Is Dogmatic Skeptical Materialistic Science a Religion?

Posted Sept. 21, 2013 by Billgreenjeans in Community Groups

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commented on Sept. 21, 2013
by RealityOverScience



"Healthy skepticism plays an important part in science, and stimulates research and critical thinking. Healthy skeptics are open-minded and interested in evidence. By contrast, dogmatic skeptics are committed to (for example) the belief that "paranormal" phenomena are impossible" Rupert Sheldrake. (Emphases added)

So is dogmatic skeptical science a religion or belief system in every way but name? Are there areas of science which are taken as " the gospel truth" that do not have sufficient evidence to sustain such faith? The idea that the mind is in the brain only, for example, does not coincide with such old sayings as "I have a gut feeling", "that leaves a bad taste in the mouth" or the more famous "he is a pain in the ass". All of which refer to an emotional feeling of the mind and the mind as the whole body not just the brain.
The sense of being stared at, a common occurrence, indicates that the mind is extended and can even effect other people. This is part of the so call "paranormal phenomena" of extra sensory perception (ESP) which is treated as taboo by the science community as a whole. The reason is that it is not part of the belief system of science. It has no known explanation, according to materialistic science, so it can not be real, is the dogma of science. A non science.
Should not this phenomena be scientifically investigated?
Religion admits it is based on faith. Science makes no such admission and yet relies on faith to keep it afloat.

So is science a faith based system that should be called a religion?

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    RealityOverScience Sep 21, 2013

    Bottom line is... there is the Universe and its true processes, which are incredibly different from what most assume or expect, and THAT all comes FIRST!

    Everything ELSE is chaos and distraction. Convention is the collective "place" of human unconsciousness, like a cartoon cloud bustling with its adherents all battling with each other over who among them is the least distracted, with a self-appointed group calling themselves "scientists" claiming the win. Science appears, to its fellow unconscious others, to have the answers, because of its many technological achievements, but those are accomplishments in the direction of PROJECTION, which moves further ...away from... the Universal Core. So, they may ...appear... accomplished, but they are going in the wrong direction if they want true Universal Answers! The real truth requires REFLECTION, which moves ...toward... the Core!

    Truth doesn't begin with convention, with everything else guesswork until proven otherwise! Truth begins...EVERYWHERE, it's already (t)here!, and everything and everybody within its "everywhere" resisting that REALITY causes its/their own chaos and stress.

    The REAL "paranormal" is actually convention and conventional science, not the other way around. The Universe and its physics processes are VASTLY OTHER THAN what conventional reasoning assumes, and it is TOTALLY UNDAUNTED by and independent from whatever they try to do with it! So when people experience or hear about phenomena they can't explain, catching momentary glimpses or specks of the REAL REALITY, of course they can't explain it in terms of convention! It's takes Higher Consciousness/Enlightenment to process it, which is easy from that level of Awareness because with superConsciousness you actually HAVE those abilities, and you see its mathematical physics because its yours as well! It comes with the territory of the TRUE human physics. There is nothing whatsoever "psychic" about any of it! That's just a conventional word that the blind leading the blind have totally used and abused to the point of their completely being lost.

    Again, there's the REAL UNIVERSE, happening everywhere, always has, always will, and everything ELSE, convention and conventional science included, are the true distractions.

  • mrmathew1963 Sep 21, 2013

    G'day Billgreenjeans

    Most of what science is, is theories which have been known to be incorrect by but another theory. In this you can see that science could be seen as a religion, it certainly can be just as dogmatic however what about the proven utter facts like everything in existence either vibrates/oscillates or that Jupiter is a gas giant, these facts aren't just based on faith but facts which of course religion can be based on as well at times.

    Science should be based more on facts so generally speaking you could say science is but another religion supposedly more based on fact than fiction.

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    Jim Centi Sep 21, 2013


    Good topic and well written.

    One of the best books I have read which supports what you are saying is “The Taboo of Subjectivity” by B. Alan Wallace.

    Wallace is highly educated and his book is not easy reading, but it effectively places Scientific Materialism in the mortician’s wagon on its way to the cemetery. I found myself going between his book and the internet often to seek definitions for some of the terms he uses.

    One of his main points is that Scientific Materialism mandates that the proper study of science is physical reality; it dictates that the nature of consciousness is not a valid subject for scientific inquiry because it is a product of chemical reactions in the brain and therefore, the proper study of science is the brain.

    He effectively establishes that consciousness is the very nature of human experience and to exclude it from scientific inquiry provides an impoverished understanding of reality.

    He also points out that foundation stones of Scientific Materialism such as objectivism, monism, universalism, reductionism, the closure principal and physicalism are not science, but ideologies.

    It appears that scientists, like many physicians and policemen are reluctant to aggressively attack other members of their community as Wallace so vigorously does.

    The game plan seems to be to continue to provide evidence for ESP until that evidence is seen as irrefutable, causing a paradigm shift in scientific thought.

    This game plan seems to be working somewhat because, in my reading, there are former dogmatists of Scientific Materialism gradually and reluctantly shifting to the other side. Of course, there are the hard core dogmatists who have built reputations on their beliefs and have an ego investment in remaining assholes.

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