How has integral healing improved your life?

Posted Dec. 1, 2010 by IONS Staff in Big Questions

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How has integral healing improved your life?

One of our three primary research areas is Consciousness and Healing. This program area is focused on advancing scientific research on the role of consciousness in healing, and supporting the emergence of a new model of health care that allows for the inner wisdom of both patients and health care providers to be combined with scientific and technological advances for the promotion of health and well-being.

Through original research projects, invitational meetings bringing together stakeholders and wisdom keepers from a variety of healthcare settings and healing traditions, and development of research-based educational curricula for healthcare providers and the general public, we strive to expand the awareness and explore the influence of consciousness in the healing process.

Our big question for this month is asking if you have experienced health practices that integrate inner wisdom, traditional remedies, conventional and alternative therapies, and how those practices have improved your life. Share your stories and they may assist others on their path to whole health: How has integral healing improved your life?

Please join this discussion by sharing your response to this question in the comment space below.

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    purebliss Dec 20, 2010

    Childbirth part 4

    My second child was born at home in front of the fire, also very easy. These experiences of the enormity of life gave me the confidence to assist my father to die in his own time at home. Home birth and home death, both intense experiences that enable us to be greater human beings than I ever imagined possible.

    Yes, modern medicine has its place. But so too do traditions, love, touch and patience, and alternative therapies. This holistic approach made me WHOLE.

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    purebliss Dec 20, 2010

    Childbirth Part 3

    What effect did this positive birthing experience have on me? Well I felt on top of the world for weeks and weeks. I too have seen all the screaming and agony that the movie industry portrays childbirth to involve. My birth experience made me feel like a woman to the roots of my being. It was life-affirming to feel my body work in total harmony and perfection. Each contraction moving me a step closer to birth. The perfection of a body working to a routine that was below my conscious awareness, yet was so effective, so focussed, so perfect even though it was my first birth. I was blown away by the innate knowledge and wisdom of my body to undertake such a life-affirming task without conscious thought or intervention by anyone.

    I was in a hospital setting with all the high tech gadgetry. However both the (male) doctor and my husband were so gentle and attuned to me, that it enhanced my femininity. Here I was, performing a task that women are designed to do, and I was blowing us all away with how simply, effortlessly and naturally I could do it. The whole experience was not just physically rewarding but also spiritually expansive. No other experience in my life has made me feel so immersed in life, in womanhood past and future, it was life enhancing and totally satisfying. I wanted to go out and have babies for other women as a profession - I loved giving birth.
    The only fly in the ointment was the midwife. She was awash in hairspray and perfume - this smelled so strong that it distracted me from my birth trance. Also she kept hassling me to push as her husband wanted her to collect him shortly...... and she insisted in examining me during contractions. I felt confident enough to tell her to wait until I was ready due to those empowering childbirth classes. In the end the sensitive doctor saw she was bringing stress and disharmony into a perfect, spiritual space and he sent her away. And peace returned once her pushy vibrations left the room.

    Once it was over I realised that this experience cemented my relationship with my husband - we made the baby together and we delivered him as a team. Also the trance-like spiritual nature of the experience helped me bond with my baby - I totally experienced his transition from inside me to the outside world. He didn't cry at birth and is such a calm, peaceful personality even now at age 18. My husband had total trust in me and never questioned me. I realised that his belief in my ability reinforced my belief in myself. As a whole it was the greatest performance of my life and it reaffirmed my sense of great health and well-being to produce a baby with no fuss, no pain and no stress. Just like I imagine women in primitive societies must do all the time.

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    purebliss Dec 20, 2010

    Part 2 - Birth Experience

    As part of my preparation I read the book 'Spiritual Midwifry', and my husband helped me with all sorts of exercises to loosen my lower back, strengthen my legs for squatting and even a perineal massage (ouch, pretty intense but great for simulating a contraction and using out-breath to let pain and tension drain away). These 'exercise' sessions in the weeks leading up to the birth felt intensely physical (I felt like a lithe Amazonian woman preparing to squat and deliver her baby in the wild); also spiritual as I developed a close contact with both my husband (who held and coached me) and my yet-to-be-born baby.

    I also was massaged twice a week, whole body massage, by a marvellous woman who was incidentally a mid-wife as well.

