Your life path, free wiil or destiny?

Posted April 23, 2011 by charliet in Open

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commented on May 18, 2012
by Stiggy7



Do chance and coincidence exist, or are they determined. Do we have free will, or are we destined?

Have you ever noticed how so many things come together at just the right time to put you where you need to be or provide you with what you need? Some times it is not clear at that precise moment, but you get that ah ha moment later.

It seems that the big things are destined, you will leave "A" and arrive at "B" with "C" in tow when you are supposed to. All things that are necessary to assure this will occur.

The small things like "do you want fries with that?" appear to be free will, they will have no bearing on anything in our future.

What are your thoughts on this, are we destined or do we have true free will?

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    Stiggy7 May 18, 2012

    I went to bed. I had a dream. It was a dream that stayed with me for some time and was thought about and considered a bit vivid and real, but was just a dream and shrugged off eventually. To all intents and purposes, completely forgotten.
    Some months went by and one day a massive event took place. I, like everyone else was "seeing it for the one and only time it would happen".
    Three days after the event I saw something pertaining to the event. It triggered complete recall of the dream I'd had all those months before. The detail, the emotion, the death, the imagery so startlingly accurate that no way were the two things NOT connected.
    This is ONE event. This has happened on several occasions. I could not have known they were real events until they occured in the real world. But occur they did. Five Major Event's in total, so far. I could do nothing to change any of it. Didn't even know it was going to happen. HOW could I have done anything? I hate the guilt. It's not even fair that I feel it. Can't change what can't BE changed. It must be pre-determined. No other explanation.

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    Stiggy7 May 18, 2012

    If what my experience and the flow of logic extending from it are correct, then no. It is all already there and it's all pre-determined. I know, I don't like it either and really want to be wrong. But........

  • Theoldman Apr 24, 2011

    Journeys' end arrives when the Seeker wanders the world looking for the answer. Circling the mountain, on a quest he reaches the highest levels where the oldest guru has sat timelessly. Arriving at dusk the Seeker is standing upon the ultimate summit, between heaven and earth and sees a carved sitting stone. He walks over to it and before him stands a mirror of perfect silver - with a note in every known language that says:
    "I will be back in five minutes -have a seat. "

    Your left foot is fate and your right foot is destiny. The path to understanding is under both your feet, careful not to look beyond yourself when you are seeking answers, for in that moment, when you question yourself - you cross your legs and end up on a "trip". There are no mistakes just lessons for those who have both an open heart and mind as they view Creation. The gift of life is to experience Creation from a first person perspective - a blend of fate and destiny. Blessings.

  • slowlygetnthar Apr 23, 2011

    My life's path may well be one big DETOUR, but maybe it's just Attention Deficit Disorder and yes, I will take fries with that ...

    Still, earlier in life, I kept waiting for one big, coherent picture to emerge, like a theatre marquis shining to me, "_____________ IS THE PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE!"

    Instead, my life evolves more like the weaving of a tapestry. Sometimes, from sections of it, there emerge images, coherent moments of success or failure. People come in and out of my life--threads that add color, highlights, meaning--and then, they are gone. Long stretches of sameness and stability are warps and disruptions are wefts, and in some places, the threads just snap, get tangled, or wear thin and the fabric might be a little bumpy there or it may be that magic might emerge from such places!

    My path is the yarn passing through the loom. It still takes my free will to move through the loom.

    Destiny implies things set--hard gelled and unavoidable, and there have been moments that could not have anything other than they were, so,yes, they do seem destined. Milestones along the way tell me I am on the right path--little resonances with past and tastes of wind from what is yet ahead of me.

    Maybe I won't get the whole picture of the tapestry til I get to the end of it, and then, I think some other body of mine will sit down at the same loom and keep weaving something else...

    I don't think it is an either/or choice between free will vs. destiny ...I think each soul's frequency will resonate with the sign posts, a kind of pinging sonar, navigating through the stars, towards destiny (?), as we dream, weave, and freely create ourselves, in this world. Is destiny simply the dream we are dreaming in the meantime, an illusion that the journey has a purpose? I dunno, but I still want fries with that.

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    blissful1 Apr 23, 2011

    I am a neophyte in these matters; simply an eager student so I seek your indulgence. I think of this question often. One day a poem flowed from me unbidden that seemed to provide some insight for me.

    Gentle spider
    elicits awareness
    of the reality
    we have woven
    into this web
    of life

    past, present and future,
    every silken strand
    the geometry
    of creation
    as we weave
    our destiny

    What if the occurrence of synchronicities act as a beacon to point the way to our destiny, a roadmap of sorts, but our destiny is dependent on our choice? I suppose what I am trying to say is - what if its both?

    Example (actually, a true story): A poor ,single mother who works two jobs is walking down the street at lunch time. She see a green piece of paper blowing in the wind. As she approaches, she reaches down and grasps the paper and realizes it is a $20.00 bill. She straightens back up, and her eyes meet those of a thin, homeless man leaning against the building. Perhaps this predestined synchronicity occurred so that she would feel compassion and give this money to the homeless man to ease his suffering - fill his belly, if only for today. However, whether or not the man eats depends on the choice she makes. Does she walk over to him and hand him the $20.00 bill or does she put the money in her pocket and walk past him?

    I am keeping an open mind, but I am inclined to think that while we may be predestined one way or another we still have to make the choice (free will) to accept our destiny. So the two may be intertwined. Incidentally, the woman in the above example chose to give the money to the homeless man and went on her way stopping at a nearby store where she was overwhelmed with the urge to buy a lottery ticket (something she never usually did). She followed her intuition and purchased the $1.00 ticket. The next day, she realized she had won $320.00. As Master Po in the old television program, Kung Fu would say: "You choose wisely Grasshopper." My gosh I loved that show.....giggles.....

  • PonsAnimus Apr 23, 2011

    For me life is like a river. It starts somewhere at a font, then carving its way to the sea. Sometimes it's rough sometimes smooth. It carves deep into the lanscape where it can and sometimes just have to fload around an obstacle to see whats behind and then go on. Sometimes the obstacle falls later on and the river changes its route. On its way it is influenced by many things like sun and rain, by other rivers "melting in" etc etc. Sometimes it is on the surface and sometimes beyond. It almost never goes straight, but its destiny-path is determined...the sea. I have to admit a little poetic, but that's life for me. ;)

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