Temple Awards for Creative Altruism

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Temple Awards for Creative Altruism

Recognition and support for the work that many people endeavor to do in the noetic fields is often in short supply. Many brilliant people are given little opportunity to contribute to the field, and many individuals dedicated to bettering the world through service go unnoticed. The Institute of Noetic Sciences attempts, in some measure, to rectify this situation by encouraging altruism and creativity through the Temple Awards.

Administered through the office of the IONS President, through the graciousness of the financial support of two longtime Board members, Paul and Diane Temple, the Temple Awards are given out biennially. For twelve years, the Temple Awards for Creative Altruism have been presented by the institute to one or more individuals or organizations whose work embodies the inspirational light of unselfish service motivated by love. The $25,000 award fund sponsored by IONS board members Paul Temple and Diane Temple is divided among recipients selected by an independent jury.

Past Recipients