    My doctor told me he expected me to go at least two weeks overdue, so he was amazed when I turned up at the hospital two weeks before my due date and found me fully dilated after just over an hour of contractions. I was totally in tune with myself. The contractions were intense but never, ever painful. In fact I found I could breathe all the strong sensations out - quite literally. I could regulate my breathing to act as a natural pain-killer. (I remember thinking of the childhood practice of blowing on a place that hurt: say if I shut my finger in a door, I was taught to blow on it to ease the pain. Later I did this with my two children for all their bumps and bangs, we literally blew the pain away with our out-breath and both children swore it worked.) To cut this short, I had a two hour labour, didn't need any pain medication, and it was so rewarding and enjoyable. No tears, no drama, no aches, nothing I would change.

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    purebliss Dec 20, 2010

    Our big question for this month is asking if you have experienced health practices that integrate inner wisdom, traditional remedies, conventional and alternative therapies, and how those practices have improved your life. How has integral healing improved your life?

    Hello everybody!
    I have been treating myself to listening to audios on the Shift in Action site and just blossoming with all the hope, inspiration and thinking being shared. I wanted to write comments, but it took me until today to find out how to join (Thank you to Angela for that tip). So here I am and I feel so privileged to have access to such incredible wisdom.

    Yes I have experienced health practices that enabled me to tap into my inner knowing, and encouraged the use of traditional, conventional and alternative therapies.

    The first and most expansive/empowering experience for me was the birth of my first child. I wanted my baby to be born as naturally and gently as possible but the legislation where I lived stipulated a first birth had to take place in a hospital (I lived in Co. Cork, Ireland at the time). With a home birth off the agenda, I managed to track down a wonderful Indian doctor who ran his own maternity hospital. Then I discovered a wonderful woman who gave what I can only call empowering childbirth classes. My husband and I attended together and we were really encouraged to form a team. Everything was explained so clearly that I felt able to deal with any scenario from a perfect home birth to a high-tech medical intervention. Knowledge really is power. Also the tutor was very supportive of women listening to their bodies and our learning to 'read' what was going on with our birthing body and also with the baby at each stage of labour.

  • WestKootenayIonsGroup Dec 15, 2010

    Integral Healing has been called all things in the past and changes with every personal new awakening. It is the extra that western medicine does not provide. You can live without it, but you lose the vividness of reality, the history of our rainbow, the growth from unconsciousness.

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    Moonwatcher Dec 14, 2010

    While I have an interest in many healing modalities, I personally work with crystals and stones for self healing, both physically and emotionally. I have used a garnet/carnelian combo on my 1st and 2nd chakras to induce my periods and ease discomfort. Clear quartz, if applied immediately, has completely removed burns and their pain. I've used clear quartz strung around my arm for tendonitis and my husband's bursitis. I have used amethyst on my 3rd eye to expand my consciousness and feelings of divinity. Malachite on my heart has removed individual emotional blocks. An amber pyramid on my 3rd eye, aside from giving me a headache, gave me a haunting visual of the damage past drug use has done to my brain tissue. A acupuncture session relieved my allergies for a season. As far as how this has more fundamentally changed my life; it has given me an alternative to mundane medicine, which has consistently failed me. It has also given me a way I can directly improve and enhance my health without having to use pharma-chemicals, which I believe are deadly. It's not a cure-all, but an important tool in my personal toolbox I can use to heal myself, instead of relying on someone else.

  • Marlene Dec 12, 2010

    Intensive weekly neural therapy has improved my condition. I suffer a chronic incurable illness. Before almost completely bedbound and neurologically total loss. Now I can drive a car again without being a public danger. No more wheelchair but not cured. Maybe a miracle next year?

