15 March 2016
Tahdi Blackstone

Hosting “a vibrant community of explorers and change agents who are working together to make a difference in the world” is one of the key functions of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). There are over 175 community groups across 21 countries that meet regularly to hear speakers, explore research, and discuss topics such as transformation, forgiveness, healing, psychic phenomena, and new scientific discoveries. Most important to me, however, is the deep listening and authentic sharing that happens within an IONS Community Group.

10 March 2016
Communications Team

On Monday, Dr. Wolfgang Baer presented the research team of Arnaud Delorme, Leena Michel, Alan Pierce, and lead scientist Dean Radin with a check for $1,000 for the Nascent Prize for Best Paper.

7 March 2016
Helané Wahbeh

I was recently asked to talk about the science of consciousness at Chinmaya Mission in Princeton, New Jersey. While I have been greatly interested in consciousness studies for many decades, this was my first official IONS talk on the topic. I caught myself up on the current evidence for the science of consciousness, and developed a presentation titled “The Science of Consciousness: Personal, Relational, Global and Beyond”.

3 March 2016
Adrian David Nelson

These days a lot of people talk about a ‘new paradigm.’ In the modern world there are paradigm shifts taking place everywhere, from ecology, economics and health, to physics and cosmology. For many, however, when we’re talking about the new paradigm, we’re talking about something bigger: an approaching shift in thinking that, when realized, will constitute a deep collective change in the way we see our place in the universe.

29 February 2016
Mollie Robertson

Aging can be a discouraging process in our youth-obsessed culture. In popular media, those in the later stages of life are often presented as diminished, having little to offer, and disengaged from meaningful activities.

25 February 2016
Barry Robbins

Sports, fitness and exercise programs in the United States continue to evolve as athletes of all types, both professional and recreational, seek to achieve higher levels of performance.  In doing so, athletes, coaches, trainers, and sports psychiatrists are embracing some of the concepts of the Integral Movement in the West, in order to attain elevated states of athletic functioning and heightened awareness.


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