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Affecting Causality through Dreaming / Next-level Precognitive Dreams

Posted Aug. 21, 2010 by YouAreDreaming in Open

commented on Dec. 28, 2010
by NakedVibes



Hello everyone, My name is Ian Wilson and I have heard wonderful things about the people over here at the IONS through Art Funkhouser. For an overview of who I am, I encourage you to read my interview with Robert Waggoner, and watch my interview with Anthony Peake. Both items are on my blog and can be accessed here: http://you-are-dreaming.blogspot.com/p/news-interviews.html What is causality? And why should dreams have anything to do with affecting it? People who have precognitive dreams will affirm that somehow in some way they dreamed of a future event, and many will stop there without further inquiry. Deja Vu, Deja Reve and precognitive dreams are all forward steps in a progressive introduction into big picture causality. In my 23 years of lucid dream research and exploration, I have purposefully explored precognitive dream states while awake and conscious. The above interviews cover what this entails, suffice to say that through lucid precognitive dreaming I have noticed we can in fact affect causality through utilizing dream control on the initial precognitive dream. It would be a shame to dismiss this experience and not share it, so I have taken my findings public. I have a real-time precognitive dream experiment that even the skeptic community has to endure as it's on James Randi's forum. This is to just present some credibility in that I do have precognitive dreams and affirm that in every context of the word, openly and honestly share the experience with the one goal of expanding credible research into the phenomena. http://you-are-dreaming.blogspot.com/2010/08/in-response-to-skeptics-we-all-have-our.html The lucid precognitive exploration of dreams is a wonderful and insightful clue into the rich relationship between dreams and reality. It is a clear indication that consciousness plays a role in the orchestra of causality from these non-linear escapes into non-locality through sleep. I hope you find this material of interest and enjoy any questions or experiences you may have on this topic. Best Regards, Ian Wilson

  • NakedVibes Dec 28, 2010

    Dreaming has served me well all of my life. Dreams continually remind me that we, as humans, have access to everything we need. Besides being fun, dreams guide me in my daily life & serve as a time of healing. Here is a blog post regarding a dream that helped me work through fear - http://www.kimberlycainblog.com/2009/08/fear-a-powerful-teacher.html. I hope it can help others, as fear is the crippler of humanity as a whole.

    @Marty - I appreciate your comments on moving beyond "proving precognition". I believe our focus needs to be more on using the gifts we receive during dreaming & any other type of altered state than on "proving" the reality of these states. I don't need anyone else to validate what I receive! When I dream it & it appears in physical "reality", that is my proof. I enjoy leading others to access these states for themselves. Proving it to those who don't believe it is a waste of time. While others work on "proving", the rest of us can stay plenty busy using what we receive to improve lives. As I say that, I also realize that "the provers" serve good purpose with their abilities as well. We're all working together, whether it's easily apparent or not. And I appreciate the link to Jim Channon - what fun!

    @MysticalSadhu - I have truly enjoyed & appreciated reading your offerings in various places on this site. Can I find you elsewhere? A website, perhaps? How might I connect with you otherwise?

  • MysticalSadhu Oct 18, 2010

    While childhood was rich with flying in my sleep, every night, and myriad splendors of intuitional skills occured during sleep, it was during sleep that I first attained samadhi after Tantrika initiation as an adult. Since then, dreaming of mirco-orbit chi kung has produced several moments of raising my kundalini past the third and fourth chakras.

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    ommadevaki Sep 28, 2010

    My Cherokee teacher teaches that the first step in causal dreaming is becoming conscious in the dream, raise your hands, and call the rain to fall and bless Mother Earth. Dhyani Ywahoo is a 27 generation holder of the medicine for her people. She has a Peace Village in Briston, Vermont. Her book Voices of Our Ancestors carries remarkable teachings given for the benefit of all our relations.

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    ommadevaki Sep 28, 2010

    I think the idea of dreaming has been oversimplified. My own dreaming experiences lead me to the conclusion that there are different levels of reality that are entered into by different dreaming frequencies. Some of my dreams seem to be on the surface. Others have a tactile reality. In still others I fly to other dimensions or speak to people who have passed. I notice with my own thinking there is a similar quality. Some of my thoughts are surface, others deep, some complex, others simply observations.

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    batistinha Sep 25, 2010

    On reading above your text on "affecting causality through dreaming/on next-level precognitive dream" , I felt I should not only reinforce this statement , but also sharing an odd experience I´d last year herein , ( Brazil, MG State), where I live. By Feb./or march/2009 I dreamt of " a car , whose driver apparently couldn´t control his vehicle in a existing curve on the road just nearby my home. In effect the car skipped , crossing out the road entering the dense bush existing along the road , but nobody were injured".
    On 26 , June/2009 at the same place I have had the dream, an " actual" car slipped on the asphalt , under a rain, and hit me violently on the back throwing me unconscious about 10 ft away! I was severely injured on my left knee , on the forehead , some broken teeth , so as I needed medical cares and dentist for several months . Fortunately I hadn`t any spine hazards nor broken bones.
    It is my core thought that it could never happened only by chance, but very certainly related to the precognitive dream I had before.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Sep 22, 2010

    (yeah, but who planted the seeds in Hollywood?).............

  • frequencytuner Sep 22, 2010

    A nice helping hand from Hollywood to induce this paradigm shift is the brand new movie release "Inception". Others in the past like Minority Report, The Matrix, Surrogates, Gamer, The 13th Floor, Total Recall and Revolver are all good examples of Hollywood planting the seeds.

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    marty Sep 14, 2010

    Precognitive dreams happen. Dale Graff, who you probably know, has been working in this area for many years in the context of remote viewing. Frankly, I feel it is time to move past proving precognition to creatively apply the reality that the present is connected to the future. The reality of non-locality extends to consciousness, so all conscious moments are indeed connected to some extent. This opens the door to what I believe will be the next paradigm shift - The Consciousness Paradigm Shift where the entanglement of all consciousness will be acknowledged and applied in our daily lives.

    Jim Channon, the visionary whose work prompted the movie "Men Who Stare at Goats", is organizing a workshop to develop practical approaches for encouraging a smooth transition to the new paradigm. Details of the "Remote Viewing and Global Change" workshop are at:
    I hope you and other forward thinkers will join Jim in creatively planning and furthering mankinds giant leap into the precognitive reality of consciousness.

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    Romero Sep 01, 2010

    I'm all for more reasearch into sleep in general and dreaming in particular, as these are everyday states that should be relatively easy to study both in the general population as well as those interested in dreamworks of different kinds. Can you cite any studies into the issue of precognitive lucid dreams?

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