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You Are Your Own Spiritual Teacher

Posted April 23, 2011 by WendyAnn in Open

commented on April 27, 2011
by frequencytuner



Those of us who have embarked on the spiritual journey have, more often than not, had teachers, taken classes, gone to seminars and learned many techniques that have been helpful in facilitating our participation in Conscious Human Evolution. Humanity is approaching the end of the dualistic Third Dimensional era in which it has existed and transforming into the Crystalline Era of its development. It is an exciting, wonderful time for those of us who are aware of what is happening on Earth and consciously striving for a graceful transition into the higher realms.

What this means is that everything is changing very rapidly. The Earth, our bodies and minds are adapting to the next phase of human development. Whether or not you choose to participate is irrelevant, because there is no choice. Eventually you must experience the transition, transmutation and transformation of life moving into a Fifth Dimensional consciousness.

There are no guidebooks or manuals and there is no one who can tell you how to make the journey, which is part of the beauty of the rite of passage. There are no traditions or handed down ceremonies, each one of us must learn what steps to take on our own. We are our own spiritual teachers, floating on an iceberg that broke of the glacier, stranded on a desert island in the middle of the ocean and wandering in an infinite wilderness without a compass.

But all is not lost, however, in fact we are less alone that when we had teachers and gurus telling us what to believe and how to proceed. They are only sharing what they have learned on their path, but that path is not yours. They do not know what is best for us, and in spite of their loving intentions, they are keeping us from finding our own way and that is something we all must do. There is only one way for each of us to proceed off the iceberg, away from the island and out of the wilderness and the only being that knows that path is YOU. Your higher self knows how to proceed, how to find answers to the unanswerable, how to find your way when impossibly lost and how to move from hopelessness to bliss.

With that said, it might be prudent to start listening to the guidance that is your birthright and the way to do this is to stop listening to everything else. I am not suggesting that you turn your back on the world, but understand that you are an observer and an onlooker. You will not gain wisdom from the goings on of others, but from quieting your mind and listening. There is a dialogue going on between your higher self and what you call YOU, the self that has been created from the time you incarnated into this lifetime. Everything that is happening right now in your life is a message for you, a lesson to show you whether you are making beneficial decisions or those that will cause you to encounter resistance.

What you can learn from others are tools to make your journey easier. Whether it be mediation, Yoga, Reiki, dowsing, Platonic Solids or crystals, to name a few and there are many more; if you feel drawn to learning or participating in one of these areas, it is meant for you, to make the process easier.

What I have noticed, in my pursuits of gaining knowledge form others is that we tend to look for someone to do the job for us. That will not happen. There is no New Age pill that you can take and all of a sudden you are in Nirvana. It is a process and you are your own teacher, no one else's and no one else is your teacher when it comes to your own spiritual growth. If you follow someone else, you will find that you have to find your way back on your own and end up where you began, no farther. So stop for a moment and begin a dialogue with yourself and keep it going forever and you will find that all the answers to all your questions are there for you and always have been. Then you will know that life is good, and all is well.

Your thoughts become a tangled ball of yarn, throughout your life, until you gain awareness. Then, thread-by-thread, carefully and patiently you begin to untangle the threads and weave them into a beautiful scarf, which will keep you warm and comfortable and make your life better. Be Of Good Cheer... Martin Zellea. 1922-2008

Excerpt from "Life is Good, All is Well - Everything is Vibration" by Wendy Ann Zellea ©2010

  • frequencytuner Apr 27, 2011

    This is the only Truth there ever is. It is our experiences that enable us to "experience" the lessons and sensations and interactions etc. Whether it be a comment that a person made that resonates with you - whether it be Jesus, Batman, some woman in the grocery store or the voice of an entire nation across time or space - all of this is you interacting, experiencing and teaching/learning from yourself.

    Remember who you are: you and I are one.

  • marcusantonio91 Apr 26, 2011

    I think having teachers to look up to is a good thing, if we Look at Jesus, Buddah, Gandi, The Dalai Lama et al they have a lot to teach us

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Apr 26, 2011

    What if everyone is correct because we create our own personal reality with our beliefs?
    I believe that we are born with complete knowledge, of all that is and ever was. That this knowledge is encoded in our DNA and may be activated at any given time. Maybe it is true that the days of a hierarchy are coming to an end, (again), and also that we don't necessarily need a Guru to activate our memory. The illusion of "greater than" is quickly fading as we cycle back around in our fractal pattern of wholeness, understanding more of the balance of giving/receiving, which is the natural order of the flow of life! (Which is quite comfortably in place in billions of various forms in the Universe!)

    Isn't it an illusion that the inner self can be truly independent of the outer self of Universal Consciousness? I believe that it is true that we can find the answers from within, but how do we get there? Isn't it possible because the answers also simultaneously exist from without? The interconnectedness of all things dictates that that which is inside of our cells is also that which is outside of our cells in the greater body, and the greater, greater body, and the greater, greater, greater, body, (and so on..), of Universal Consciousness.

