commonality in all species, it goes back to that basic life form that can exist under extreme conditions. The system compensates for chaos. Random chance or design? It expands and chaos is minimized. Random chance or design? With every new discovery random chance is getting to be a harder and harder sell. Isn't it amazing that knowledge draws us closer to a designer and not further away.

    If we were to measure intelligence and ability in the chimpanzee, our closest relative in the tree of life, and set it at a value of 10, homo sapiens would be at least a 1000. The chimp has undergone minor adaptations in the same period we have leaped ahead of them a thousand fold. If we had one more chromosome pair we might be able to genetically engineer a cross breed. That's close physically. The chimp isn't close mentally and Darwin's theory does not include mental evolution. Random chance or design?

    Then there's the photon, the smallest whole particle in the universe to date and the human eye can see it. One photon. If either our eye or the photon had different properties imagine the impact that would have had on mental evolution. We could still be living in caves by the river left vacant by the extinction of our compatriots the Neanderthal. Random chance or design?

    Like I said in my first post, "How many reasons is it going to take?"

  • Saoirse Oct 05, 2011

    That's what I get for typing in a hurry! Is there really no way to edit a post after it's been made? Because I make a lot more sense without the typos!

  • Saoirse Oct 05, 2011

    The fact that the conditions in the universe are suitable for life to exist doesn't to me to be evidence of intelligent design. I spend a lot of time in a canyon where conditions are suitable for rattlesnakes to exist -- and indeed it's full of rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes can't travel very quickly, and they need to be back in the area of the den in time for winter, so they don't leave the canyon. If a rattlesnake were to think about such things, he might think God had created the universe just for him. Otherwise, why would the world consist entirely of a south facing talus slope with a big outcrop at the top to serve as a heatsink, and a nearby source of water?

    But here's where the problem comes in. The world doesn't consist of just one canyon. There are hundreds of other types of habitats in the world and the vast majority are not at all suited to rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes exist in that canyon because it's in the part of the world that's best suited for them and because that habitat shaped their evolution. M Theory (which I believe is still the current theory in theoretical physics but I'm not a physicist) holds that there are lots of universes. Conditions in most of them aren't likely to be suitable for life. In fact, conditions in most of our own universe aren't suitable for life. So if life is going to develop, it's obviously has to happen in one of the universes where the conditions are suitable for it. If we conclude from this that the universe was designed just for us, we're like the rattlesnake, thinking his little stretch of talus slope is the whole of the universe.

    I also think we need to be careful not to confuse cause with reason. When the wind blows across the desert, it moves sand grains. There's a clear causal relationship. But the wind isn't conscious. It doesn't care where the sand is. It causes the sand to move, but it doesn't move it for a reason. If I stumble over a rock in the dark, it might be said that the rock and the darkness caused me to stumble, but should I therefore assume that the rock and the darkness wished me ill and attacked me for a reason?

    I'd also like to address the issue of humans being vastly different to other species, but I think it would make this post too long, so I'll address it later on.

  • capt_infinity Oct 04, 2011

    I hate to be the first to comment on my own post but it dawned on me we observed the third thing that proves God exists a long time ago. It has been right in front of our face for years. That's because it is our face.

    Our species proves God exists. Even if we were placed here by others from a different planet, their existence proves God exists. We have our third thing if we prove Dilation.

    Why do I think we are proof God exists? First the only argument against it is there is no reason for anything to exist. That is a valid argument but it is one that can be easily countered which is why it never wins the debate. They spend all their time trying to disprove all the arguments the rest of us come up with.

    The process of evolution is obvious. One can argue the very presence of life proves God exists and it is a strong issue because life simply does not mix well with a chaotic universe.

    To a degree I will coincide that life existing can happen in a chaotic universe but the purveyor of chance now has another problem. How do you explain evolution? Intelligent design has a lot more bullets in their gun when you throw in evolution but still, it all can be explained away by chaotic theory.

    Throw in humanity, a species that has evolved so far beyond it's closest cousin we have to stretch our imaginations to put them on the same scale. It doesn't take a lot to convince many people we did not evolve along with or from apes and, much to the chagrin of those who rally against those who place faith before science, it isn't a hard sell to a lot of very intelligent people.

    If you really study the process you know better and even those of faith are starting to accept evolution as part of intelligent design. The troglodytes are slowly shifting from one side to the other.

    The no reason for the season bunch have a sticky problem because mankind simply does not fit their paradigm.

    Think about it. Evolution has evolved a species that can contemplate its own existence while it wantonly practices mayhem on itself and all other lifeforms. To make matters worse it is the highest order of life on this planet and in the universe until we discover otherwise

    In every other life form, adaptation and evolution are about increasing a species ability to survive. Evolutions greatest achievement is hell bent on destroying itself and every other life form with it. If God is not involved what the hell else is? Chance could never be that diabolical.

    We are proof that God exists. Once again I ask my question. How much proof is it going to take before we all accept the reason for our existence?

    We have us, the photon and soon we will have the dilation. Do we have to go for four reasons?

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