Does man's journey in the cosmos follow a time line?

Posted Aug. 14, 2011 by capt_infinity in Open

commented on Aug. 15, 2011
by Gretchen Dreisbach



If what I am experiencing is hallucinatory and delusional I had no idea hallucinations could be so organized and well planned especially when I had no prior thoughts or concepts of what I was going to witness and think. Take my most recent realization. The phenomena I am about to describe took place over a period of 78 days. It wasn't until the last event, which I witnessed today, I realized what I have been seeing.

The phenomena is divided into three distinct events. The first happened on or about the 29th of May at midday. The second happened on the 6th of July at 3:00pm and the third happened on the 14th of August at midday. All times are PDT and the year is 2011. All happened while I was resting. The first and the last happened shortly after waking. I am a late sleeper. The second happened while I was flying between Oklahoma City and Los Angeles. I do not believe I will ever see any of these events again. The realization of what I was seeing did not happen until shortly after the last event earlier today.

As in the vision I had regarding the origin of the universe and our purpose in it, it is geometrical and those with advanced mathematical skills should be able to interpret more information than I can. I have asked those that have the skills to analyze the information I was given regarding the universe which can be found in my blog "Please Listen" under "The Message". To date, I have heard from no one.

I believe what I have seen is the journey mankind is on. The first image is the end of the journey. The second vision is our current location in the journey and the third image is the start of the journey. Each point is a different image with its own unique shape except the shape of the end of the journey is nebulous. I have pondered how to present this and I think the best is to talk about each image independently followed by the geometrical layout of the images in relationship to one another. I do not understand the significance of the shape the three events have taken other than the undefined shape of the end of the journey.

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  • Gretchen Dreisbach Aug 15, 2011

    Dear capt-infinity, thank you for sharing your journey and and I do not believe that it is in any way delusional! We all need to trust the information that we are receiving because the messages are coming in at quantum speed now!
    I am sorry for your suffering with the trigeminal neuralgia. Have you come to the conclusion that it was a pineal gland/medulla oblongata activation?
    I spent my 30's suffering from excruciating migraines in the back of my skull and now understand that this pressure actually had great purpose!
    Our dense bodies cannot handle the true knowledge of the light frequency that is SOURCE, we would truly implode I believe, but we are starting to be allowed back in....

    Your images sound so on point if everything is based on 90 degree angles... also the iron in our blood responds to the iron crystal in the center of the earth correct? If we are turning from carbon based to silica based new visual images would accompany this journey as well....

    I am a visual artist and I paint my messages. Would you consider telling me if you have ever seen or if you ever see my painting called "OM"
    on my website? (on my profile)...I am seeking as well those who have the answers but maybe we should just trust that WE have the answers!

    be well on your journey, love, Gretchen Grace

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