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Posted March 16, 2011 by EthanT in Open

commented on Oct. 1, 2011
by F_Alexander



Does anybody know if there are any modern day channelers along the lines of Edgar Cayce, or at least approaching his abilities somewhat?

Are there any noteworthy psychics that people are familar with?

In addition, have any of these folks been involved in any research, along the lines of what IONS does?


  • F_Alexander Oct 01, 2011

    Oh yeah! I had forgotten all about those fellow citizens helping different agencies under the table, though if you mean that there are also some being publicly acknowledged and paid by police departments and the like, then that's pretty cool :D
    I don't think IONS uses people that bill themselves as psychics, probably because they want to avoid any fake ones using magic tricks.
    They have used mystics trained in meditation before, probably a few times:

    But I think mostly they try to demonstrate abilities within people who have not intentionally tried to develop them, a hard road to take. They do try to select among sensitive people and take the "cream of the crop." For instance, when they needed to study the capacity of stimuli to affect the brain of someone that the observer has become correlated with, they tested a number of couples and picked out the highest correlated couple for their experiments.

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    workinprogress Sep 29, 2011

    As far as healers I'm not familar with anyone approaching Caseys fame but feel they must exist, but as far a Psychics there appear to be many practicing , who have helped law enforcement these past thirty years or so, many many examples in our country and around the world.

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