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World Noetic Cup 12.12.2012 suggested by Best Practices Community Group

Posted Nov. 20, 2011 by Fersht in Community Groups

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commented on July 20, 2012
by dustproduction



We started preparation activity on World Noetic Cup 12.12.2012.
It will virtual competition of people who believe that they have noetic ability.
We collect suggestions and recommendation on Program of World Noetic Cup 12.12.2012 till end of January 2012 .
December 31 this year we plan to have preliminary regional competition in Hong Kong for South Asia and Russia noeticers.
Please send us your suggestions on fershtlab@gmail.com or write on Live Journal of World Noetic Cup http://noeticcup2012.livejournal.com/
Victor Fersht
Coordinator of Best Practices Community Group

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    dustproduction Jul 20, 2012

    Great idea. Why were there no responses?

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