Illusion or real ?? A simple consciouness experiment.

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We are talking so much about consciousness and wether it is reality or illusion. To me the things that our senses tell us are there are real, our senses were designed to help us navigate and make sense of this world. Here is a simple experiment, on a partly cloudy day take a video camera and go outside, lie down, get comfy, turn on the camera and point it at the sky, lie on your back at look at the sky, watch the clouds, close your eyes, go to sleep if you like. After a while (your choice as to how long) shut the camera off, take it and rewind to the start, watch the video, listen to the audio if you had it on recording. The things that were recorded when your eyes were closed, illusion or real? The sounds, illusion or real? If you slept, were you conscious? An untouched photo doesn't lie, cameras don't dream, they deal in reality. Maybe what is most confusing is the term consciousness, most of us have it embedded in our minds as meaning conscious, awake, aware, Our senses are feeding our consciousness. it's that sixth sense, thats the one we are trying to grasp, the one that senses the non physical, that seems to know of things not yet realised. Is it also responsible for dream or thought? Are dreams and thoughts real, illusion or both?

  • charliet May 03, 2011


    Yuk!!, I didn't need to know that. I sit here at night with my 14 year old dog and see the same signs of aging in her that I saw in my parents. The mind slowly changing, all she wants is love and to be cared for, thank God she is in good health, may she just pass peacefully some day. I oft times wonder what is in her mind, her memories, her thoughts.

    Love all creatures, but still swat mosquitos.

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    tamsinstead May 02, 2011

    Descartes incorrectly believed that only humans have pineal glands, just as, in his view, only humans have minds. This led him to the belief that animals cannot feel pain, and Descartes' practice of vivisection (the dissection of live animals) became widely used throughout Europe until the Enlightenment.

    Nice guy too ...

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    morrisha May 02, 2011

    Rene Descarte, (16th Century French Philospher) asked exactly the same question. He determined that there was no way of distinguishing reality from dreams/illusions. Or even if there was a fixed modality for consciousness outside the individual.

    Personally, I think using sense data as a means for anchoring reality provides you with only a fraction of that reality. And given that sense data can be fundamentally faulty (subject to illusion and misdirection), may actually imprison you in spurious and illusory views of reality even when everything seems to hang together in an apparently reasonable way. I fancy reality needs firm anchoring in the physical universe, which cannot happen until consciousness and the physical universe are bridged.

    So your question/experiment requires that your consciousness is anchored. Ie that you are not sleeping, or day dreaming, or being misdirected, - in fact that you are awake and conscious of all data informing your reality. This data integrates with your "world view" initiated by your consciousness and your volitional self and provides a highly selective reality. Dispensing with this selectivity is the challenge to understanding consciousness and therefore what is and is not real.

    [It is important to separate your "world view" from consciousness, as its now reasonably understood empirically, that your world view informs how your sense data is interpreted and is likely to be misdirecting your volitional self from experiencing pure consciousness.]

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