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LIVE FILM FOOTAGE in Egypt. 21.3.11. Consciousness Exploration Beyond.

Posted March 29, 2011 by traceyash in Open

commented on April 7, 2011
by magicscience



Please click on the link to explore 1 minute of live footage I took in Egypt. I am looking to share this incredible footage. I am a professional Healer, Channel and Author and this film is entirely authentic. I have a further 15 minutes including a feather manifesting out of thin air.
This was taken in Egypt this month at a time of unrest in the area and the Tour was working with eVOLVING CONSCIOUSNESS, eVOLVING CHANGE, and positive world visioning and healing...and this occured!
Any suggestions....would be hugely appreciated as where to take this. Who may help to analyse this.
Thank you!
Tracey Ash
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  • magicscience Apr 07, 2011

    Hi Tracey
    I commented on the You Tube comments. Please message me and I have a suggestion for analsis of film.
    Please give more details of how this was obtained and by whom - how many witnesses - camera used and settings etc, Did everybody actually see these lights or did it only appear on the film? Thanks

  • frequencytuner Apr 06, 2011

    Read this:


  • frequencytuner Apr 06, 2011

    What do you know about Djinn?

  • frequencytuner Apr 06, 2011

    Can you go into greater detail please. Everything that is happening in Egypt.

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