Who am I? Who are You? Who are We?

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Like a child staring at his reflection in the water, why does the water ripple and obscure the image when we try to touch it?

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  • frequencytuner Sep 15, 2010

    There is a line that exists between what we call Science and Spirituality. that line can be called a 'veil' because it covers the understanding of things beyond the reaches of science. It hides the spiritual world from our senses and even our mental capacity to understand.

    In one respect this 'veil' can be seen as a dividing line or abyss, yet in another it can be seen as the unfiier or harmonizer that links the 2 together. This is the very substance of modern quantum research: trying to see beyond the veil. Imagine the image of a tetrahedron or Star of David to visualize the 'veil' and the harmonizer of above and below, microcosm and macrocosm.

    This is enough to understand Who I am. I am the collective synthesis of both man and God, atom and star. I am the trinity directed to the earth AND the trinity directed to the sky. I am both because both are one. I am one.

    Who are you? You are everything I am not. You are every thought I am not thinking, every breath I am not taking and every emotion I am not feeling.
    In turn then, who are we? We are thought itself, breath and life itself, emotion and existence itself, consciousness and intelligence itself. You are the trinity directed to the earth when I am directed to the sky and you are directed to the sky when I am directed to the earth. We are the tetrahedron itself.

    Who am I talking to? I am talking to you: the universe. I am talking to the trees, birds, rocks, precious metals in rare stones, strange aquatic biology, cosmic marvels, planets, galaxies, blackholes, skyscrapers, the bank teller, construction worker, orphaned child and the consciousness - right now - reading what I have written for you to read.

    What is the tetrahedron? If you and I are both this image, then what is this image? It is sometimes called the Tree of Life. The tetrahedron is the unification of above and below, male and female, positive and negative. It encompasses everything known and unknown, every possibility you can and can't even think of. Yet, it IS nothing.

    Without you I cannot exist, and without me you cannot exist, yet together we do not exist. It is only by contrast that we both appear to exist.
    If I was the black on the Yin-Yang you would be the white. Together we ARE the Yin-Yang.

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