    As an artist I am SO grateful for my imagination but it isn't "MY" imagination. I don't own it. The information comes from somewhere not no-where.
    "Lightbulbs" and "popups" of consciousness are bumping into me at all times like a gentle manatee. Is the air only mine? Did it originate with me? When I need fresh air I have to open the window and allow for it to come in.

    Love to all and all are perfect! Gretchen Grace

  • Fallensoul Apr 25, 2011

    Wendy: If "you are the only one who know which teachings resonate with you." is meant to equal "You Are Your Own Spiritual Teacher" -- thats very misleading.

    If you're saying we don't need any teachers apart from ourself -- thats quite contradictory to our reality. We're born in complete ignorance and we depend on teachers like our mother and father to learn. Practically daily we're learning from someone other than ourselves. In spiritual matters even though we're adults materially, we're children spiritually. Without the guidance of a realized spiritual teacher, we cannot hope to understand anything about spiritual matters. The value of a teacher cannot be understated, what to speak to eradicating one altogether!

    Ofcourse you may say we should mediate and get answers from within, but it can be argued that the answers we receive may not be coming from our higher selves. It come well be coming from a higher self thats higher than us -- An unseen teacher.

    Yes one cannot expect to understand everything immediately, but the process is to learn from someone who knows and that takes time. Just like in any material subject, why should it now be different for spiritual subjects? The process is the same.

    Theoldman: Yes, I'd like to add to what you say about experience is gathered by seeing. I'd like to add that experience is also gathered by hearing. Theres value in learning from physical experience -- but theres also, higher value in learning from the experience of authorities.

    A simple example: When an person hears from the lawbooks or from some authority that stealing is not good and hears that a thief is punished when arrested, he refrains from theft. But a less intelligent person may first have to be arrested and go through the experience himself and be punished for stealing to learn to stop stealing.

  • Theoldman Apr 24, 2011

    Experience is our teacher. When you have an experience beyond your understanding outside of the domain of science, religion or what some call noetic, a quest -ion arises from Creation - for you! Are you the person that turns to that question and sets off to search for understanding of the event that occurred? The moment you decide, the distance between the teacher and the student decreases,"a calling" has been made. The call first came from creation showing you something never seen. So you seek out any reference on the planet to what you have experienced and you GO THERE IN PERSON. You represent the question and blend into the surrounding environment and begin your inquiries. The question leads you through many corridors depending on the culture you approach; make no mistake they know why you are there! The mechanic or carpenter you spoke to one day could very well be the person you are looking for to ask your question. This happened in my life when I was paddling in the remote north looking for a person who could answer my questions. I arrived at the remote fishing village and paddled into the dock and was greeted by a large dark eyed native man. I told him why I was there and he told me to go over to the General store and ask the woman there, and tell her I sent you. When I arrived she asked me help with some boxes, and .... four days later and meeting at least 15 other people and families in the village I was directed to - the man i met when I first arrived. He knew why I was there because I found him and I was carrying one half of the puzzle - the quest - for him, I provided the confirmation of the same event in his life. The next three months we exchanged the role of teacher and student while doing his medicine and ceremony. The student calls the teacher - who does not know they are one until you arrive. They are both parts of the same thing - and what that "thing" is the "quest-ion" of Creation. That is - the Path Home is Under your own feet - and at times it is good to walk along with someone, who knows how to walk along with you without changing your direction. That is what the original event that you witnessed is - that experience was your teacher, showing you a glimpse of the Great Mystery - and calling your spirit to rise to your own understanding. You can stand on the edge of the world and see the stars move around you and your mind is so quiet that you can hear the echo of your heart return from the moon - or stand on a pyramid in the heart of Mexico at equinox - at sunrise - where you stand at the pinnacle and watch your shadow fall down into the plaza, folding over each level of understanding - your own form with your arms out stretched and thin body becomes the shadow of the tongue of the serpent. That moves across the plaza and up the facing pyramid; the shadow undulating upward all in the space of 11 seconds. Who is the teacher there - in your mind - as you saw the image I just described. Blessings...

  • Anonymous Icon

    WendyAnn Apr 24, 2011

    Well, if you read the article carefully, I do say that we can learn tools to make the journey easier, but you are the only one who know which teachings resonate with you.

  • slowlygetnthar Apr 23, 2011

    If we don't need teachers, then, why are you trying to be a teacher who teaches us that we don't need teachers? This is mysterious!

    In all seriousness, folks have different learning styles, and should do what works for them, not worrying so much about "should." I think you are also saying this.

    Each soul is on its own path, perhaps to the same destination...but with different realizations and truths along the way. So be it and happy trails!

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