IONS 17th International Conference!

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IONS 17th International Conference!

Ready for an adventure?

Join us for three days and three nights of mind-blowing science, transformative spiritual practices, and deep connection and conversation.

  • Hear about the latest scientific findings on flow, intuition, and extraordinary human abilities
  • Experience the intersection of technology, innovation and consciousness
  • Dive deeply into the heart of our inner knowing with spiritual teachers and wisdom keepers 
  • Take home new tools to make positive change in your life and our world

Love the IONS Conference? We are taking it to the next level!

In​-​depth ​science, interactive engagement, and inspired action​ - from the cutting edge of entrepreneurial technology to indigenous wisdom ​traditions,​ this conference brings ​T​he ​Science of ​W​hat ​Connects ​U​s out of the lab, off the mountaintop​,​ and into ​action.​

Save the Date! July 20-23, 2017

In the heart of downtown Oakland, CA.

Give Us Your Input!

We'd love to hear if you are coming, and if you have any ideas for the conference that you would like to share with us. Fill out our survey!