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Where Will Your Dreams Take You?

With the guidance of lucid dreaming experts with many decades of experience, this workshop will help you to:

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  • Practice lucid dreaming incubation techniques in a supportive environment
  • Discover how to maintain and prolong your lucid dreams
  • Learn effective techniques for exploring and consciously relating to lucid dream symbols and energy
  • Resolve personal issues and blockages while aware in the subconscious
  • Lucidly access your own Inner Muse and wake with creative gifts
  • Experiment with the boundaries of your larger Self’s knowing
  • Incorporate mental techniques from lucid dreaming into your daily life to elevate creativity and confidence
  • Learn how to open pathways to inner information, whether dreaming, lucid dreaming or waking
  • Seek spiritual knowledge and insight by experimenting with time/space, esoteric ideas and spiritual practices while lucid dreaming
  • Realize the Oneness – the interconnected nature of consciousness

Are you ready to awaken your dream life and enhance daily reality?

A four-week intensive online workshop.

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