  • KnowEthics Dec 11, 2010

    I'm really getting into this site, hope no one minds me posting too much, it's just that this is all very interesting to me at this stage of my life. Ok, I hope I understood the question of having experienced a health practice that intergrates multiple techniques. To this question I have. It was when I lived in a Hare Krisna ashram. The inner wisdom side of it was about tuning into the supersoul within also know as the (paramatma) through japa meditation (mantras chanted for oneself). The idea was about purifying the conciousness so one can learn to distinguish the directions of the supersoul from that of the mind and to train the mind to follow the supersoul. The supersoul is said to be within all living entities along with us the individual soul, kind of like a universal conciousness. Now the traditional remedies would be having a regular routine, like when you sleep, when you wake up, eat at the same time each day ( which was vego food that was offered to Krishna to give a spiritual vibration), there was lectures on at the same time each day and various activities that all centred around Krishna to help focus the mind on the supersoul. The therapy was congretional chanting, where everyone would chant and dance around the temple, playing instruments and the like. It did change my life in many ways, mostly just helped me be more aware of who I am and what my purpose is and gave me a more open mind to world religions and spiritual movements. Also gave me hope for a better future for the planet that I previously lacked. I don't practice anymore but am still very interested in what goes on in the world and was wondering whether this noetic science would be able to scientifically back up anything that is talked about in the Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. Most of the content seems far to unreal to be possible but I never let my self get weighed down with things out of the norm. Anyhow I hope my answer is relevant to the question - am looking forward to more comments on this topic. well done IONS

  • Angela Murphy Dec 06, 2010

    Thank you E.W. and Gretchen, for venturing into this rather large question. I agree it could take hours to provide a complete and comprehensive answer to the many ways integral healing has improved my life too. Perhaps just recounting a specific incident might stimulate discussion or assist others who might want to explore integrated healing.

    For me, personally, I'd like to share an experience that happened 18 years ago. At that time, one of my sisters and I both had gallbladder pain. She opted for surgery and although a doctor told me she was scheduling me for surgery the following day because the pain was so acute, but that solution just didn't seem right for me. So, I elected alternative healing methods instead. I went to an acupuncturist who put me on a strict macro-biotic diet for 6 months and I got acupuncture treatment three times a week for the first couple of months and then weekly and eventually reduced to monthly treatments. I have never had a recurrence of that kind of intense pain. Although if I eat too many fried foods (which I rarely do) I get a small reminder twitching kind of pain to change my diet. However, my sister still experiences the pain often even though she had her gallbladder taken out.

    This experience improved my life because it caused me to be more aware of how I eat, and to take more responsibility for the condition of my gallbladder. I'm not advocating going against doctor's instructions - but if we listen more to the inner guidance that helps us heal, we can use a combination of integrated healing methods to provide the right path to health which may be different for each individual.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Dec 06, 2010

    Well said E.W.!! Thank you so much for articulating this wisdom! If all illness and disease can be traced back
    to its root cause in the consciousness of its particular chakra then healing should start with consciousness,
    and not end there...(I went backwards), trying to heal in my entire 30's with western medicine, (which actually did harm),
    and finally doing the necessary healing work my entire 40's by addressing my WHOLE being, body/mind/spirit.
    I had such severe cellular body memory trapped in my tissue that I would snap and contort and tear and shake violently
    in my sleep my entire life. The first time that I slept through the night in my 49 years of life was just this past March!
    The dense trauma energy had to be extracted, (not just moved), by skilled shaman and sent back to Universe.
    My gratitude is beyond words that I can FINALLY rest and be still, where as before the energy would be activated
    even after a brief 15 minute nap! I had to stop sleeping around people in my early 20's, on planes and such,
    because the sight of me would frighten people. (I would scream as well...)...
    My spine can hopefully heal now that it is done whiplashing! Whew!
    be well all, love, Gretchen Grace who knows that she is responsible for herself and
    is trying hard to not to be harmed by humans or spirits any longer!
    (victim archetype you are excused now thankyou!)....

  • ewaweel Dec 05, 2010

    Good evening to you all,

    Four days have past and this post of yours still waits for his first answer. I was hoping someone else would do it, but to no avail.

    I'll give you a first answer. l'll try to say this with the right words : your question is far too large to comment. It cannot be answered easily : either we avoid answering all together, or else we try answering with a flood of words.

    My short answer is yes, but there is no way I can explain all the details you are asking for when you say : "How those practices have improved my life ". I would need hours. The question is indeed a very good one, but a very difficult to answer. Too many variables to control.

    If someone has never seen the ocean, never tasted its water, never felt his power, how can he understand the stories of a traveler back from the ocean's shores. How could you explain this experience, other than by saying : "Why don't you try it by yourself ? It would be logical.

    I hope someone else will give you the answer you want. Please try to be more specific. Good answers might, indeed, "assist others on their path to whole health".

    I look forward for your next question.

    E.W. Aweel

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